Zhao Qianying was dressed in white gauze at the moment. Although her eyebrows were light and plain, her stunning appearance was not diminished at all. Her face exuded a hint of charm.

Huangfu Yupo felt the charm of Zhao Qianying and frowned slightly.

“Master, I just did it casually, hmph! I never thought about helping him!” The smile on Zhao Qianying’s face suddenly faded as she said faintly with a slightly cold expression.

When Huangfu Yupo heard this, she sighed helplessly.

At this moment, she raised her eyebrows and shot a purple light from her hand. A fissure opened up in front of her, and a purple talisman flew in and landed in her hand.

Huangfu Yupo’s Divine Thought probed into the talisman, and she was shocked.

“Master, what happened?” Zhao Qianying asked curiously.

“Liu Ming has just come out of the Inner Void Realm.” Huangfu Yupo put away the talisman and said calmly.

Zhao Qianying’s beautiful eyes flashed, then she calmed down.

Hmph! This person caused such big trouble this time, that person will definitely not let him go simply.” Zhao Qianying said casually.

“Yes, the crown prince election failed unexpectedly because of Liu Ming, which is a disgrace to the Huangfu Family. Sir Demon Emperor asked him to follow the army to quell the Liu Family’s rebellion to atone for his sins.” Huangfu Yupo said with a hint of a smile.

Hearing this, Zhao Qianying looked worried, then she looked normal.

Zhao Qianying had personally experienced the strength of the Liu Family at Demon Abyss. In this war between the 2 main forces, it was naturally very dangerous.

The change in Zhao Qianying’s expression naturally could not escape the eyes of Huangfu Yupo. Huangfu Yupo said with a faint smile,

“Master will also lead a legion this time. I will try to transfer Liu Ming to my legion. Ying’er, I’m also taking you to the war.”

When Zhao Qianying heard this, she looked at Huangfu Yupo in shock.

“My decision is not a whim. First, your cultivation has reached the Celestial State intermediate stage. You can practice in the life and death battle, which will be of great help in breaking through the bottleneck of the later stage. On the other hand, Sir Demon Emperor has agreed to your marriage to Liu Ming. As long as this war is over, he will let Liu Ming become your dual cultivation partner, so you can take this opportunity to have more contact with him.” Huangfu Yupo smiled lightly.

“Who wants to marry that Liu Ming…” Zhao Qianying’s face turned red.

“Ying’er, don’t be willful. Your Five Element Illusory Demon Technique Yuan Yin has been lost. If you can’t practice dual cultivation with others, it will cause considerable damage to your body over time. You should feel it now.” Huangfu Yupo sighed and said.

Zhao Qianying was startled. She exuded a charm that had never been seen before.

Her expression changed for a while. Finally, she lowered her head, seemingly acquiescing to the matter.

“Ying’er, it’s good if you understand.” Huangfu Yupo held Zhao Qianying’s hand with a doting look.

Zhao Qianying’s face turned red and said nothing.

“But there is a problem here. Last time because you left the palace and entered the Demon Abyss without permission, Sir Demon Emperor was very angry. He has already commanded that without his permission, you’re strictly prohibited from leaving the Demon Emperor Palace again!” Huangfu Yupo continued.

Hmph, who cares about him!” Zhao Qianying said with a slight frown upon hearing this.

Huangfu Yupo chuckled and said,

“Although it is dangerous to fight the Liu Family this time, you are with me, and there are many guards. As long as you take the initiative to explain to Sir Demon Emperor, I believe he will agree.”

After Zhao Qianying heard this, she stood there with a blank face and bit her lips silently.

Huangfu Yupo looked at Zhao Qianying lovingly, stretched out her hands to hold her in her arms, and said softly, “Silly girl, you 2 are father and daughter. Is there anything both of you can’t say? Your father cares about you very much, and you did misunderstand Sir Demon Emperor about your mother.”

“I didn’t misunderstand him. If it weren’t for him, my mother wouldn’t…” Zhao Qianying’s eyes turned red as her bad memories were triggered.

Huangfu Yupo sighed softly, hugged Zhao Qianying gently, and comforted,

“Good girl, no matter what happened back then, you have to remember that Sister Hui never resented Sir Demon Emperor.”

Zhao Qianying’s face changed for a while. After a while, she broke away from Huangfu Yupo’s arms, bit her lips, stamped his feet fiercely, and disappeared into the vast mountains in a flash.

Seeing Zhao Qianying leave, Huangfu Yupo sighed softly.

In a side hall of the Demon Emperor Palace, this was where Huangfu Yong usually handled kingdom affairs. This place was much simpler than other places.

There were no guards around the palace. It was extremely quiet.

At this moment, a purple light flew from a distance and landed on an open space in front of the side hall. It was Zhao Qianying.

Zhao Qianying looked into the hall with a look of hesitation. After a moment, she bit her lips lightly and walked into the hall.

The hall was quiet and quite spacious. Zhao Qianying made a few turns and came to the door of a spacious study room.

In the study, Huangfu Yong was writing something at the desk next to him. He raised his head when he heard a voice. When he saw Zhao Qianying, he was startled, then a hint of joy appeared on his face.

“Yinger, you are finally willing to take the initiative to find me!” Huangfu Yong suddenly stood up and walked out.

Zhao Qianying felt a little warm in her heart when she looked at her father who was completely different from his usual deep and dignified figure, but her face remained expressionless.

They stood looking at each other, unable to speak for a moment.

“Ying’er, I know you still blame me for what happened back then, and I don’t want to make any excuses. It was indeed my incompetence that led to your mother being kidnapped.” Demon Emperor said slowly with a gloomy face after seeing Zhao Qianying being as usual.

“When I was on the ninth floor of Demon Abyss Tower, I sensed the similar space aura that took away mother that day.” Zhao Qianying said with slightly red eyes.

Huangfu Yong’s face changed slightly when he heard this, then a trace of guilt flashed in his eyes.

“Now I’m unable to find Hui’er, but don’t worry. One day, I will definitely find your mother and bring her back.” Huangfu Yong looked directly at Zhao Qianying and said word by word.

“I don’t want to talk more about this matter. I also want to participate in this war against the Liu Family.” Zhao Qianying looked away and said in a different tone.

“No!” Upon hearing this, Huangfu Yong’s expression changed. He waved his sleeves and answered resolutely.

“I will soon advance to the Celestial State later stage. This combat experience will be of great help to me. I’m going with my master this time, so I will be protected by heavy troops. There will be no danger. What’s more, this is an alliance between our Huangfu Family and the 3 great families. If I, the princess, is going along, it will increase the imperial’s credibility.” Zhao Qianying suddenly turned her head and stared at Huangfu Yong.

Demon Emperor was stunned by Zhao Qianying’s insistence. Today was also the first time that she took the initiative to look for him. Huangfu Yong’s eyes flashed, and he thought of something in an instant. He smiled and said,

“If you insist on going, it’s not impossible, but you must ensure that you stay with Yupo. You are not allowed to act alone.”

Zhao Qianying was overjoyed to hear this. She said in a rare tone, “I know…Thank… Thank you…”

Huangfu Yong was also stunned after hearing this, and then he felt happy. Just when he was about to say something, Zhao Qianying had already left the hall quickly.

Huangfu Yong sighed while seeing her leave. A complicated look could be seen in his eyes.

At the same time, in another exquisitely decorated palace in the Demon Emperor Palace, a purple-robed young man was talking to a purple-robed old man with an elegant face.

The purple-robed young man was Huangfu Jiangu, the son of Huangfu Yong, but his face was a little gloomy at the moment.

The purple-robed old man was none other than Huangfu Zhantian, the leader of the four great elders under Huangfu Yong.

“Elder Zhantian, have you checked the background of the person who ruined my good deeds during the selection of the crown prince?” Huangfu Jiangu asked the purple-robed old man.

After the death of Huangfu Liushui, among the princes and princesses, he was the highest in terms of qualifications and cultivation. He was originally looking forward to the crown prince selection ceremony. He thought he would surely be chosen, but he never expected that an accident would happen at a critical moment.

He naturally hated this person who ruined his good deeds.

“Prince Jiangu, please rest assured. I have investigated this matter clearly. That person’s name is Liu Ming. He is at the Celestial State later stage. He was originally the family master of a small family in Zang State. Later, due to the Liu Family’s rebellion, the family moved to Quan State and settled down again in the Rolling Cloud Mountain Range. This person is nothing special, but for some reason, Princess Ying seems to have some affection for this person. Sir Demon Emperor also seems to agree to their marriage.” Huangfu Zhantian showed a hint of doubt too.

Huangfu Jiangu was also a little puzzled by Huangfu Zhantian’s answer. Thinking of the vision that happened to Liu Ming in Kunxin Hall, he couldn’t help but feel irritated. He couldn’t help but stand up and pace back and forth in the hall.

“No, my father has always loved Ying’er. How could he agree to marry her to the family master of a little-known family?” Huangfu Jiangu frowned and murmured to himself.

“I heard that this matter was initiated by Huangfu Yupo. Although Liu Ming was only at the Celestial State later stage, he was quite powerful. I heard a piece of news. I don’t know whether it is true or not yet. It seems that Princess Ying has lost her Yuan Yin. I’m afraid it was done by Liu Ming.” Huangfu Zhantian said.

“Really!? Ying’er practices the Five Element Illusory Demon Technique. If she loses her Yuan Yin, she will have to practice with others to suppress the backlash of the spiritual power in her body. If this is true, as long as she doesn’t hate Liu Ming, my father will really agree to this marriage.” Huangfu Jiangu said in a deep voice.