Chapter 1002: Level 5 Civilization Metropolitan

After finishing the matter of the Earth Realm, Chen Rui, who left Mountain Xilang, did not directly return to the Dark Moon Estate. Instead, he went to the Blue Lake Mountain Range.

After getting dark element source power and water element source power from Dark Elemental King Hegel and Water Elemental King Lambost, he had collected 6 kinds of source power.

‘Cosmos Annihilation’ was similar in principle to Zola’s [Element’s Fury]. It used the conflict and fusion between the 6 elements to burst out destructive power of several times. As far as the power was concerned, it was beyond Zola’s [Element’s Fury], but it could only be used once.

Chen Rui’s real intention of making ‘Cosmos Annihilation’ was that when it was attached to Brilliant Thunder of Light, it could exert several times of power. Of course, the production process was also quite dangerous. Even if there was an architecture diagram provided by Elemental King, a terrifying explosion would occur if he wasn’t careful. The creator’s life would be in danger.

However, this danger was zero for Chen Rui, because he could complete the entire manufacturing process in the Super System’s refining room. Even if there was an accident, it would not endanger him. The only thing to pay attention to was the success rate. The element source power was the purest law power of the Elemental King, the Elemental King would suffer considerable damage if it was separated from his body. When Chen Rui obtained the 6 source powers for Zola, he spent a lot of energy fighting and scheming. Now, although he had become good friends with the 6 Elemental Kings and easily obtained the source power. Nevertheless, the 6 element source at hand was the only one; there was no backup.

Once he failed, he couldn’t really ask for it from the 6 kings, so he must succeed in one try.

Hence, the reason Chen Rui decided to go to the City of Stars in the Blue Lake Mountain Range was firstly to make ‘Cosmos Annihilation’ to complete the enhanced version of Brilliant Thunder of Light; secondly, after he successfully completed the mission of the Tree of Nature, he received a reward from the legendary prophet Alucier handed over by Kilanya – the box full of relics of the ancient alchemy civilization.

The value of the contents in this box couldn’t be measured by money for Chen Rui. It was very likely that the level 3 alchemy civilization city, City of Stars, would be directly upgraded to level 4.

Just as Chen Rui was about to leave, the loli had something to say.

Alice had a very happy time. Since it took time for the Water Elemental King and the Dark Elemental King to get here, she dragged Chen Rui to play around the Xilang Mountain Range and Town Leia in the Dark Shadow Empire. Alice had been busy managing the Princess Villa and the Princess Retail Store for the past few years; she was also the empress’ only sister, the empire’s Royal Highness Little Princess, so the pressure she bore was far beyond what ordinary girls could compare. Particularly, when the girl saw Chen Rui being intimately close to her sister and other women, her heart was even more depressed.

Since the incident in the black rainforest tent that day, the biggest burden in the girl’s heart had been untied, and she looked excited and relaxed, just like the initial loli with an amazing aura and endless energy. These days, she let go of everything and played for a while, so she felt happier than ever before.

Regrettably, despite Royal Highness Little Princess’ best efforts, that ‘kissing’ game did not succeed again. The most successful one was just tricking her brother into kissing her face. For this reason, Alice had a grumpy face in front of Chen Rui more than once. She denounced that a certain man had a ‘special obsession’ with big breasts.

In fact, Chen Rui was not the ‘big breast fetish’ as Alice claimed. Flat breasts were also a scarce resource. Sweet peaches had the taste of peaches, and green apples also had the taste of green apples… The problem lay in the heart.

In terms of human age, Alice’s age was actually not a loli anymore. In other words, the loli in the past had been ‘developed’ successfully, but the ‘unsuccessful’ part of the little body with a height of only 1.4 meters and a flat chest indeed made her still a total little loli.

Such an overly young body could give people a special feeling, even normal physiological reactions would become extremely strong, but perhaps due to some concepts from previous lives, Chen Rui had always had the illusion of a crime in his mind.

Let’s just go with the flow, it’s better to wait until she grows a little taller… No. Sigh. Better not to say anything. Anyway, whatever I say, I’m still an animal…

Knowing that Chen Rui was going to the City of Stars in the Blue Lake Mountain Range, Alice, a regular visitor to the City of Stars, naturally wanted to go with him, but she was rejected by Chen Rui because the crafting of ‘Cosmos Annihilation’ required concentration.

Alice was naturally very dissatisfied with this. Chen Rui coaxed her for a long time, and he had to use a killing move to get the little princess in the end, which was a ‘kiss’ that the loli had been looking forward to for a long time. Chen Rui went straight to the Blue Lake Mountain Range while Alice was escorted back to the Dark Moon by General Tim of the Walan Fortress.

After entering the central control room of the City of Stars, Chen Rui took out the space box given by Alucier. After the appraisal of the central life crystal, Crystal Phoenix, the conclusion surprised Chen Rui.

These relic items are actually from the highest level 6 civilization capital!

The City of Stars was still a level 3 civilization city, and even the ‘Sky Wheel’ encountered by Chen Rui on the Storm Island was only a level 4 civilization city!

In the civilization city level of the ancient alchemy civilization, the level 1 and 2 were a tier, called ‘castle’; level 3 and 4 were a tier, called ‘city’; level 5 was a dividing line, which was called ‘metropolitan’. This was already a fairly advanced civilization, equivalent to the Dark Moon’s level in the Fallen Angel Empire. However, above level 5 ‘civilization metropolitan’, there was the highest level 6 ‘civilization capital’. The capital required the overall civilization level of the entire empire to reach a certain level in order to evolve and be unique.

In the past, the ancient alchemy civilization had countless empires, but only the 4 most powerful empires each had a civilization capital.

Chen Rui had guessed that these relics might be level 5 metropolitan, but unexpectedly, it exceeded his expectations and was the highest level 6 the capital! According to Crystal Phoenix’s preliminary analysis, the culture tank had already converted a lot of materials to upgrade to level 4 civilization. In addition, the yuan crystals that Chen Rui brought back from the Mysterious Land to strengthen the life crystal and the most precious material of the capital level brought back this time should upgrade the City of Stars by 2 levels to level 5 civilization metropolitan.

When upgrading from the level 2 civilization castle to the current level 3 civilization city, there were 2 new special structures. The first was the enhanced creature warehouse, which could strengthen various qualities of the city’s alchemy beings. For instance, the golden lamp spirits created by the original conditions had an A strength, then it could reach A+ now.

The second was the culture tank which had an extremely powerful function. It could not only research and cultivate new alchemy creatures (such as the titans), but it also could cultivate more refined energy cubes and use existing materials to convert various materials necessary to upgrade civilization. The only disadvantage was that it was slow.

Upgrading to level 4 civilization had no new structures, but the controllable troops had increased by 5 times: Up to 300,000 gremlin servants, 150,000 crystal beasts, 75,000 lamp spirits, 15,000 assemble puppets and 1,500 giant crystal beasts.

Not only that, the castle’s offense and defense, the production speed of creatures, the research function of the culture tank, and the speed of material conversion would be greatly enhanced. Some elite-level alchemy beings were expected to have a huge realm evolution. In other words, the giant crystal beasts and the titans whose strength was limited at the Demon Overlord level might evolve to the Kingdom level.

After upgrading to level 5 civilization, the entire civilization metropolitan would undergo qualitative changes. The most prominent was the spatialization of the city, which was like a large space far beyond what one could see from the outside. According to Chen Rui’s understanding, it was equivalent to a universe carrier that resembled an aircraft carrier. It could carry a large population and army.

In terms of weapons, a ‘rule weapon’ similar to law power would also be added, which was extremely powerful. However, this rule weapon required not only the strongest energy cubes but also special ‘rule energy’.

After confirming with Crystal Phoenix, this ‘rule energy’ could be converted from the ‘law fragment’ Chen Rui had at hand. A law fragment of an early stage of the Kingdom level could be converted into 10 1000-unit rule energy blocks.

Since the law fragments were distributed to relatives and friends for training, Chen Rui only had few law fragments and law crystal balls left. According to Chen Rui, law fragments and law crystal balls could only be obtained in a mysterious place in the Ghastly Floating Land. The source was the powerful wandering spirits.

The entrance to the mystery place was the most profound fifth floor of the ancient magic tower of the Dark Shadow Empire, where a powerful seal was set. Even Sariel or Satan of peak stage Pseudo-God could only barely open the entrance while the seal was at its weakest. The best time had passed now. Furthermore, with Chen Rui’s strength, the seal could not be opened at all.

However, he had the [Star Gate] which was the best cheat. He left a star spot in the Ghastly Floating Land at the beginning. With just the [Star Gate], he could freely enter and exit the Ghastly Floating Land and hunt the wandering spirits and get law fragments.

Speaking of which, it was also an excellent training place. Not only Chen Rui himself, but Zola, Paglio and others could also go in together.

Paglio gave all out and completely burned the bloodline power in the battle of the Golden Bright Underground Palace’s fear main altar, and he almost died of exhaustion, but it was a blessing in disguise. He accidentally activated and merged the bloodline heritage power contained in the Thunder Flail. Now the poison dragon could easily launch the power of Thunder Flail, and he could also get special power feedback from the Thunder Flail. There was a faint sign of advancing to the peak stage of the Kingdom level.

The actual combat of the Ghastly Floating Land could make the poison dragon break through the realm faster, so do others, but the Ghastly Floating Land was also full of danger. One would be swarmed up by the wandering spirits with a slight carelessness. Even a peak stage of the Demi-God had the possibility of falling, so Chen Rui must go together for this kind of training. If there was an emergency, he could use the star merging of the Star Conferring Platform and the [Star Gate] to escape.

However, whether it was the rule weapon of level 5 the alchemy metropolitan or the trial training of the Ghastly Floating Land, it was a story for later. At present, the City of Stars already had the hardware conditions that could be upgraded to level 5, so he just had to confirm the automatic upgrade, which would take about 3 months.

Chen Rui’s return to the Demon Realm this time was only temporary because the tasks in the human world had not been completed, and the disappearance of Prince Arthur must be controlled. Therefore, it could not be delayed for too long. In addition to this, he also received the most important news from Shura’s consciousness, the hate main altar!

This news was enough to make Chen Rui change the original plan, but 1 thing would not change, that was, the main altar must be destroyed!