Chapter 1015: The Black Death Follower Without a Soul

In the Shion Palace, the ground cracked, and countless blood-colored lights erupted, resisting the star phantasms. The 2 forces were in a stalemate.

Veronica, no, now it should be Quilliana. Her pupils had turned from the original blue to blood red, and the sharp claw swiped with fierce flames, tearing apart the circles of water ripples in the stars. However, after the flames tore through the ripples, it was already a spent force. It was swept away into nothingness by the sharp qi of the [Aura Blade].

[Aura Blade] slashed at Quilliana’s head with unabated speed. and Quilliana defended with the claw. The sparks splashed, and there was a sound of metallic clashing. A shallow mark was left on the nail.

Quilliana’s arm seethed with fiery flames. Countless intertwined rays of light appeared around Chen Rui’s body. From a distance, it seemed like a huge claw composed of countless fine ‘blades’ held him in the middle.

Chen Rui dodged quickly. In this space where the terrifying forces were intertwined, if he simply used shifting or teleportation, he would actively bump his neck against the blades, so he could only dodge by regular movement. If he was slightly slower, a few blood stains appeared on his face.

The ‘sharp claws’ didn’t need to touch the body; just the terrifying sharpness could cut everything across the distance.

Quilliana’s fighting style was ‘sharp’. Her heavy attacks were concentrated, attacking with point and line. It was similar to [Aura Blade]’s attack, but sharper and more variable.

It stood to reason that when Chen Rui activated [Red Pole Star Transformation], he could kill even Demi-God, but facing Quilliana, whose strength had only just passed the Demi-God level, he actually had a feeling of being totally suppressed. This was because Quilliana’s real strength had already surpassed that of ordinary Pseudo-God. The killing moves was fierce and elusive. Even in this body, her power was also faintly close to the real might.

It was like a peerless powerhouse. Even if her power was limited to the level of ordinary powerhouses, ordinary powerhouses still could match her.

The huge claw closed, and the countless blades overlapped in the blink of an eye. They were about to grindChen Rui into dust. Chen Rui could no longer dodge. The 2 pairs of starlight wings on the back wrapped him.

At the moment when the light of the flame and the starlight collided, the entire space shook violently. There was a sharp, soul-piercing sound. In the countless sparks, many fragments of the star wings were shattered apart. One could imagine how much pressure the wings had endured.

At this time, Quilliana’s movements suddenly stopped. The speed of those ‘blades’ suddenly slowed down, and the power also decreased radically. She had a painful expression on her face as if she was desperately fighting against something.

This was not the first time this phenomenon had appeared. Every time Chen Rui was in danger, Quilliana’s power would always stagnate for no reason. Although Quilliana controlled by overwhelming power, Veronica had been burning her soul desperately to struggle.

For the last ray of sunshine in my heart.

Even if there is no return for me.

Taking this opportunity, a cup with milky white brilliance appeared in the sky where the sparks were intertwined, then it turned into a trickle and merged below.

Holy Grail’s [Holy Protection]!

[Holy Protection] could increase ‘luck’ in a short period of time which could reduce the physical and magical damage of the blessed. The time of various debuff states would be greatly shortened whereas the time of buff states would be increased.

Under the buff of [Holy Protection], the starlight suddenly flourished. The 4 pairs of star wings spread out. The countless sharp rays of intertwined light were repelled and shot back toward Quilliana— [Star Guardian Wings]’s reflect damage!

Quilliana was caught off guard and wrapped up in her own ultimate move. Blood splattered all over her body. Numerous terrifying scars crisscrossed her entire body, and her flesh was rolled up.

“Stupid and lowly existence. How dare you resist the greatest will of the lord!” Quilliana sneered, “Don’t think that burning your soul can stop me. Even if I have to sacrifice this rare and supreme soul variant physique today, I must completely annihilate that bastard!”

After finishing speaking, the flames around Quilliana’s body burned more and more fiercely. All the clothes were burned, revealing the naked body.

As expected, the body that was supposed to be perfect and seductive was covered with terrifying and strange ‘patterns’. Those patterns began to distort and expand rapidly, completely wrapping the ‘human’ body like a piece of armor. The blade-likenails also extended, showing a cold sharp edge.

After this kind of mutation, Veronica’s will was completely suppressed. Quilliana let out a low growl. The entire blood-colored kingdom glowed so brightly that it even overshadowed the brilliance of the stars.

Chen Rui sensed the pressure suddenly doubled. What was even more terrifying was that the power of Quilliana was gradually increasing, as if the power of the original body was continuously transmitted to this soul variant physique through some kind of exhaustion secret technique.

If it was a Demi-God level powerhouse, he would have already collapsed under this terrifying power, but Chen Rui had the Super System and various means. Although he was suppressed at a disadvantage, he could always compete with Quilliana. This was not surprising to Quilliana. She has already experienced how extraordinary this enemy was in the battle of the Silver Moon Celestial Capital’s Tree of Nature. He might even have the kingdom of god. So this time, Quilliana did not waste her energy trying to control or subdue Chen Rui, but she adopted the most direct method—destruction.

Due to the sacrificial power of the main altar, the will received by Veronica, the soul variant physique, could be maximized. Quilliana was determined to eliminate Chen Rui even at the expense of this rare carrier. She was also fully confident to crush that difficult enemy with the strongest soul variant.

Mias Empire’s imperial tomb underground. The ‘hate’ main altar.

The huge phantasm in the air became more solid as the devotees continued to chant aloud and sacrifice.

Shura, who had been chanting with everyone, also discovered that among the worshiped ‘god’ statues around altar, apart from the middle and low-level the abyss creatures like the gap demon, berserk demon, blazing flame witch, the Abyss lord, the tallest the 3rd floor ‘god statue’ that was originally vague finally became clear.

This should be something that could only be seen by the core Black Death Follower after getting the ‘gift’ of the phantasm.

In the middle was a creature with obvious female characteristics, bulging boobs, a slender body, a tail on the back, and long fingernails that were sharp like knives. The bone spurs and protrusions on the body were more like a piece of armor. A strong feeling of ‘hatred’ poured out of Shura’s heart automatically.

This image was vaguely consistent with the phantasm in the air. Chen Rui had also seen it in the Tree of Nature space in the Silver Moon Celestial Capital. It was Hatred Lord Quilliana.

Beside ‘Hate’ were 2 male statues, 1 with a strong body and 6 arms was ‘fear’; the other one was ‘despair’ who was huge like a scorpion.

The 3 rulers of the abyss!

Hatred Lord Quilliana, Fear Lord Sosbach, and Despair Lord, whose name was unknown.

What was certain was that, like the other 2 abyss rulers, there was still a ‘despair’ main altar. It was just that no one knew the location specifically.

The blood-red mist floated around the Black Death Followers, constantly emitting energy and infiltrating the bodies of the Black Death Followers. In fact, these were just the ‘impurities’ that the giant phantasm emitted when absorbing and purifying the power of blood sacrifice. Even so, it was enough for these firm believers to get the corresponding power.

The blood-red mist danced for a while, then it gradually slowed down, condensing beside Shura.

This scene made the rest of the Black Death Followers show their envy expressions. Even the 2 archbishops were no exception, because this meant that Shura would become the highest blessed one of ‘lord’s descent’ this time. He could be bestowed the great benefit by ‘lord’.

“You have an amazing destruction faith, surpassing everyone else. I will give you the strongest soul variant power and Domination Heart.” Quilliana’s phantasm made a distant voice, shaking the entire main altar.

At the same time, this voice carried an unquestionable verdict, which made everyone had a ‘naturally agree’ in their minds. No one had any objection, especially Soranly. She secretly thought in her mind. I never thought that Shura will actually get the attention of the lord and become the highest favored person, then his use value will be greatly increased. He is very likely to enter the highest level of the mysterious cult in the future, so I must use the existing intimate relationship to further woo him, making him truly the backbone of the Cloud Rider Empire faction.

Next, just by dedicating a single soul, Shura could become the most powerful soul variant physique and get the Hatred Heart.

Shura took a few steps forward, and the surrounding blood mist slowly enveloped him.

At this moment, Hatred Lord phantasm’s voice changed suddenly.

“You… you don’t have a soul!”

As soon as this sentence came out, all the Black Death Followers showed horrified expressions. How could a person have no soul?

“Who are you?!” The phantasm’s voice had a special deterrent power.

Shura’s mask was torn apart immediately. Not only the mask, but the entire face and body were cracked under the question, but there was no blood spilling out of the crack.

Shura raised his head, looked at the phantasm in the air, and showed a strange smile. When he laughed, the skin on his face split, which looked gruesome.

“Bitch, aren’t you fighting me in another place?”

The meaning of these words was quite clear. The Black Death Followers were in a commotion. The aspiring ‘Shura’ is actually a spy!

“Damn it!” Quilliana finally understood. She didn’t expect to let the enemy’s avatar mix into the main altar. Her eyes flashed. She exuded might and decimated Shura’s body into nothingness.

However, in the center of the split body, a strange circular object was suspended.

This was a white polyhedron engraved with the imprint of ancient runes. There were 6 colors of colorful light around it, which gave Quilliana an extremely dangerous feeling.

The killer of Pseudo-Gods made by the supreme Angel Raphael himself: Brilliant Thunder of Light!

Not only that, Chen Rui also used the 6 element source power and attached the ‘Cosmos Annihilation’ taught by the Elemental King to it, which could buff the power of Brilliant Thunder of Light to an unimaginable level by multiplying the power.

Quilliana narrowed her eyes and saw the 6-color light immersed in the white polyhedron. In the next second, everything turned into an incandescent light.