Chapter 1003: Farewell and Return

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In the Dark Moon residence.

“Daddy! Are you leaving again?” Little Duoduo looked at Chen Rui with red eyes as he hugged his neck tightly and refused to let go.

Chen Rui kissed her daughter’s delicate face again and again, “Darling Duoduo, daddy is going to finish some important things, then I will come back to play with you, okay?”

“Is daddy going to beat those bad guys?”

Uh… yes.”

“Duoduo is going too!” As if to show her combat power, the little phoenix tightened daddy’s neck, which was a bit like Alice’s strangulation.

Chen Rui felt her daughter’s energy and wiped the sweat from his head, “Duoduo is still young. Daddy will fight with Duoduo in the future.”

“Daddy! Duoduo is very powerful!” As Duoduo raised her small fist, her body turned into a red light, and the shape of a phoenix appeared from within. The temperature of the entire yard suddenly rose. The red light flew toward the corner of the yard like lightning, and a pig head object that seemed to be carved out of metal burst open upon being swept by the red light.

Chen Rui noticed that it did not turn into pieces after exploding but molten liquid instead.

Duoduo’s strength after hatching was the Demon Emperor. After she was born in a human body, her strength declined, but the growth rate was quite fast. Now her actual age was less than 2 years old, and she had reached the strength of the Demon Emperor. With the addition of the fire element physique and the bloodline power of the Asmodeus Royal Family, she was no less than the potential of the phoenix.

Nevertheless… For a little baby who was only over a year old, this kind of ‘game’ was too dangerous for the people around the little baby.

While shopping, Duoduo more than once smashed something related to or even slightly similar to pig head. Even related industries such as braised pig head popular with the residents of the Dark Moon once disappeared.

After the red light destroyed the target, it quickly condensed into the form of Duoduo as she hovered proudly in the air, “Look! Angry Duoduo! This is the killing move taught by daddy!”

Chen Rui had more sweat on his forehead. He was an unscrupulous adoptive father who taught the little phoenix ‘Angry Birds’. Now, the adopted daughter had become his biological daughter, and the retribution was right on him.

Kia quickly stepped forward and hugged Duoduo, who wanted to continue to make trouble, as she looked at Chen Rui dissatisfiedly, “It’s all your fault! Look at what you have taught Duoduo!”

Chen Rui chuckled and coaxed his daughter, “Duoduo, be good. Listen to auntie. After daddy finishes off the bad guys who prevented me from accompanying Darling Duoduo, I can always accompany Duoduo in the future.”

The little phoenix’s big eyes lit up. She tilted his head and thought, “And to accompany mommy and auntys…”

This sentence made the girls smile warmly. Kia kissed Duoduo hard, “Darling, auntie’s love for you is not in vain after all.”

Alice quickly pointed to her nose, Duoduo noticed the prompt and added, “And Sister Alice!”

Princess Loli smiled like a flower. Immediately, Duoduo’s mistake was sternly corrected, “It’s auntie!”

“Sister!” Duoduo insisted on the ratio of her height to ‘aunty’.

“Auntie!” Alice also insisted on her own identity. She must not let her brother’s daughter call her sister!

This was already a habitual battle. Usually, the big loli and little loli would face each other for a long time, but today was obviously not the time, so Shea said, “Alice.”

En.” Alice was uncharacteristically obedient, and she even seemed very ladylike. This time the loli was very confident – I have already kissed brother on the mouth!

Shea didn’t notice the detailed changes in her sister. She walked up to Chen Rui, “Be careful.”

Over the past few years, as the Fallen Angel Empire’s empress, Shea’s deterrence as a ruler had become stronger and stronger, and her rule over the Fallen Angel Empire was almost no less than the absolute control of Lex the Great. Her strength at hand was not only military. There was also the economy and the media. She used both deterrence and kindness, not only led her subjects to submission, but she also became the people’s aspirations.

Nonetheless, when facing a certain Royal Highness Prince Consort alone, this iceberg empress, who was majestic and dignified in front of her subjects, had a moving style that was diametrically opposite to her usual indifference. Especially with the competition of Athena’s pregnancy, many things that had been restrained before had also been completely let go, which was naturally a benefit for the male protagonist. With coaxing and deceiving, he conquered the last place that Her Majesty Empress had been holding. As a result, the Royal Majesty Empress, whose buttocks were not lightly injured, had to lie on the bed the next day to review the official documents.

What made Chen Rui speechless was that Shea also had a booklet in her hand, which recorded in detail the number of times Chen Rui had sex with Athena before going to the human world, the posture and other details. This obviously came from the little succubus.

Under the strong request of Her Majesty Empress, he rehearsed N times according to the booklet speechlessly. Those actions were familiar, because they had been practiced many times on the little maid. The fun of papapapa relies on the relaxation of body and mind so as to devote all your attention to it for integration. If there were so many strict regulations and routines, it would be a bummer. However, when the action was intense, Her Majesty Empress, who was climaxing one after another, had obviously entered a state of absent-mindedness, so it was easy to fool her about the number of times.

It was foreseeable that this book ‘The Secret of Women’s Pregnancy’ would be popular in the harem. No one knew if it was a blessing or a curse.

“Understood, Your Majesty.” Looking at the cold and beautiful face of Her Majesty Empress, Chen Rui thought of the tender affection behind the coldness. He winked at her and deliberately looked at her hips. Her Majesty Empress was suddenly unable to maintain the iceberg state as she glared at him with a blushing face.

Chen Rui laughed, stepped forward and hugged Shea, then he hugged Athena and Kia one by one. As soon as he glanced at Delia, Master Roman immediately blocked Delia in front of him alertly.

Chen Rui stepped forward and hugged Roman tightly. This ‘tight’ was exactly what made the bones protest under the terrifying pressure.

Master Roman was in agaony in the hug. Delia smiled, stepped forward and hugged Chen Rui, who was hugging Roman, “Leader, come back early to take care of Athena.”

There was a special affection between Roman couple and Chen Rui. The 3 of them experienced life and death together. Except for Roman’s occasional spoof of the title ‘Sir Uncle’, they usually called him ‘leader’.

En.” Chen Rui replied, then he nodded to Ms. Emerald Dragon and Alice. Paglio was in closed-door training these days to further comprehend the Thunder Flail, so he did not appear.

A pale blue light door with a little starlight appeared in the vision. Chen Rui was about to go in when Alice suddenly jumped up from behind. She rotated to the front, and kissed him hard on the mouth, “Brother, come back early. Remember our kiss agreement.”

Chen Rui instantly felt that countless sharp-blade-like eyes shot over from behind him, and the sharpest one was obviously a certain Her Majesty elder sister. He felt guilty all of a sudden. He finally understand what it meant to be ‘on the tenterhooks’.

After Alice succeeded in one move, she immediately let go and backed away with a grumpy expression. At this time, Ms. Duoduo accidentally rubbed it in, “I want to kiss daddy too!”

Chen Rui almost spat out a mouthful of blood and fled into the [Star Gate] swiftly.

Behind him came the loud voice of Sir Slime, “Master…kiss…truly handsome!”

At the other side of the [Star Gate], the disappearance of Prince Arthur had intensified.

‘Arthur’ refused to marry at the wedding in public, causing Princess Landbis, who had been waiting for 7 years, to vow not to marry for life. From the standpoint of the empire’s interests, whether it was escaping and refusing marriage, or whether the princess did not marry for life, they were all just trivial matters. The important thing was the reputation of the Blue Glory Empire.

However, the subsequent ‘death and disappearance’ incident of Prince Arthur was different, Arthur. Roland. Not only was he the fiance of Princess Landbis and the third prince of the Dragon Bright Empire, but he was also the lord of the top Golden Estate of the Dragon Bright Empire and the top human mechanic grand master. It was not just a matter of political marriage. Whether Arthur disappeared or died, the bad influences were far from comparable to the previous marriage rejection.

The relationship between the Dragon Bright Empire and Blue Glory Empires became tense as a result. All kinds of rumors spread, and some surrounding empires also seemed to have a depressed atmosphere. Nonetheless, both side’s high-level officials were aware that this incident was serious, but it was far from the level of turning hostile. At present, the biggest keyword was ‘politics’ rather than ‘war.’ As long as there were enough chips to meet the needs of interests, the relationship between the 2 empires would not deteriorate due to this.

In this incident, the most frustrating person was Victor of the Blue Glory Empire. He originally thought that after his sister Landbis got married, the power she controlled would disappear, and no one could threaten his succession to the throne. Who knew that such a turn of events would occur. The marriage that was on the line was actually rejected by the ‘brother-in-law’ Arthur himself!

Meanwhile, Landbis took the opportunity to swear a poisonous oath, announcing that she would not marry for life, completely dispelling the idea of some forces to wait and watch. Many neutral forces began to move closer to Landbis. What made Victor grit his teeth even more was that, after Arthur arrived in the Blue Glory Empire, he thought he had the chance to win, so he got carried away. As he put his guard down, Landbis took the opportunity to turn the tide.

More than once, Victor suspected that Arthur and Landbis had colluded with each other and performed such a good show of rejecting marriage, but this would not benefit Arthur at all. Furthermore, even the current ‘disappearance’ was life-threatening, so it was impossible to justify it.

The internal shock of the Dragon Bright Empire was also astounding as many families or forces that looked highly at Arthur had restrained their movements. The most delighted was naturally the original competitor of ‘Arthur’.

At present, the Golden Estate was still developing rapidly due to its firm grasp of the 2 magic weapons of the yellow dragon wine and the magic game helmet, plus the management of Isabella and others. It was just that the Golden Estate had undoubtedly become the most profitable estate. Second Prince Garfield asked Lex the Great more than once to temporarily take care of the Golden Estate on the grounds that ‘estate needs a lord’, but they were all rejected.

The mechanic community had also shown a high degree of concern for the disappearance of the grand master. Grand Master Chique, who had a close relationship with Arthur, publicly declared that if anyone could provide information on Arthur’s whereabouts or find Arthur, the person would receive generous rewards including a powerful quasi-artifact. This news had stimulated many mercenaries. The mission of ‘finding Arthur’ became popular all over the world, but unfortunately, they were all in vain.

The calmest faction was the high-level officials of the Holy Church that panicked the most, because they had received the latest news from Raphael – Prince Arthur not only did not die, but he also made great contributions. His guardians destroyed the main altar of the Black Death Follower!

In the chaos, no one knew that the missing focal person had disguised as a servant and walked into the lord’s mansion of the Golden Estate, intending to surprise Isabella and Zola.

No doubt, he heard Isabella and Zola talking outside the hall of the lord’s mansion, but it seemed that the conversation was not only between 2 people, but there was also a woman’s voice, which was vaguely familiar. It was not Veronica or Freya. After thinking for a while, he couldn’t figure out who it was.

Chen Rui slowly walked into the hall and saw a strange woman beside Zola and Isabella.

This woman had long dark blue hair, fair skin, and an ordinary appearance, but Chen Rui had a strange feeling, as if the woman she saw was just an appearance, specifically…

The race of the Super System was displayed as ‘soul entity.’ The Comprehensive Strength Assessment was – Unable to determine!

A soul entity whose strength is ‘unable to determine’!

Chen Rui’s pupils shrank suddenly: There is only 1 person whom I am ‘familiar with’ who meets this condition!

A very terrifying woman.

Regardless of scheming or strength, she is enough to be on a par with Raphael, Michael, and Satan.

He originally thought that this woman had been annihilated at the top of the Holy Light Mountain, but he didn’t expect that she was not dead, and she even came here!

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