Mykel heard whispers and murmurs of the Constellations in the distance. He was satisfied with the result and successfully stirred the flow of the meeting in his favor. He then looked at Luciel who was resting her head on her fist, and it was the signal that she got her [Infernokinesis] skill back.

"You might think how did I know all of this, and so, I'll show you something," Mykel said and activated [Devil Apparition].

Those Constellations who didn't know that Lucifer was still alive were shocked when they saw him standing next to him. They couldn't believe it because they saw it with their own two eyes when Mykel melted his body with the [Sacrilege Flame].

"He's the one who caused it, and she's the one who started it," Mykel said as he pointed at Lucifer and then pointed at the lump of clouds. "But now the goal he wanted has been achieved, do you really think that his own daughter should pay for his sins?" Mykel asked as he looked at them.

"We have heard enough and understand what you're trying to say. You got all of our attention, so what are you going to propose?" Zeus asked and he still had a deep grudge against Mykel.

"I'm proposing an endless game that all the Gods can enjoy without a singular being that holds power over the Gods," Mykel answered as he leaned against the table and stared back at Zeus.

Zeus was interested in the proposal that Mykel offered, but then he glanced at the lump of clouds right behind Mykel. He wanted to know what it was, but he was too scared to ask because no matter what he said if he showed his curiosity would only make him an enemy to Mara. He wasn't the only one who thought that, all the heads of Major Arcana were thinking the same thing.

None of them were brave enough to ask Mykel about the endless game he mentioned. Even Loki who always ran his mouth decided to shut his mouth so tightly because he was right next to Mara.

Mykel could feel the awkwardness in the air, and then he started to chuckle and smirk.

"I really want to tell all of you about the endless game, but the only problem that prevents it from happening is that lump of clouds behind me," Mykel pointed his thumb at Mara as he kept staring at Zeus. "We are all being shackled by Mara, and none of us can go against her will, but don't worry," Mykel said as he stood straight and then turned toward Mara. "I'm going to remove her existence from this world," Mykel said.

Everyone's eyes were wide open and chills ran down their spines when they heard Mykel's last words. Suddenly the Void Clouds started to spread on the floor and wrapped all the head's legs. They all jolted from their seats and decided to fly away to the sides.

"Mara! We are not a part of his scheme!" Zeus yelled nervously.

"Oh don't worry. I'm not going to ask your help or anyone that's present here. I'm alone is enough to deal with this tedious Goddess," Mykel said as he approached Mara with confidence and then leaned against the table and crossed his arms. "She thinks she's all-powerful, but soon enough she will realize her time is up," Mykel continued.

The Void Clouds started to run wild and all the Constellations were panicking and wanting to leave.

"Thinking of sending everyone back like last time?" Mykel asked with a smile. "I'm not going to make the same mistake again, and I'm hoping this time you'll make the first move so the system can punish you," Mykel said.

Mara ignored Mykel's words and sent all the Constellations back to their own world. Even Lucifer got sent back to Mykel's body. It was just Mykel and her in the hall, just like last time. She then started to show her pale hands and face from beneath the clouds.

"Even if I'm going to be punished as long as you're dead, that's worth the price," Mara replied.

"If I'm dead, the game will still running," Mykel answered and didn't move a muscle.

Mara judgingly stared at him and was curious as to what the meaning behind his words was.

"Those mortals that I chose, the Demon Princesses, Luciel, Lucifer, the Gods that follow me, and all the power that I have given to them can easily end the game. Once it's over, what do you think will happen? Do you think the system will stay to exist? Do you think you will still hold the power you have now?" Mykel asked as he stared Mara in the eye without a single fear.

Mykel opened Mara's [Character] story, and he managed to get her attention and curiosity. If he couldn't see them, he wouldn't know what she was thinking since she had a poker face that was impossible to read.

"You're no longer the one who holds the balance, I'm the one who holds the balance. Even without me, my ideology is still running through them. I have prepared to die, but are you prepared to lose all the power, Mara?" Mykel asked with a serious expression. "Once the game is over, the system will be gone, and be prepared for your own demise even if you kill me now," Mykel continued.

Although Mara didn't believe everything he said, she had a doubt that the system would stay once it was over. That result was enough to satisfy Mykel because once a bud of doubt appeared, it would be impossible to get rid of.

Mykel casually walked to his seat and sat down.

"Why don't we work together and listen to what I propose? About the endless game?" Mykel asked as he looked at Mara with a smile.

(In Gehenna)

Frigna and Zherlthsh were badly injured with giant holes in their chest and waist. Vixelleth were treating their wounds with [Unholy Water] and regenerated their wounds slowly.

Nefarath had grown bigger and bigger thanks to the Homunculus that Deviatris had prepared for her food. Hundreds of spider legs were on her back, each of which was used as her weapon to attack Jeanne.

Only Sapphira, Aurea, and Nefarath could keep up with Jeanne. The rest decided to stay back and waited for their turn. Beldathiel watched Jeanne regenerate faster than the damage she took from the ground with Zasalamel as her guardian.

"You and the Demon Kings fought him for four hundred years until he ran out of power. But they fought him in the Empyrean World, and the aftermath of the battle made the Empyrean World die. Now that we're fighting him here, how long do you think it would take?" Beldathiel asked Zasalamel who had been watching and observing every Jeanne's movement.

"He was dozens of times stronger back then, and he was almost unbeatable back then as well. This battle will be over soon," Zasalamel answered.

"That must be because he's not in his real body, and Jeanne's power is too weak for him but strong enough to handle his soul. He has no other option but to use her body since she's the only one who possesses divine power. It was as Mykel expected, but our purpose here is not to kill him but to devour his power and soul into Jeanne's soul," Beldathiel explained and looked at Angra who was eager to join the fight.

"I know you want to join them, but you have to wait a little bit longer. Can you do that?" Beldathiel asked as she rubbed Angra's chin.

Angra nodded as he wiggled his burning tail.

Aurea was fighting Jeanne in a one-on-one battle, and she tried her best to exhaust Jeanne. She managed to make thousands of wounds on Jeanne's body, but they kept regenerating just like her. She still had the Empyrium ball that Mykel gave her, but she didn't want to use it yet because she might need it for later.

"Half God half Demon, what have they done to this sacred world," Jeanne said as she blocked every Aurea's attack.

"Your time is over, old man. We don't need someone like you," Aurea said as she activated [Harmony].

Jeanne could no longer follow Aurea's speed and decided to fly away, but then Sapphira blocked her path and covered Jeanne with her red gown-like wings. Jeanne struggled and suddenly a sword pierced through her chest from behind. It was Aurea, but then she released a pulse of divine aura that was enough to burn their skin and flesh.

"There it is, you finally use it, Celestial King Aura," Aurea said as she looked and heard her flesh sizzle.