All the Demon Princesses who were close to Hanessi decided to fly away from her. The [Celestial King Aura] skill allowed her to radiate divine rays that were enough to kill every vile being, especially ones with damned souls. They had prepared for it as well since they heard the story from the Demon Kings about that skill. An aura that made Hanessi untouchable, but the downside of that skill was that it cost him a lot of his own energy and life force.

Vixelleth caught Sapphira since her whole body burned to a crisp because of the [Celestial King Aura]. She immediately treated her wounds before it was too late and killed her because of the radiation.

"It's a shame that I have to use this now, but I have no time to play around. I have to leave this place as soon as possible and kill every single one of them," Hanessi said to herself as she stared at Sapphira's burned body.

"He's all yours, Aurea," Nefarath said to Aurea who could withstand the [Celestial King Aura]. "Remember, all you have to do is to tire him out," Nefafarth grabbed Aurea's left shoulder from behind and tightened her grip.

(An hour ago)

The moment Hanessi took Jeanne's body, her soul was pulled back forcefully and she felt the most painful feeling she had ever had. She was sent into a dark place with not a single light to light the place she was in. She didn't know what had happened, but she realized that her body had been possessed by Hanessi because she could hear his voice echoing in the dark room.

Jeanne tried to call Hanessi and wanted to talk, but he didn't respond to her call at all. She kept shouting his name, but it was futile until she could feel three presences in the darkness with her.

"Who's there?!" Jeanne asked and her voice echoed throughout the dark space.

"It's us," Glasya said as she lit her [Holy Flame] and brightened the area around her.

Glasya, Deviatris, and Lilith were standing side by side and they were squinting their eyes because they couldn't see that far. Jeanne then slowly walked toward the flame and showed herself. The three of them were surprised when they looked at her because she was naked with nothing to cover her body.

Jeanne noticed where they were looking and immediately covered herself with her arms and hands.

"Where are we?" Glasya asked as she pointed the flame up. "I don't see anything but darkness and voices," Glasya continued as she looked around with the flame above her right hand.

"You should know better since you have been in this kind of situation before, right, Lilith?" Deviatris looked at Lilith with her eyebrows raised.

"I did possess that kid back then, but it's totally different. This is much worse because we are trapped here and can't do anything while back then, I still could try to control her body, see, and hear Lillith's thoughts," Lilith answered. "This time, we are powerless. We are dominated by his powerful soul," Lilith continued.

Jeanne suddenly screamed as she collapsed with her pained expression. The three of them looked at Jeanne and curious about what had happened, but then they heard Aurea's voice. It was when Aurea stopped Hanessi from attacking Nephilim and stabbed him in the ribs.

Jeanne didn't stop screaming as Deviatris looked at her with a confused look. Jeanne was holding her left ribs because Aurea stabbed her when Hanessi tried to kill Nephilim. Jeanne started to scream louder and louder as Aurea kept attacking Jeanne's physical body.

"This is weird. We should have felt the pain that she's feeling right now," Lilith said as she looked at Jeanne suffer. "If we're not feeling any pain, that means we haven't entered her body yet, and I just realized that she's here with us," Lilith continued.

"What are you trying to say? We don't understand your complicated words," Glasya said as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"A body and a soul aren't meant to be separated, and when I possessed Lillith's body I didn't see her soul inside, but right now we are seeing Jeanne here with us. What I'm trying to say is that Jeanne is currently being forced to leave her own physical body so Hanessi can control her body completely," Lilith explained.

"Then doesn't that mean we are trapped here and can't do anything?" Glasya asked.

"We can do something," Lilith looked at Jeanne who was in pain. "If she still can feel pain, that means she still has a connection to her body. I believe it has something to do with Kiersha's snake that prevent Hanessi from removing Jeanne's soul from her body," Lilith continued.

"That's really a piece of good information. I think we should tell Beldathiel about this, maybe she can use this opportunity to fight him," Deviatris said, and then telepathically spoke with Beldathiel and told her what they found.

The three of them were discussing what they were going to do next and what they could do on their side. But suddenly, the darkness turned into a blinding bright white and the three of them were being burned alive.

Jeanne watched the three of them burn while her body felt lighter and better. She didn't know what had happened and decided to approach them and ask them. But before she could ask them anything, their bodies turned into ashes and it shocked her.

(Back in present)

"You're so persistent," Hanessi said as she watched Aurea's face slowly being burned by the aura. "I wonder how long can you endure it," Hanessi continued as she pushed Aurea away with her giant sword.

They both fought up high in the sky as the Demon Princesses watched them from the ground. Beldathiel told them about what was happening inside Jeanne's body, and Kiersha was glad that her snake managed to buy some time and prevented Hanessi from taking Jeanne's body completely.

All of them suddenly felt a pain in their chest and looked at each other. They realized Deviatris, Glasya, and Lilith's presence had disappeared.

"They died?" Vixelleth asked as she looked at Deviatris, Lilith, and Glasya's bodies laying on the ground.

Suddenly the three of them opened their eyes and gasped for air. They were glad that they miraculously came back to life, but Beldathiel knew it was Mykel who brought them back to life.

"Looks like Mykel is paying attention to us," Beldathiel said as she looked at the three of them with relief.

"(Thank you for bringing my sisters back to life)" Beldathiel said.

"(I can only bring three more lives back to life. It's better for them to stay away and don't waste their lives. I need to save it for you, Nephilim, and Aurea)" Mykel replied.

Beldathiel told Mykel about the information they got, and the current situation inside Jeanne's body. Mykel told her to let Aurea deal with Hanessi and told her to use everything.

"(Also, it's time for Angra to join the fight, Beldathiel. Let him go)" Mykel said.

Beldathiel hummed with understanding as she stared at Angra who was eager to join the battle.

"Aurea!" Beldathiel suddenly shouted and startled her sisters and Zasalamel.

Aurea immediately made some distance from Hanessi, and then looked down.

"Mykel said there's no need to hold back, you can go all out now!" Beldathiel shouted as she stared at Aurea in the sky.

Aurea grinned and nodded her head with understanding. She then grabbed the Empyrium Ball and sucked all the life force inside. Hanessi stared at it and noticed there was an overwhelming amount of divine energy inside that thing. He wanted to take it but it was already too late because Aurea had sucked everything inside.

"A demon taking divine power, you're really something," Hanessi said as she stared Aurea in the eye.

"You can admire me more, so just enjoy the show for now," Aurea said and suddenly [Holy Flame] and [Hellfire] struck her from below. "This will be the last thing you'll see," Aurea smirked as she activated [Brute] and [Harmony] skills.

The purple and white flames that burned her body were being sucked into her skin. Hanessi watched Aurea rapidly become stronger and stronger that he couldn't tell how stronger she had become.

"How about you taste my attack first?" Aurea asked with her eyebrow raised.

Hanessi held the sword with both hands, and Aurea immediately swung her sword as hard as she could and created a projectile attack that moved with the speed of light. Hanessi used everything to block the projectile attack or Jeanne's body would be cut in half. But suddenly he heard a cracking sound and the giant sword that he held scattered into pieces.

"How was it? Do you want more?" Aurea asked as she spread her wings wide open and grew bigger and bigger.