“After entering from here, we will reach the central area of the Incarnation Realm.” Qing Ling’s face became a little solemn as she said slowly.

“In that case, let’s go in.” Liu Ming nodded.

“Wait a minute.” Qing Ling looked at the dark green compass in her hand and stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Ming was stunned.

“This journey has been quite smooth. We arrived half a day earlier than I expected, so we still can’t enter the central area.” Qing Ling raised her head and said faintly.

Oh!” Liu Ming nodded. He looked around, found an open space to sit down, and started meditating.

They tried their best to avoid other people by taking detours along the way. Although they did not encounter any particularly big obstacles, they still inevitably experienced several battles. In addition, the spiritual power consumption wasn’t small due to the sleepless flight. Now was a good opportunity to take a break.

Later, they would be snatching the Celestial Mirror. Who knows what dangers they would encounter? Therefore, it was best to adjust his condition to the best possible.

Qing Ling stood there without moving, thinking about something.

After half a day, Liu Ming opened his eyes as he heard “The time is up, get ready.”

As soon as Qing Ling spoke, she raised the compass and launched a green light to envelope Liu Ming, then they flew directly into the dark red light curtain in front.

The next moment, they appeared in a dim world.

There was a dim sun hanging in the sky, but it looked lifeless. The surrounding world was full of the breath of death. The whole world seemed to be on the verge of death.

Liu Ming felt very depressed as soon as he came here.

Liu Ming glanced around, and he was shocked slightly.

Dozens of miles away from them, there was a volcano group. It was spurting lava hundreds of feet high into the sky, raising thick volcanic dust, and red magma flowing everywhere. It almost affected them.

But next to the volcanoes, there was a white and frozen land. White snow floated in the air, and the cold wind was roaring. It was the complete opposite of the volcanoes.

This strange and impossible scene appeared in front of them.

Not only were there volcanoes and ice land, but there were also pitch-black swamps farther away that were emanating poisonous gas and miasma. Next to it was a desert with violent wind pillars reaching the sky.

In the very high sky, apart from the dark clouds, they could occasionally see a storm of blue ice crystals sweeping past. It was thousands of miles long like a frost dragon. It was obviously an extremely dangerous natural disaster.

The world in front seemed to be filled with extremely harsh environments with volcanoes erupting, hurricanes roaring, and earthquakes one after another. No place was safe and peaceful.

“Senior Qing Ling, is this the central area?” Liu Ming suppressed his surprise and asked Qing Ling.

Before he finished his sentence, a black hurricane appeared from nowhere and swept toward them like a giant dragon.

Before the wind pillar arrived, the huge wind force had already bound their bodies. It was by no means an ordinary hurricane.

“It’s the Soul-Eating Wind Pillar! Avoid it!” Qing Ling didn’t seem to be surprised at all by the situation here. She moved and dodged to the side.

Liu Ming followed closely behind Qing Ling, avoiding the black wind pillar.

After a while, they landed on a snowy peak in the ice field.

“You are right. This is the central area.” Qing Ling said.

Liu Ming frowned. When he was about to speak, the ice field under them suddenly cracked, and a blue cold wave shot out. It instantly turned them into 2 giant ice cubes.

Liu Ming’s body flashed with black light as he used spiritual power to shatter the ice cubes. He quickly changed his position and stood in another place.

Qing Ling also shattered the ice on her body and came next to Liu Ming.

“This is simply a doomsday world.” Liu Ming looked at the cracks on the ice field not far away. The blue cold wave had just stopped, and the huge crack was slowly closing again.

“Actually, the name I gave this place is the Doomsday World, which is exactly what you think. The natural aura here is very violent and chaotic. Coupled with the influence of the Incarnation Realm’s enchantment, even if the Mystic Comprehending State comes here, he will soon lose his mind, but because of this that it becomes a good place to comprehend various law powers.” Qing Ling said with a faint smile.

Liu Ming had already understood what Qing Ling said.

As soon as he arrived here, the bloodthirsty thoughts in his mind unknowingly intensified a lot, but Qing Ling’s mystic art blocked most of his rampant thoughts. He also figured out some ways to restrain the distracting thoughts to maintain peace of mind.

As for the law power that Qing Ling mentioned, as soon as he arrived here, the black, yellow, and blue law runes in the sea of consciousness began to tremble excitedly.

If he could restrain the influence of Incarnation Realm’s enchantment on his mind, this was indeed an excellent place to comprehend the law power.

He secretly planned in his mind that after he got the Celestial Mirror and the Good Evil Polarization, he might as well practice hard here.

“Let’s go. There is still a long way to go from here to the Lost Canyon.” Qing Ling turned into a black light and rushed forward.

Liu Ming reluctantly stopped his thoughts and followed up.

Although this place was dangerous, for them who were considered one of the best among the Mystic Comprehending State, they would be fine as long as they were careful.

However, the closer they were to the central area, the doomsday scenes became more majestic and vast.

At this moment, they were flying over a pitch-black sea. The black water below was rolling unsteadily, giving people an extremely strange and dangerous feeling.

Liu Ming recognized the black water below. It was weak water. It contained poison that could corrode the physical body and Divine Thought. Even if the Celestial State was contaminated in the slightest, it would be extremely troublesome.

In addition, black gales blew on the sea from time to time, which seemed to be mixed with a lot of weak water. Qing Ling dodged the black gales carefully.

This weak water sea area was surprisingly large. The two of them had to dodge those strange black gales, so their speed was slow. They had been flying for a whole day and had not yet flown out.

Suddenly, they found an island on the sea. After getting closer, they discovered that the island was quite large with many green plants.

Liu Ming was startled. There was actually an island above the poisonous weak water. This was unbelievable.

Qing Ling was obviously taken aback. He slowed down his escape light and looked at Liu Ming.

When they came to less than 10 miles away from the island, they discovered that the entire island exuded a black metallic luster, which was so cold that they could feel a biting chill just by looking at it.

“This is black hell iron! This is a rare extreme yin divine iron. It can be used to forge immortal magic weapons and superb puppets. No wonder it can exist in this weak water without being corroded!” Qing Ling showed a look of ecstasy.

As Qing Ling said, she flew toward the island.

At this moment, a huge whirlpool appeared in the water near the island. With a muffled sound, a black water beam of 300 meters shot out with a sinister aura.

There were faint dark runes lingering on the water beam.

Qing Ling was shocked. She waved her hand and shot a dark green light. It was a dark green round shield with countless runes. It was a high-grade treasure.

Under the stimulation of Qing Ling’s spiritual power, the round shield grew a hundred times larger and blocked before her.

There was a loud bang!

The black water beam hit the round shield, and a huge force penetrated the shield, knocking Qing Ling away more than 300 meters, but the water beam also dissipated.

Qing Ling stabilized her body and released a triangle shield, then she regretfully looked at the round shield.

The surface of the round shield had been corroded with shallow pits. The spiritual light was also flickering. It obviously suffered a heavy damage.

This was not because the weak water was so powerful that it could instantly corrode a superb magic weapon, but because she hastily used the magic weapon and failed to unleash its full power, which led to the damage to the magic weapon.

“Are you okay?” Liu Ming appeared next to Qing Ling.

“I’m fine. I was just careless for a moment.” Qing Ling said bitterly. She wrapped the round shield with a green light and kept it in her body to nourish it.

At the same time, in the weak water whirlpool below, a black one-horn ape appeared slowly. It was 24 meters tall, wrapped in faint black water vapor, and held a black iron rod that was forged with the black hell iron.

“This is a black-backed water ape! An ancient water beast!” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and his face changed slightly as he said.

The black water ape was obviously a creature imprisoned in the Incarnation Realm. The aura it exuded was not inferior to Liu Ming and Qing Ling’s at all. Its eyes were full of bloodthirstiness.

It was not a purebred ancient water ape. Its bloodline had been mixed with the metal attribute. This Black Hell Island was its exclusive territory for training. It would not tolerate Liu Ming and Qing Ling touching this island. It didn’t seem to lose its consciousness completely as it was by relying on the powerful golden energy emanating from this island. The two had the idea of attacking the island, but they didn’t seem to have completely lost their consciousness. It was concerned about the cultivation of Liu Ming and Qing Ling, so it didn’t attack them immediately.