Chapter 1010: Calculation

The southern suburbs of Golden Estate City.

Trinis, who was still standing in place, had already started to step back. Every step left a deep pit on the ground that reached his ankles. This time, even the soldiers who couldn’t see clearly understood that Trinis was suppressed by Samuel!

The soldiers of the Jade Legion were excited, while the Iron Scale Legion’s soldiers were very concerned. Especially some leader-level characters, who knew Trinis’ plan in advance. However, the plan could not keep up with the changes at all. The strength shown by Samuel far exceeded expectations. Even though Trinis made such preparations, such an unexpected situation still occurred.

One could imagine Trinis’ depression at this time. A big purpose of the ‘Ash Suit’ was to defend against Samuel’s powerful ultimate move [Dawn Extinction], but now Samuel had pushed him into danger before even using this move.

A tower shield was a large shield with a wide protective area, but it weighed far more than an ordinary shield and required more power to swing. Especially in the face of Samuel’s ghostly movement and lightning-like melee attacks, Trinis began to feel the pressure intensifying. The shield in his hand became heavier and more difficult to handle. The ‘restraint’ that he thought became self-defeating. What surprised him even more was that Samuel’s stamina had always been the weak point among the intel he had obtained in the past, but now the opponent had maintained such a high-speed movement and attack for such a long time without showing any signs of fatigue, which was unbelievable.

The ‘Flying Obliteration’, which was said to be made by the mechanic grand master Prince Arthur himself, was beyond imagination. Even the ‘Ash Guardian’ on his body could not completely resist the terrifying sharpness. Several cracks had appeared. The sharp qi of the sword seeped in through the crack, causing multiple wounds. The bleeding wouldn’t stop, so he had to spare some of his power to stabilize the injury. His combat power had inevitably been reduced.

Trinis didn’t know that ‘Flying Obliteration’ not only had the attribute of sharpening and deepening the wound, but it also increased the wielding speed by 50% and absorbed the enemy’s power through damage to slowly recover his stamina. In addition, Samuel was conferred as Star Apprentice, possessing the special attribute of [Lightning Dash] which could increase attack speed and movement speed, so Samuel could attack at such a terrifying speed.

Trinis’ ‘intel’ was outdated. Samuel’s current fighting style had been very different from the past, characterized by the words ‘unbeatable speed’.

In the previous days, Samuel fought against Isabella and Krobelus in training almost every day. Compared with Krobelus’ absolute crushing, Madam Isabella, who had the Breeze Shadow Boots and [Flash] talent, brought more help to Samuel. Of course, he was miserably raped every time.

As for stamina, which was his greatest shortcoming, he also made great progress under the special training arranged by Chen Rui. Today’s Samuel was no longer the trainer who advanced Saint with external force, but the Saint powerhouse who truly controlled and consolidated his strength. He was only 1 step away from breaking through the small realm again to enter the intermediate stage of Saint.

“Damn it!” The black potions were time-limited, and Trinis knew he would lose. It is very likely that I may also die. It seems that I have to use the last killing move.

Trinis immediately pushed Samuel away with a shield strike, and his body suddenly emitted a strong light as he thrust the ‘Ash Sword’ into the ground. The cracks in the ground spread toward Samuel. Samuel rose into the air, and the cracked texture shone with fiery red light. The fire element power containing a strong territory power erupted like dozens of erupting craters.

Samuel was actually retreating faster than he was attacking. The most powerful flames were dodged, then he swung ‘Flying Obliteration’ rapidly to parry against the approaching firelight.

Zamindar shook his head secretly. Although Trinis’ momentum was amazing, he was already exhausted. It was obvious that the victory had been decided.

Just when Samuel was forced to retreat, Zamindar had a sense. When he looked up, he saw a huge black figure suddenly appearing above Samuel’s position, flying down toward Samuel.

“Giant dragon!” Zamindar exclaimed. Samuel also reacted at this time as his body dodged back unbelievably. He crossed paths with the huge black figure before he fell to the ground. The entire shoulder armor was torn apart with blood dripping.

The giant dragon glided to Trinis’ side, and there was a blade mark on his neck. Even the scales were cut open, and blood continued to seep out. However, for the entire huge body, this wound was insignificant.

This was a holy dragon, which was the most powerful type of dragon with powerful life force and offensive as well as defensive capabilities.

“Despicable!” Zamindar appeared in front of Samuel, glaring at Trinis. “Is this a fair duel?”

“I don’t think it violates the rules of dueling.” Trinis shook his head with a sinister smile, “Don’t forget, I’m a dragon rider, and he… is too! Samuel, you didn’t expect that I have also passed the trials of dragons and became a dragon rider these months, right? Please allow me to introduce my new partner.”

“Bracklin!” Samuel had already drunk a bottle of healing potion and looked at the holy dragon coldly.

“You still remember me, Samuel!” The holy dragon grinned. His sharp teeth slowly grinding, revealing a murderous aura of hatred, “Last time in the final trial, you and Little Anderlu severely injured me with tricks. Not only did I lose the championship, but I stayed in bed for 3 months. Today, I must repay you well.”

“The environment of the trial is equal. It’s just that you are not good at using strategies. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the trial, you would have died.” Samuel said coldly, “I didn’t expect you to be so shameless, taking advantage when one is in danger. You have tarnished the reputation of the Dragon Valley. As for you, Trinis, you don’t deserve to be called a dragon rider at all!”

“Since you said strategy,” Trinis laughed, “then I’ll give you a taste of ‘strategy’ today. This is the last chance of your life! Sir Zamindar, get out of the way. This is a duel between 2 dragon riders. According to the rules of the Dragon Valley, outsiders are not allowed to interfere, even the Holy Church!”

A dragon roar suddenly sounded from afar, and a figure instantly appeared in the field from far to near. This was a 13-year-old boy with a handsome appearance. It was difficult to believe that the dragon roar was actually issued by such a little shota.

“Anderlu?” Samuel looked at the little boy in surprise. “How did you get here? Aren’t you in the Dragon Valley?”

“I sneaked out.” Anderlu said breathlessly. “Looks like you’re in trouble.”

“Little Anderlu!” Bracklin said sternly, “You haven’t figured out the situation. This is a life and death duel. Are you sure you want to participate?”

The little shota was startled as he looked at Trinis across from him, then looked at the hideous Bracklin. He suddenly smiled, “Looks like I’m here at the right time.”

Samuel nodded vigorously at Anderlu and set his eyes on Trinis, “Then… let’s start. A duel of dragon riders!”

In the distance, Chen Rui and Isabella followed the Divinity Temple Knight on horseback and galloped all the way. They had passed the city gate of the southern suburbs. Zola received Python’s pointers for the past 2 days and started closed-door training again in order to consolidate and comprehend the use of the Demi-God level power.

“What are you thinking?” Isabella, who was riding with Chen Rui, felt that the man behind him was a little absent-minded, so she asked. With Isabella’s strength, she was now able to easily compress her voice for ‘sound transmission’.

“I’m… counting the time.” Chen Rui gently kissed Isabella’s hair, “Tonight, there will be a very important battle, whether it’s for me or Arthur.”

Far away.

This distance did not refer to the southern suburbs of the Golden Estate, but to a farther place, an island empire.

Mias Empire’s imperial tomb, underground.

“What do you think?”

It was also a question from a woman.

“I’m… counting the time.” Another Chen Rui’s answer was the same.

“Counting time?”

“Yes. Belia… oh, sorry, Soranly. I’m trying to figure out how long it will take for the ritual to begin. I’m feeling a little nervous.”

It was the Black Death Follower east district chief bishop, Soranly, who asked the question, and she also had another identity as Minister Belia from the Academic Affairs Department of Starlight College. To be more precise, she was also a descendant of the royal family of the Cloud Rider Empire. Although the Cloud Rider Empire had been destroyed for many years, the remaining forces still occupied a place in the mysterious cult. The main forces were concentrated in the southern area. The Starlight College where Soranly was located was under the ‘scope’ of the mysterious cult’s east district. As a direct descendant of the southern district, she was only a deacon here, but she unexpectedly met Shura. Out of interest, the 2 were very close and easily hooked up with each other.

With Shura’s help, her position unexpectedly soared to the position of east district’s chief bishop. This greatly increased the strength of the Cloud Rider Family, and Shura also showed his ‘real’ capability, becoming the first Destruction Envoy to participate in the most important ‘God’s Descendence’ sacrifice.

“You’re nervous too? Soranly smiled charmingly, “In my mind, the word ‘nervous’ doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.”

“It’s always the case with the unknown.”

Shura shrugged as he moved closer to Soranly, reached into the loose robe and, grabbed a bulging plump, “There are many ways to deal with tension, and I want to choose the most wonderful one.”

“Wait…” Soranly glanced at Shura angrily, “At this time, you still have such a mood? Don’t make sacrifices a joke. It can bring us great benefits. Once God convicts, it will turn blessings into disasters.”

Shura grinned and squeezed the plump top, but instead of pulling out his hand, he slid all the way down into the wet part of the jungle, “What’s the benefit, if you don’t tell me, then I’ll just eat your benefit first.”

Soranly was dissolute by nature, so she was naturally lustful after being teased by him like this. However at this time, she really didn’t dare to indulge, and she quickly grabbed the hand that was playing around, “Don’t mess around! God’s might penetrates everything. This time is a large-scale main sacrifice that only occurs once in 100 years. If you lose God’s blessings, it will not be worth the loss.”

“God’s blessings?” Shura showed interest and stopped his hand.

Soranly hurriedly explained, “Generally speaking, God will bestow all believers who participate in the main sacrifice with the corresponding power, but only those favored by God can get real power. The stronger the destruction and massacre breath in the body, the more recognized by god, and the more benefits you get. You can be converted into a ‘soul variant’ by god and get the ‘Domination Heart’, which greatly increases your strength and potential. You can also summon god’s will in a critical moment, fuse with god’s power, and unleash an incredible power to defeat the enemy.”

“Soul variant, Domination Heart?” Shura’s red eyes flashed a hint of unknown meaning as he withdrew his hand. “Is there really such a huge benefit?”

“I, like you, participated in this main sacrifice for the first time, but I can definitely answer you, yes.” Soranly nodded, “Only those with soul variant and Domination Heart can become the true core. If you can be favored, then congratulations, you will have the opportunity to step into the core of the cult, and even become one of the leaders of the cult in the future. Otherwise, no matter how much credit or power you have, you will not be able to succeed. However, any reward had a price, and what we pay is absolute loyalty and a trace of soul power.”

“Giving your soul?” Shura frowned.

“Yes, this can ensure the absolute loyalty of the blessed ones. The people who can come here have passed the test, including you, you should be very clear. However, there are inevitably people with distracting thoughts. These people’s souls will be seen through by God’s insight. However, even the most loyal believers of us, God will not accept our lowly souls. This trace of soul power will merge with this main altar and become the bond between god and us.”

Shura’s eyes flickered, “In other words, if someone destroys the main altar, it will cut off the bond between god and us? We can’t receive the power given?”

“The damage of the main altar will not only make us lose most of the power of the gods, but also our soul will be severely damaged, and even lose our lives.” Soranly said sternly, “So this is our most important root place. Once it is invaded or even destroyed, the consequences are unimaginable. Especially when the main sacrifice ceremony is performed, all the blood sacrifice power condensed by the bone towers will be dedicated to the main altar. This is when the defense is the weakest. No matter what, it must be guarded at all cost.”

“Understood, this is also a Destruction Messengers’ greatest responsibility.” Shura nodded.

“I’m going to Sir Kurci’s place.” Soranly put on her mask, “Isn’t it time for the Chief Destruction Messenger Sir Kruchwert to gather all the Destruction Messengers? You should get ready too.”

Shura also picked up the mask and showed a strange smile. “After the evening ritual is over, remember to clean yourself up. and I will give you the most memorable night.”

Soranly threw a wink at him and walked away. Watching her walking far away, Shura slowly put the mask on his face to hide the implicit smile.

“I promise, this is the most memorable night.”