Chapter 1014: Descent of Hatred

“It’s not worth it.” Veronica shook her head, “It’s really not worth it, you don’t even know…”

“Veronica, I know you’ve been through a lot of pain and suffering.” Chen Rui walked up to Veronica and held her hand, “The ‘Little Arthur’ didn’t have the ability to save you from the pain, but now I do! “

“No!” Veronica lowered her head. Her hands trembling even more, “You don’t know! You don’t know anything!”

Chen Rui sighed, “You’re wrong, actually, I know.”

“No…” Veronica clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles had turned white due to the force. She suddenly raised her head with determination, broke her hands away with force, and screamed, “Do you know who caused you to be wandering for 7 years and lost most of your memory?”

Chen Rui looked into her eyes deeply, “It was just an accident. No matter what the reason is, ‘Little Arthur’ won’t blame you.”

Veronica’s facial expression changed, “You… you really know!”

“If the disappearance of memory is regarded as death, then ‘he’ is dead, and ‘I’ am just a person with reshaped memory or a person who comes back to life with part of the original consciousness of ‘Little Arthur’.”

Chen Rui uttered the greatest ‘truth’ for the first time since reborning in the world. Although it was only a pun, he pointed to his head, “However, in this part of memory, his greatest attachment has always existed. No matter what happened in the past, you are always the one in ‘Little Arthur’’s heart. You can dislike him, you can not love him, you can even hurt him, but you can’t stop his heart to want to make you happy; even if it’s just watching your happiness from a distance.”

Veronica was stunned. A teardrop slipped quietly from the corner of her eye and quickly melted into the veil.

“Follow me, Veronica. Get out of here. Leave all the pain and hatred behind, choose your life again, and truly choose freely.”

At this time, the blood-red light beam of the main altar became hotter and brighter in the Mias Empire’s imperial tomb. The entire huge underground world was illuminated. All the corpses on the bone towers seemed to be alive. They all made strange noises as if moaning and wailing. The red mist like countless resentful souls frantically rushed toward the light beam.

The blood-colored mist near the bone towers had been completely absorbed by the light beam, and the jagged white bones had gradually turned gray. It seemed that the power that had been accumulated for an unknown number of years had been transferred to the main altar.

The light beam condensed into a huge blood-colored phantasm suspended above the main altar.

All the Black Death Followers knelt down reverently, spread their hands toward the sky, and recited the chant aloud – Shura was among them, with a secret smile behind the mask.

Yerodisha, the Shion Palace.

Veronica’s tears were only fleeting before the gaze had been replaced by indifference.

“Very touching line, ‘Little Arthur’ or ‘Arthur’.” Her hand reached the veil on her face and slowly pulled it down, “Unfortunately, there are so many things you don’t understand, like… I look like this.”

From the day Chen Rui saw Veronica, she had been wearing a special veil. Except for those eyes, no one could see the details of the rest of her facial features. Now she finally took off the veil.

It should have been the flawless and beautiful face in his memory, but it had become a terrifying face. The face was covered with imprints that seemed to be spells. The patterns of the imprints seemed to be alive, slowly twisting and twitching, which looked horrific.

The pattern spread from the face all the way to the part below the neck that was covered by the clothes. One could imagine that the rest of the body should also have such a terrifying ‘patterns’.

Chen Rui carefully observed those ‘patterns’. He could clearly feel the rich life force and strange breath contained in them. This kind of existence was a bit similar to the parasitic living creatures such as cocoon silk. It lived in another creature’s body and absorbed the original body’s strength and ‘nutrients’ until the organism died.

The same soul variant physique, the feeling that Veronica gave to Chen Rui was completely different from the Hobbit King Inke and others he had seen. She exuded a breath that really needed to be looked up and made people shuddered from the inside out. She seemed like an avatar of the Abyss ruler; the momentum possessed was by no means comparable to that of a general Kingdom level powerhouse.

Soranly once said that very few people could be recognized by the ‘lord’ and given ‘Domination Heart’, and their strength as well as potential would greatly increase. In times of crisis, the lord’s will could be summoned and combined with lord’s power to exert incredible power.

Hatred Heart!

It must be because of this!

Veronica smiled coldly when she saw Chen Rui stunned and seemed dumbfounded. She raised her hand, and the smooth white palm began to change rapidly, turning into a terrifying claw with a foot-long sharp fingernail like a blade. It glowed blood red in the moonlight.

A wave of icy murderous aura rippled out, and the surrounding flowers and trees withered. A creepy smile appeared on her hideous face as her claw slowly stretched out toward Chen Rui, “I look like this. Do you still want to pull me out of the abyss?”

To Veronica’s surprise, ‘Arthur’ did not show the fearful look he imagined. Instead, he took a few steps forward to meet the claw and asked indifferently, “What are you afraid of?”

Veronica was shocked, and her movements suddenly froze in midair.

“Your eyes are full of terrifying breath.” Chen Rui looked directly at those blue-colored eyes, “but behind that is fear. You’re afraid.”

“You’re afraid of my approach; afraid that I will touch your heart wrapped in hatred and destruction; afraid that you will not be able to suppress some kind of will to hurt me.” Chen Rui wiped the hot tear on his cheeks, “Did you see that? This is the sadness of ‘Little Arthur’… because he sees the one he loves struggling in the endless hell. She can only look up at the ray of sunshine in the sky. He is… crying.”

Veronica’s eyes full of destructive breath trembled, and her eyes were already filled with mist. Although she tried her best to control it, she still couldn’t restrain the tears from her eyes.

“You asked me before, if you have fallen into an abyss with no sunlight… My answer is, I will use these hands to pull you out. Trust me!” Chen Rui stretched out his hand again, “Now, give me… your hands.”

Veronica looked at that hand, and her breathing became a little short. She looked at her hand that should be called a ‘claw’ and hesitated before she finally reached out to Chen Rui’s hand.

Suddenly, her body trembled as her face showed an expression of pain. She retracted her claw quickly as she tightly grasped her shoulders.

“Little Arthur! Get out of here!”

Chen Rui was taken aback, “Veronica!”

“Don’t come here!” Veronica’s body trembled as a powerful force field repelled out. Chen Rui’s body was pushed away by dozens of meters involuntarily.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Her voice turned into a deep growl as terrifying flames burned all over her body, and her eyes shot a terrifying light. The entire Shion Palace was filled with suffocating breath, and the ground kept cracking. There was lava-like heat and redness.

Such intense hatred.

He only felt it in the Tree of Nature at the Silver Moon Celestial Capital.

Chen Rui instinctively sensed danger. While he was on guard, his eyes suddenly froze.

He saw Veronica’s terrifying claw piercing through her own heart.

It was not an ordinary piercing, but the biggest blow that contained all the destruction power. Even the bloody blade protruding from the back had a blood mist, and the blood was rapidly evaporating.

Her body slowly collapsed. In the deep blue eyes like the sea, hatred and destruction quickly dimmed with the flames and all the vitality on her body. She seemed to want to look at him one more time, but she closed her eyes weakly in the end.

At this moment, the image in Chen Rui’s eyes lost all brilliance. Everything turned black and white, and he stayed in the scene where the weak body was pierced by a sharp blade.

A piercing feeling came. This blow was even more painful than directly piercing his heart.

Not only the pain belonging to ‘Little Arthur’, but also his own anger and sadness.

Above the main altar at the bottom of the Mias Empire’s imperial tomb, the huge phantasm slowly opened its eyes and looked down at the worshiping Black Death Followers.

It started to make a sound which was a weird language. Through the vibration of the power of the bone towers in all directions, it converged into a language that everyone could understand, echoing in the entire underground world.

“Human nature is inherently evil. Hatred is the source of all evil…”

“Those who believed destruction can gain eternal life in the destruction…”

“Subvert everything, and then re-create a world that can be destroyed at will…”


The Black Death Followers followed and recited aloud. The voice of phantasm not only had powerful penetration and appeal, but it also released an incredible power. Veils of blood-red mist spread out and shuttled among the followers.

Wherever the mist went, the Black Death Followers lit up with a little red light. They felt a special energy in their bodies. Knowing that it was the power bestowed by the ‘lord’s grace’, they were overjoyed. The voice of chanting was even louder and high-pitched.

In the palace, Chen Rui suppressed the strong emotions in his heart. He was about to step forward when Veronica’s body suddenly floated up. The originally closed eyes slowly opened. There was no sadness or anger, not even any excitement; only cold calmness.

The sharp claw was slowly drawn out from the body, and the dried blood was stained again. However, her expression did not waver at all as if this body was not hers.

“Idiot life! Stupid persistence!” Although this voice belonged to Veronica, it gave Chen Rui another familiar feeling, “You actually transcended my bestowed will in an instant, even transcending life and death…”

“However, this kind of persistent awareness is exactly what I need.” The cold gaze was set on Chen Rui, “Ignorant ant, you are the only fissure in her heart, right? Did you even forget to reveal the fear? As long as you are completely annihilated, this descendant can achieve perfection.”

When her gaze flashed, the terrifying coercion swept toward Chen Rui overwhelmingly. The ground along the way cracked. There was no mercy or hesitation.

If it was an ordinary powerhouse, he would have been annihilated under this kind of power, but when the crack reached Chen Rui, it stopped.

The cold blue eyes had a glimpse of surprise before she snorted, then the suffocating air suddenly became 100 times richer.

The space around Chen Rui’s body began to distort, and a crack in the space appeared. The degree of distortion of the crack rapidly multiplied, engulfing his entire body.

There was a contemptuous smile on her face with blue eyes. Although he was a powerful person at the Kingdom level, he was nothing but an ant.

For her, who had already descended on the avatar, this almost perfect descendant could burst out with power far from her own level. Perhaps it should be called might!

At this moment, a familiar crimson starlight appeared in the blue-eyed vision.

The starlight spread instantly, and the pupils of the blue eyes suddenly shrank.

The cracks in the space were quickly healed in the phantasms of the stars. The dazzling starlight filled the entire space of the Shion Palace, and the destructive breath seemed to be solidified by the starlight.

In the dazzling red starlight, the figure in the crystal armor became clear. Behind him were 2 pairs of graceful wings. At the same time, a familiar voice sounded, “Quilliana! Get out of her body!”

“It’s you!” The blue eyes roared full of hatred and anger.