Chapter 1008: Plan Ahead

The news that the magic game and the yellow dragon wine originated from the Demon Realm shocked the whole world. For a time, rumors such as ‘Prince ‘Arthur’ colluded with the demon’, ‘the 2 things are likely to be the conspiracy of the demons’ and so on quickly spread.

There were even slogans to boycott magic games and the yellow dragon wine. The Golden Estate encountered unprecedented pressure. The Holy Church, which also jointly released the game, was inevitably questioned, but most of these questions were in their minds. No one dared to publicly accuse them. Hence, the focus of verbal criticism was placed on the ‘scapegoat’ Golden Estate. People like Garfield or Luke gloated over the misfortune, they also rubbed it in behind the scenes, trying to ruin ‘Arthur’ completely.

Surprisingly, a heavyweight force soon came out to clarify this misunderstanding.

The Dragon Valley.

Most people only knew that the yellow dragon wine was brewed by Samuel according to the incomplete secret formula of Dragon Emperor Pagris in an ancient treasure, but they didn’t know that the magic game originally came from the dragons.

According to the dragons, the magic game and the yellow dragon wine were both products of another ancient world. This ancient civilization had a very long history. It was even before the alchemy civilization and shaman civilization.

By chance, The Dragon Emperor Pagris took the risk and entered the ancient space where the civilization had almost been completely annihilated. However, the Dragon Emperor was not the only explorer, and there was a powerful being from the Demon Realm who came to this world before him.

In that dangerous plane, the 2 sides temporarily formed an association relationship, and they finally found the treasure left by their predecessors.

The magic game and aromatic millet wine were modified from the ancient treasures. The aromatic millet wine and magic game popular in the Demon Realm were from the same source as the Dragon Emperor Pagris, but they were made from different parts, so the things were definitely different.

Take the bottle of aromatic millet wine for example. It looked similar to the yellow dragon wine in the human world on the surface, but after connoisseurs tasted it, it was found that the taste was quite different. In contrast, except for the difference in taste, the Demon Realm’s wine had more kick, while the human world’s wine had better taste and less kick. There was an obvious difference between the 2 recipes because the yellow dragon wine was made by Samuel, who happened to train in the Demon Realm for a while, which made perfect sense.

As for the magic game, the difference was even more obvious. The race settings of human, elf, the hobbit, and dragons were clearly the prototype of the human world. Compared with the Demon Realm, the game’s weapons, enemies, and dungeons were also relatively different; it was completely impossible to copy.

At this time, a royal trainer also came back from the Demon Realm not long ago. He also stood up to prove that the magic game of the Demon Realm must rely on a kind of ‘magic television’ item, and the magic game of the human world was standalone.

This time, the truth had prevailed. Following the dragons’ public clarification, the Holy Church made an important statement. Notices were posted at all church branches.

The magic game was deliberately introduced by the Holy Church from the Dragon Valley. This game was originally just a secret treasure illusion that the dragons used for their own training. The Holy Church learned that this illusion could enhance one’s strength, so it reached a deal with the dragons. Promoting it worldwide was to spread kindness to the whole world and enhance the combat power of all races. Back then, the dragons, who cherished such a ‘treasure’, refused to trade, but the church paid a considerable price for it. Now there were people who suspected the church had bad intentions, which was simply ungrateful.

Regardless of the magic game or aromatic millet wine, if anyone dared to question and spread rumors, that was to question the authority of the church, and the church would punish resolutely!

As soon as the Holy Church’s statement came out, there was no suspense about the whole incident, but more people became interested in the magic game.

In fact, the church did not intend to use this ‘cover’. When negotiating with dragons, the Holy Church had already been told that the ‘source’ of the magic game was an ancient civilization. The negotiators sent by the church to the Dragon Valley were knowledgeable. They naturally knew that there were countless sub-worlds and civilizations outside the main plane. Since the Dragon Emperor personally experienced it, there would definitely be no problem.

Taking this opportunity to attract worldwide attention, the Dragon Valley took the opportunity to announce that the dragons had successfully developed another item, a magic phone, derived from ancient treasures.

The function of a magic phone was equivalent to a communication talisman which could make remote real-time calls, but it could not display images like a communication talisman. However, its call function was very powerful. Not only it could maintain long conversations, but also text messages. The most important thing was that the communication talisman was a one-time consumable, and the price was not cheap. As long as the magic phone had been recharged, it could theoretically go on for unlimited calls. In terms of price, the price of an ordinary magic phone was about half that of a communication talisman, which could be said to have an absolute advantage.

The magic phone was divided into a fixed version and a mobile version. The fixed version was equal to a fixed communication tower, which was suitable for a fixed room or space, while the mobile version could be carried around. As the mobile version of the magic phone was very small, it could be held in one hand, so it also had a name called ‘magic mobile’.

Even the trainers who returned from Demon Realm had never heard of “magic phone”, this was really the latest secret treasure developed based on ancient treasures as the dragons claimed.

The advent of this new ‘secret treasure’ had aroused strong interest from everyone. The dragons once again announced that they would join hands with the Holy Church to promote the magic phone to the world. The dragons would provide the technology while the Holy Church was responsible for the production and promotion.

As for the equipment production rights of the magic phone, the dragons gave it to their ‘little partner’, Lex the Great, whom they had been cooperating with all the time, which made the Dragon Bright Empire rejoice. However, the elf tribe, also an ally of the Blue Glory Empire, was not left out. They launched the magic weapon jointly developed by Grand Master Finoia of the elf tribe and the late Grand Master Rick of the hobbit tribe – the magic gun.

Although there were rumors that the Demon Realm had also released similar firearms in recent years, almost no one believed it after the previous magic game and aromatic millet wine turmoil.

Grand Master Finoia and Grand Master Rick carried out long-term cooperative research thousands of years ago, and obtained considerable results, but because of the bad relationship between the mountain hobbit and the elf tribe, the blueprint of a certain research result was also divided into 2 parts. They were stored in the Black Rock Mountain vein and the Jade Forest Sea, which were known to those who were a little more experienced in the alchemy world. With the restoration of the relationship between the elf and the hobbit and the reunification of the blueprint, the collaboration between the 2 grand masters could finally be successfully released.

An agreement was soon reached between the Blue Glory Empire and the Dragon Bright Empire to further deepen cooperation in the magic phone, magic gun, yellow dragon wine and magic game. The corresponding magic battle legion was also established. For a time, the economic and military development of the entire human world entered a period of climax.

As for the previous rumors of collusion with demons, they had long since been forgotten. Instead, Garfield and the like, who spread rumors behind their backs, made a fool of themselves after they were exposed.

The Golden Estate, which was cleared from accusations, had resumed its daily prosperity and tranquility, but many people could clearly see the increasingly thick haze over the estate. The rift between ‘Arthur’ and Lex the Great would not be mended with the resolution of this matter. On the contrary, the rift would grow wider with the involvement of the Holy Church.

The inner courtyard of the Golden Estate Lord’s mansion.

There was a faint fragrance wafting in the courtyard, which made people feel peaceful.

Chen Rui slowly sipped the amber-colored tea in the cup. Sitting beside her was the smiling Ms. Yini.

“Let me guess, the news of collusion with the Demon Realm… was released by you?”

“As expected of the top leader of intel of the Fallen Angel Empire. Dear Yini, you guessed it right.” Chen Rui shrugged, raised his cup, and Isabella filled it with a smile, “It’s better to self-expose rather than being exposed by others sooner or later.”

“So the difference in the recipes of the 2 aromatic millet wines is what you prepared long ago?”

“Of course, this is called planning ahead. It is possible for the Demon Realm and the human world to exchange information, such as Samuel and the Nero you used to know. Similarly, the human world has demon trainers… So I took this into consideration long ago. When the Holy Church met the Dragon Emperor Pagris, Pagris and I made up a unified explanation. This was done to prevent the magic game from being forced to abort for some reason after we leave.”

“So… when do we leave?”

“Are you homesick?”

“For more than 100 years, even though I have lived in the capital, I have never had the concept of ‘home’ in my heart.” Isabella’s eyes were faintly hazy, “But now…”

“Yini.” Chen Rui held her hand gently, “Don’t worry, we will go back soon. Now I’m waiting for the most suitable time. As long as those 2 important things are completed, we will go home together.”

“Really? I don’t dare to delay your great cause.” Isabella’s mood suddenly brightened as she blinked her eyes, and her voice suddenly became an octave higher, “Zola, are you done? Hurry up and demolish his tower!”

“One last minute!” Ms. Fairy Dragon at the opposite was staring at the space in the table with all her attention. She didn’t even have time to move the cup of cold ‘bitter drink’ that she liked beside her. In the space in the table, there were shrunken buildings, and the soldiers and siege machines controlled by Ms. Fairy Dragon were attacking the defense towers outside the buildings.

Magic card game, Fate Showdown.

Apparently, it was Ms. Yini and Ms. Zola ‘joining up’ against Chen Rui.

“This is the third ‘one last minute’.” Ms. Yini rolled her eyes at the Fairy Dragon speechlessly, but Ms. Fairy Dragon, who was all focused on the ‘battlefield’, couldn’t see it at all.

Chen Rui grinned, “Zola, you did a good job, but unfortunately, I seem to have found your nest.”

“Yini!” Zola immediately activated the ultimate summoning technique, “As long as we beat him, we will know the ‘secret’ of Athena’s pregnancy!”

There is actually such a bet, no wonder…

Isabella stood up with an alluring smile. Her charming body didn’t need to block the vision at all to attract the man’s attention.

“Your Highness, Prince, why don’t we talk about tonight’s important life events in advance?” Madam Aunt’s eyes were a little more seductive as she actually straddled and sat on someone’s lap.

Hey, this kind of cheating is too obvious…”

This time, in another place.

A huge hill with tombstones on it. Judging from the signs at the bottom of the hill and the garrison in the distance, it should be the cemetery of a big family, or more precisely, the imperial tomb of the Mias Empire.

Mias Empire was an island empire. This island empire was not small in size, almost comparable to the Yang Shao Empire, Noah Empire or Starlight Empire. However, due to its remote location, poor resources and lagging economy, it was far inferior to small empires like the Turin Empire, and the White Tower Empire.

Except for the spacious land, the facilities of this imperial tomb, where the remains of the past royal families were buried, were not comparable to those of the great empires.

However, these were only on the surface.

If one could go deep into the ground through the surface of the imperial tomb, one could see the magnificent atmosphere far greater from the surface.

The huge underground world, like the mausoleum on the ground. This was a cemetery, a world covered with corpses.

A real hell.