Chapter 1004: Cooperate Again?

When Chen Rui walked into the hall, the woman seemed to sense something. As she turned her head to look at him, she frowned. Zola and Isabella followed her gaze. They did not immediately recognize Chen Rui, but when they saw those familiar eyes, they seemed to understand it.

The woman sensed something, and a strange smile flashed across her face. Chen Rui felt a burst of heat from his wrist, and his facial expression couldn’t help changing as a 6-star imprint gradually emerged.

This mark should have ceased to exist. Unexpectedly, it reappeared again under the power of this woman. He knew his disguise had been exposed. When his thoughts moved, Zola and Isabella disappeared at the same time. They had been retrieved into the Star Conferring Platform.

This move was indeed the strongest move to protect the people around him.

“Madam Python, long time no see.”

This woman was the Python who came to the human world with Chen Rui from the Demon Realm back then!

During the battle at the top of the Holy Light Mountain, Python, who had always been very friendly to Chen Rui, showed her true fangs and made Chen Rui a ‘human bomb’ to threaten Michael. Chen Rui had never relaxed his vigilance against Python, but he was still deceived, and he almost died because of it. Although Chen Rui finally took the plunge by using Shura avatar to deceive the 2 Pseudo-Gods, and eventually retreated with the Breeze Shadow Boots, he was extremely impressed with Python’s mind and strength.

The 6-star imprint on the wrist was where the Python resided, and it could also provide the power of [Deprivation] 3 times. Chen Rui only had time to use it on the Dragon Emperor Pagris in the Dragon Valley once before the battle at the top of the Holy Light Mountain. At that time, after he escaped using the space artifact, Tower of Glory, he sensed that the 6-star imprint had disappeared, and the power of [Deprivation] had also disappeared, so he believed that Python was dead. Now that not only she wasn’t dead, she even came to the door.

As soon as Chen Rui finished speaking, he immediately started shifting. In a few moments, he appeared in the barren hills on the outskirts of the Golden Estate.

“There’s no need to run away.” Python’s voice sounded unhurriedly behind him.

“I just want to find a quiet place to talk.” Chen Rui stopped, “In front of Madam Python, how could a little character like me have the unrealistic idea of ’running’?”

Python suddenly laughed out loud as if hearing the funniest joke in the world. The sound was as sweet as a silver bell, but Chen Rui secretly gathered his strength and entered a state of high alert.

He was very aware of the cruelty of this woman. It was nothing to her to kill a person.

Python didn’t attack She slowly restrained her laughter, “The word ‘unrealistic’ is used very well. I seem to hear a slap in the face, not only to me, but also to that egoistic Michael. I broke into the Holy Light Mountain with you, ‘little character’, and had a hard fight with Michael. We were both heavily injured, and you ‘little character’ walked away openly with the Wind Badge – this slap in the face… really sounded loudly.”

“I’m ashamed to say that it’s just a fluke.” Chen Rui’s expression was neither humble nor arrogant. He and Python were considered ‘old acquaintances’, so he didn’t need to act anymore, “It’s the appearance of Madam Python that surprised me.”

“Even I was surprised. Under the circumstances at the time, I managed to escape from Michael’s hands, thanks to the effect that you cause to the space after activating the Tower of Glory. Otherwise, even if I tried my best, I would not be able to escape through the cracks in the space.”

Only then did Chen Rui know that Python’s escape was actually thanks to him, and he couldn’t help lamenting in his mind. What an unexpected twist.

“It’s not easy to find you, but it’s not difficult either.” Python smiled slightly, “After all, I’m not too stupid, or in other words, Prince Arthur’s reputation is too popular. It will inevitably attract the attention of a boring person like me. Especially after seeing your little dragon wife, it confirmed my guess. Even though she transformed her appearance, she still couldn’t hide from me. I must say I’m amazed. Her advance speed is so amazing, just like the identities of Your Highness Prince and mechanical grand master. By the way, the power of space just now was quite amazing, I didn’t see how they disappeared at all.”

“These words are a bit too informative.” Chen Rui frowned slightly, “Maybe I’m overthinking, but I don’t think madam is here to thank me for my ‘life-saving grace’.”

“Why not? Your Highness.” Python’s smile became a little more playful when she said the word ‘Your Highness’, “I should really ‘thank’ you.”

“I understand what you mean now. You are threatening me.” Chen Rui also smiled, “Unfortunately, this identity and the people related to this identity have nothing to do with me. I became this prince for just a few important things. Thus, not long ago I turned down a very favorable political marriage. Now that things are basically in hand, I’ll be leaving soon. If you’re going to ‘thank’ me by ‘thanking’ those unrelated guys, you are welcome. I have no opinion.”

Having said that, if the real Python wanted to attack the Dragon Bright Empire, especially Freya and Veronica, Chen Rui wouldn’t sit back and watch, but the most important thing was not the human world but the Demon Realm. Python also knew his background in the Demon Realm. Once she returned to the Demon Realm to take revenge, that was the most terrible thing. Identities like Shea and Catherine were basically unavoidable, and Athena was still pregnant. The consequences were simply unimaginable.

Thinking of this, Chen Rui’s heart surged with a strong murderous intention for Python. In any case, I must try to kill this enemy who is a great threat to my family and friends.

“I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but I actually sensed your killing intent?”

Chen Rui knew that Python’s feeling was extremely keen, so he immediately shook his head, “Of course it’s an illusion. Facing an absolutely invincible peak stage Pseudo-God, how could I have such a ridiculous idea? I’m just thinking about how to survive.”

“I don’t think this idea is ridiculous at all, especially after narrowly escaping the Holy Light Mountain.” Python gave him an implicit look, “Plus, I don’t think I can kill you. On the contrary, if I am slightly careless, your ‘ridiculous idea’ may become a reality.”

“Madam Python has overestimated me.” Chen Rui responded, thinking quickly about how to get rid of this villain who came to the door.

“It’s not that I overestimate you, but the battle of the Holy Light Mountain taught me a good lesson.” Python’s eyes showed a different expression, “I don’t know how to describe you。 Although your strength is low – It doesn’t rule out that this low is only temporary and full of variability, but it’s definitely the kind of unimaginable ability. You have the Earth Badge and can activate it at will. You also have the Tower of Glory, destruction origin, and many incredible things. My biggest question now is, are you a demon? Or human? Or some kind of special reincarnated… being? Don’t tell me that the Kingdom of God that killed my avatar last time was just my illusion.”

Not a reincarnator, but a crossover reborn. Chen Rui added a sentence in his mind as he shook his head, “It’s just a special kingdom effect combined with an item. If it’s really the Kingdom of God, pardon my bluntness, then it’s not me who wants to escape now, but madam.”

“Really?” Python smiled, and the atmosphere around suddenly became cold, “I admit that I underestimated you. No matter who you are, this time, I will not make the same mistake again.”

The incomparably suppressed force field had brought Chen Rui’s power to the apex like a taut bowstring ready to fire. During the battle at the top of the Holy Light Mountain, Python’s soul entity was severely injured by Michael consecutively. She obviously had not fully recovered now, but the strength of the peak stage Pseudo-God was simply not what Chen Rui could resist now. Even with a series of escape ‘magic weapons’ such as [Demonic Flies Transformation], the Tower of Glory, and the [Star Gate], it was not easy to escape successfully under the full guard of the opponent.

Python’s pupils shrank suddenly as she saw a circular object in Chen Rui’s hand. The central part was a white polyhedron engraved with the mark of ancient runes, and 6 colors of colorful light were faintly visible around it.

A strong sense of crisis told Python that this was a terrifying weapon. Once activated, she would be severely hit by a blow beyond expectation.

“Brilliant Thunder of Light, a powerful explosive weapon made by the supreme Angel Raphael, but I don’t think this power is enough to deal with a Pseudo-God powerhouse, so I use the 6 element source powers to create ‘Cosmos Annihilation’ to buff its lethality.” Chen Rui keenly captured the shock in Python’s eyes, and he laughed, “Madam Python no doubt has a wide knowledge. It seems that I no longer need to explain what ‘Cosmos Annihilation’ is.”

“The most powerful fusion ultimate move of the 6 elements. If the 6 major beings of the elemental world join forces to activate it, even God would be afraid of it, but it is really overkilled for you to make it as an item for auxiliary buff.” Python sneered, “Since you can collect 6 element source powers and successfully create ‘Cosmos Annihilation’, you must have a lot to do with the 6 kings. If this is the elemental world, then I will be the one who flees. Unfortunately, the elemental world has already been sealed, and the Elemental King that appeared on the main plane is only a weak projection who can’t even reach 0.000001% of the power…”

The sealed elemental world? Chen Rui’s mind moved, but he didn’t stop on this issue and just shrugged, “I said just now that I came to the human world this time for several things. The Wind Badge is just one of them. Now I want to show this thing that has a special meaning to madam. Please identify it.”

With that said, a silver-white cup appeared on his other hand, and the metal cup surface was engraved with the pattern of wings, emitting a soft light.

“This is…” As a soul entity, Python clearly sensed the wonderful breath emanating from the cup. Just by sensing at this distance, she felt that her soul power was much more peaceful.

“1 of the 3 holy relics of light, Holy Grail.” Chen Rui smiled wider when he noticed Python’s shift of expression, “It also has a name you are very familiar with, the silver box. One of the silver boxes which holds the creation’s origin.”

“No doubt it is the creation vessel!” Python’s eyes lit up again, “Its power seems to…”

“Yes, this ‘Holy Soul’ power can warm and repair damaged soul entities.” After saying this, the Holy Grail disappeared from Chen Rui’s hands again, “Not only that, it also has a special function where the comprehension of the creation origin can be further strengthened.”

“You seem to be coercing with a knife in one hand and baiting with a purse in the other.” Python laughed tenderly. The killing intent in the air not only did not weaken, but it became stronger, “Do you think this kind of trick scares me?”

“Madam Python, we are also ‘old friends’ who knew a little about each other.” Chen Rui’s expression did not change, “Madam, do you remember what I said last time? There is a person I have been looking for who most probably is in the Holy Light Mountain, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to investigate last time. Now I’ve pinpointed her location in the Holy Light Mountain, and I’ve never given up on the idea.”

Python’s eyes narrowed; Chen Rui stared straight into her eyes without hesitation. The creation of the Holy Light Mountain was always Python’s biggest goal. It was impossible to give up easily.

Python nodded slightly, “You’re no doubt smart. You have already guessed my intention. Since we all have the same goal, we might as well cooperate again on an equal basis. However, you also saw the Holy Light Mountain’s protective power last time. Are you sure you can get in again?”

“Of course, have you forgotten that the Holy Grail just now is 1 of the 3 holy relics of Light.” Chen Rui gently raised the Brilliant Thunder of Light in his hand, “And this thing was given to me by Raphael himself. “

“It seems that the identity of the prince has more weight than I thought?” Python’s smile became more charming, and the cold murderous aura finally began to fade.

“Not only the prince, but also others… madam will know soon.” Chen Rui raised the 6-star imprint on his wrist, “Madam’s means are also stronger than I thought. I thought I had gotten rid of it. I didn’t expect that it would still always be there.”

“It’s just a little means of life force. After all, my soul entity has been stored there. Don’t worry, it won’t have any effect on you. Otherwise, I believe you will already sense something. Now you could continue to use the rest ‘deprive’ might for 2 times.”

Chen Rui nodded as he set his eyes on Python’s face, and said indifferently, “The special relationship between Brilliant Thunder of Light, Holy Grail, the prince and the Holy Light Mountain is enough to show my sincerity. Since madam also said that we are equal cooperation, so I want to know what the sincerity of madam can be?”

“I can help you fully control the Tower of Glory. Even if you don’t have the corresponding strength, you can use it freely. As long as you can really master the Tower of Glory, you can make your combat power even higher. Not only that, it also has a special spatial feature. It was not difficult to take a person – even at the Holy Light Mountain. As for some of the things that happened between us before… let’s write them off. Before going to the Holy Light Mountain, I need to recover my wounds and the strength of my soul with your Holy Grail.”

Chen Rui raised his brows, thought for a moment and smiled, “Deal.”

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