After hearing Mo Tian’s words, Liu Ming looked slightly shocked.

The purple lightning arcs appearing on the surface of the Demon Honor Book were obviously some kind of extremely powerful lightning power. It could even resist the Celestial Tablet. How could it be easily cracked?

After he pondered for a moment, he seemed to have thought of something. He turned his palm and took out the remnant fragment of the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring.

He launched a symbol into the remnant.

A faint light glowed on the remnant, and it flew out toward the purple enchantment.


The remnant ring looked blunt and edgeless, but it easily penetrated the purple lightning enchantment.

A series of dazzling purple lightning arcs suddenly appeared on the enchantment and gathered toward the remnant. However, as soon as they touched the fragment of the thunder ring, they were all absorbed completely.

As a result, even though the purple lightning enchantment seemed powerful, it became weaker and weaker under the absorption of the bottomless pit-like remnant of the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring. Finally, after a few seconds, it collapsed.

However, after the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring absorbed so many purple lightning arcs, it still didn’t look any sign of repair. Liu Ming waved and retrieved it.

“Well done!”

Mo Tian shouted with joy. The Celestial Tablet shone brightly, then it quickly shrank into a black and white light dot and flew into the Demon Honor Book in a flash.

A small stone tablet pattern appeared on the Demon Honor Book, but then it disappeared.

“Okay, let it go now.”

Mo Tian’s voice sounded a little tired as if his action just now consumed a lot of his energy.

When Liu Ming heard this, he dispersed the black light in his hand.

A burst of purple light appeared on the Demon Honor Book, and it flew into the small purple cauldron in a flash.

The small purple cauldron flew up from the incense table and landed in the hand of the statue of the first Demon Emperor again.


On the ground around Liu Ming, a purple array suddenly emerged and wrapped his body with an intense light.

“Next, this array will teleport you out of the Inner Void Realm. At that time, people of the Central Imperial or Huangfu Yong himself will definitely ask you how you triggered the Void Demonic Cauldron. By then, you just have not to admit that you know anything. They won’t do anything to you.” Mo Tian seemed very tired. When he said the last word, he fell completely silent.

“What!” Liu Ming’s face was startled, then he showed an extremely angry look.

Mo Tian previously boasted that he already had plans to deal with the Central Imperial and the Demon Emperor, but this is his plan?

This made Liu Ming feel angry, but before he had time to question Mo Tian, the teleportation array had been activated. With a flash of light, he had disappeared from the hall.

Above Kunxin Hall’s altar, the space suddenly distorted and rippled like water waves. A purple array emerged out of thin air, shining the entire hall with purple light.

After a while, the purple light gradually dimmed. Liu Ming slowly emerged from the array.

As soon as Liu Ming walked out of the array, he scanned the surroundings vigilantly. Although he had expected it, he still felt depressed.

In the main hall, the originally bustling onlookers had long disappeared. There was only a tall and golden-robed middle-aged man wearing a golden cockscomb. He was standing in the middle of the altar with his back facing Liu Ming.

“Demon Emperor!”

Liu Ming immediately stopped and channeled his spiritual power to the extreme.

Huangfu Yong slowly turned around. The pair of sharp purple eyes glanced up and down at Liu Ming. A hint of strangeness was fleeting in his eyes, but no trace of emotion could be seen on the calm face.

After all, he was the actual master of the largest family in the Thousands Demons Continent. Just one glance gave him a feeling of dignity.

Liu Ming was thinking quickly, and Mo Tian’s words flashed through his mind instantly.

Huangfu Yong’s eyes turned fierce, and a terrifyingly powerful spiritual pressure instantly enveloped the space around Liu Ming.

Liu Ming felt that the space around him suddenly tightened. The originally light air around him became thicker countless times in the blink of an eye. It was as if he was in a metal solution that was about to solidify. He couldn’t even move a finger.

Liu Ming was astounded. Although he had already learned about the Demon Emperor’s cultivation from Mo Tian, it was not until this moment that he truly felt his terrifying aura.

Liu Ming had only experienced this kind of coercion from the golden corpse ancestor of the Liu Family in Demon Abyss.

The next moment, Liu Ming grunted, and the dark true demon imprint appeared on his forehead. Countless mysterious black demonic patterns and billowing black flames appeared on his body. His figure became taller instantly amidst a burst of crackling sounds.

Liu Ming instantly demonized. The originally thick and heavy air was pushed away by his rising violent aura. He immediately felt relaxed, and his breathing became smoother.

Huangfu Yong was surprised by the true demon imprint on Liu Ming’s forehead.

Then Huangfu Yong smirked, revealing a contemptuous smile. He raised one hand and lightly grabbed forward.

Purple light burst out from his palm. In the blink of an eye, a giant hand phantasm covered with purple demonic patterns slapped toward Liu Ming.

A devastating coercion spread out from the demonic hand, making the entire hall shake violently.

Liu Ming was startled, but he didn’t panic. He raised his right hand, and 12 beads of yellow light shot out from his sleeves. The yellow light surged into the sky and quickly transformed into a giant yellow light shield in front of him.

When Liu Ming had just deployed his defense, the giant purple hand slapped the yellow shield hard.

A huge impact sounded!

The yellow light shield transformed by Mountain River Pearl trembled wildly, showing sign of collapse. Countless runes on the shield were destroyed, and the pungent earthy smell spread in all directions.

Liu Ming’s face suddenly darkened. As he chanted, the 12 Mountain River Pearls shined brightly. The black runes on the shield flashed, and a layer of pitch black water suddenly appeared. A powerful rebound force repelled the giant purple hand from the shield.

Liu Ming secretly breathed a sigh of relief. These 12 Immortal Mountain River Pearls really didn’t disappoint him.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the giant purple hand changed again!

5 30 meters long claw lights extended from the giant hand. With a clutch, the black water light on the shield was pierced through.

The long claws scratched on the shield hard, making a burst of clanging sound.

The yellow light on the shield surface flickered and collapsed instantly. The originally thick shield became thinner in a few seconds, but the giant purple claw also became relatively dim.

In desperation, Liu Ming shouted. The black and white real pellet in the sea of consciousness suddenly shone brightly. His chest suddenly became hot, and the Heavenly Thunder Sigil shone with five-color light.

Dazzling five-color lightning arcs appeared on his 2 arms. He rubbed his hands left and right, and the five-color lightning arcs converged into a thunder snake, which charged toward the giant purple claw.

Immediately, the giant purple claw was shrouded in a dazzling five-color lightning.

Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder’s ability to restrain the demon race technique was extraordinary. The five-color thunder light that kept exploding reduced the giant hand into smoke.

After 3 seconds, the five-color lightning dissipated. The giant purple hand had long since disappeared.

Liu Ming’s face turned pale. Although he barely resisted, he released almost 70% of the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder at once in that move. If Huangfu Yong continued to attack, he would probably be unable to resist.

“Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder… You are really not ordinary to be able to practice this kind of thunder technique.” Huangfu Yong removed the light on his body and did not continue to attack. He looked at Liu Ming and said word by word.

“Thank you Demon Emperor for showing mercy.” Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. His body returned to normal as the black demonic patterns faded. He bowed to Huangfu Yong.

“Your name is Liu Ming, right? I have heard a lot about you from Yupo, but you are quite bold. You actually ruin Ying’er’s chastity.” Huangfu Yong said faintly at first, then his eyes suddenly emitted traces of murderous intent.

“Sir Demon Emperor, regarding this matter…” Liu Ming was shocked and said hurriedly.

Hmph! There’s no need to waste any more words. Yupo has already told me everything. Since you and Ying’er had already consummated and you are a talent, if Ying’er doesn’t object, you two will become cultivation couple. You will be adopted into my Huangfu Family.” Huangfu Yong interrupted Liu Ming’s words and said with an unquestionable tone.

Liu Ming said nothing as if he acquiesced to these words.

“Let’s put this matter aside for now. I would like to ask you, what is your relationship with my Huangfu Family? Why did the Void Demonic Cauldron choose you to be the next crown prince?” Huangfu Yong looked at Liu Ming with sharp eyes.

“Your Majesty Demon Emperor, I’m really confused about this matter. That day I was sitting there to observe the once-in-a-lifetime selection ceremony, but for some reason, I was enveloped in the purple light and was transported to a secret realm. In the past few days, I finally found a way to leave there.” Liu Ming pretended to be surprised at first, then he said with a somewhat uneasy expression.

Huangfu Yong’s face was indifferent. His gaze was locked on Liu Ming’s eyes as if he wanted to see into his mind through his eyes.

Facing Huangfu Yong’s scrutinizing gaze, Liu Ming’s face was a little uneasy, but his eyes were very calm, showing no trace of lying at all.