Chapter 1018: The Holy Child

The next day, a startling news spread.

Arthur. Roland, the third prince of the Dragon Bright Empire, absconded after committing a serious crime. He had been wanted by Lex the Great himself!

No one could have imagined that this distinctive third prince of the empire, lord of the Golden Estate, and the top mechanic grand master of human would once again became an hot topic all over the world in an extremely eye-catching way after a series of marriage rejection and disappearances previously.

The crimes committed by ‘Arthur’ soon became well-known – First, ‘Arthur’ used a trick to set up a duel trap, instigating his golden knight and dragon rider, Samuel, to kill Trinis, who was also a golden knight and dragon knight. Trinis also had a most special identity, that was, legion commander personally appointed by Lex the Great at the Golden Estate.

This conspiracy involved the struggle between father and son ‘Arthur’ and Lex the Great. Lex the Great was well known for his desire to control, ruling the Dragon Bright Empire with absolute control for many years. Meanwhile, Prince ‘Arthur’, who had returned after 7 years of disappearance, in just a few months, the ability he displayed had amazed the whole world and was recognized as the best inheritor of the throne. However, for Lex the Great in his prime, it also represented a potential threat.

Since ancient times, the transition of power between old and new had been an extremely sensitive topic full of unimaginable struggles and various unpredictable changes. Especially for a ruler, whether the inheritor was too good or too mediocre was a troublesome thing. In this case, ‘Arthur’ began to be subjected to various restrictions and suppression, either explicitly or implicitly, which had been an open secret. Unfortunately, ‘Arthur’ was obviously not the kind of person who was good at forbearance. He finally couldn’t stand Trinis’ provocation, so he used a duel to let Samuel kill Trinis.

If it made sense to kill Trinis, then the next thing was unbelievable, ‘Arthur’ actually killed Veronica!

The triangular relationship between ‘Arthur’, Veronica and Landbis was well known to the world in the previous ‘rejection of marriage’ incident. Veronica was the teacher of ‘Arthur’ and the woman ‘Arthur’ was most infatuated with.

Later, Veronica was forced to marry Arthur’s uncle, Prince Sophil. Then, she unfortunately became a widow after Sophil’s bizarre death. Not long ago, at the engagement ceremony, Arthur publicly rejected Landbis, who had been waiting for 7 years, for Veronica. However, now that ‘Arthur’ killed his most beloved woman with his own hands, what kind of grievance was within this?

It was said that in addition to these 2 things, Arthur also stole a national treasure, a holy relic of the Dragon Bright Empire.

After the incident, the enraged Lex the Great sent the Firewing Legion to capture ‘Arthur’, then he sent the strongest dragon knight legion to control the entire Golden Estate.

The Golden Estate was quickly brought under control, but the whereabouts of ‘Arthur’ was unknown. Also missing were Arthur’s 2 guardians, confidant Samuel and others.

On that night, the Glorious Knights who were originally stationed at the Holy Church in the Golden Estate retreated overnight under the leadership of Cardinal Gralin. With the close cooperation relationship between ‘Arthur’ and the Holy Church in the past, it was very likely that he would flee with the people of the Holy Church. This was no longer a simple absconding in fear of sin, but a defection!

For this reason, the Dragon Bright Empire formally negotiated with the Holy Church, requesting that the Holy Church not interfere in the internal affairs of the Dragon Bright Empire and hand over the felon ‘Arthur’.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Church did not hide the fact that it protected ‘Arthur’ from the Dragon Bright Empire. Instead, it publicly disclosed the truth of ‘Arthur’ defection.

Since Trinis led the Iron Scale Legion into the Golden Estate, he often disturbed the residents for no reason, provoking the local Jade Legion, and causing the Golden Estate, which was once stable and prosperous, to be full of complaints. The cause of this duel was that the Iron Scale Legion caused trouble in the Fresh Flower Pavillion, and they also killed the members of the Jade Legion security team who came to stop them as well as the civilians, causing public outrage.

When the Jade Legion legion commander Samuel arrived in person, instead of apologizing and punishing those responsible, Trinis further provoked Samuel, which eventually led to a duel. This duel was actually a trap designed by Trinis in order to kill Samuel. For this reason, Trinis prepared the famous legendary grade equipment ‘Ash Suit’ in advance, drank the black potion, and even summoned the giant dragon to sneak attack in the duel. Sadly, these tricks paled in comparison to sheer strength. Samuel finally showed the greatest force and defeated Trinis. After the duel failed, Trinis actually tried to escape, so he was killed in anger by an elder dragon who witnessed all this. As the arbiter of this duel, the great apprentice of Glorious Swordmaster Parsali, who had now become the master of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Zamindar, witnessed the whole duel, and 4 dragons, including 2 elders Demi-God, testified this was absolutely true.

Trinis’ death was not only deserved. Not only it had nothing to do with ‘Arthur’, it was likely to be instructed by someone to kill Samuel, ‘Arthur’s’ right-hand man. The biggest suspect was certain prince that had old grudges with ‘Arthur’ and Samuel.

The fact that Veronica was killed by ‘Arthur’ was even more unreasonable… ‘Arthur’ could even give up the princess of the Blue Glory Empire’s top beauty, Landbis, who had been waiting for him for 7 years. How was it possible that he killed Veronica with his own hands? The real cause of Veronica’s death was that she was poisoned!

Originally, this poor woman had suffered from depression for many years, and she had been harassed by a wicked prince previously. Therefore, she was frightened and bedridden. This time Arthur was deliberately led to the Shion Palace, and he found that Veronica was dying from poisoning. In the end, the beauty passed away.

Veronica’s life was tragic. She was forced to leave her lover, married a man as old as her father, and became a widow long ago. She was bullied and persecuted many times in the deep palace. Although she died in her lover’s arms at last which fulfilled her last wish, this matter gave an unprecedented blow to ‘Arthur’. Feeling disheartened, the prince gave up all his management and left the Dragon Bright Empire.

As for the national treasure and holy relic that was taken away by ‘Arthur’, the Church’s tone was even tougher. Because it was the treasure ‘Holy Light Robe’ that the 3 archangels gave the Dragon Bright Empire back then. This time, it was only the ‘Holy Child’ Arthur of the church who was ordered by the 3 archangels to take it back.

When the Holy Church’s response was made, the whole world was shocked.

The first 2 were just internal affairs of the Dragon Bright Empire or some personal grievances, but the third explanation revealed some very important news.

The ‘Holy Child’!

The highest spiritual leader of the entire Holy Church was the pope, also known as the great priest and so on. The candidate of the pope was produced among the ‘Holy Child’. The current Holy Light pope was Vantis. Except for the archbishop ‘Holy Lady’ Eudora, the ‘Holy Child’ had never been confirmed. Now, ‘Arthur’ had become the Holy Child of the Holy Church!

According to reliable sources, ‘Arthur’ was actually the Holy Child appointed by Raphael, 1 of the 3 archangels. He would be the next pope!

Everyone knew that the relationship between the Golden Estate and the Holy Church was very close, but they never thought that it would actually reach such an extent!

The prince who defected from the Dragon Bright Empire? The future pope of the Holy Church?

Is there an equal sign between the 2?

The identity of the ‘Holy Child’ was too dazzling. Compared with ordinary princes, imperial kingdom inheritors, and so on, they could only be described by the words ‘dim and dull’. Since it was the Holy Child, it was impossible to bear the stigma of ‘defection’. Not only Lex the Great, but even ordinary people understood this.

In the face of the Holy Church, which was all-powerful and even aggressive, even though the Dragon Bright Empire was 1 of the 2 Holy Empires, and there were dragons behind it, they could no longer insist on their own opinions. Since ‘Arthur’ was the Holy Child, this matter could not be just an internal affair of the Dragon Bright Empire.

After weighing, Lex the Great finally made a concession, canceled the wanted order for ‘Arthur’, and ordered the tight investigation of the mastermind behind the duel of Trinis and the poisoning of Veronica.

The first to bear the brunt was Second Prince Garfield. Garfield never dreamed of it. Originally, he just let Trinis take advantage of Lex the Great to set up that damn Samuel, yet it actually created so many more deadly troubles to himself!

As for Veronica’s poisoning, it had nothing to do with him at all!

Garfield’s relationship with ‘Arthur’ was the worst. He was forced to return the Golden Estate to his younger brother, and he used many disgraceful tricks during the handover. As a result, he became the laughing stock of the world because of the rapid rise of the Golden Estate. More importantly, Garfield once coveted Veronica’s beauty and attempted indecent assault, which became the most important reason for his bad relationship with ‘Arthur’.

There was no doubt that the biggest suspect in the whole incident was the unlucky Royal Highness Second Prince.

Originally, Garfield was still cheering for the ‘defeat’ of ‘Arthur’, and he planned to speak in front of Lex the Great, taking the opportunity to swallow the profitable Golden Estate. Unexpectedly, not only did his hopes fail, he was also imprisoned. Apart from collaborating with Trinis, many of his dirty businesses were dug up. Many partisans disintegrated and separated, and some people were even executed.

Lex the Great himself might not be behind the ‘Arthur’ incident, but at this moment of focus, Garfield was undoubtedly the ‘scapegoat’. Even if he could finally get rid of this incident safely, perhaps it would cause an unimaginable stain which would render him completely lose the qualification to inherit the throne.

After doing all this, Lex the Great publicly announced a surprising decision to cut off the father-son relationship with ‘Arthur’!

From then on, ‘Arthur’ was no longer ‘Arthur. Roland’, nor the prince of the Dragon Bright Empire, just the Holy Child ‘Arthur’ of the church. This would mean severing the ties between Lex the Great, the Dragon Bright Empire and ‘Arthur’.

Although Lex the Great was forced to make concessions and suffer losses before, he showed his toughness in another way – This belonged to the family affairs between father and son; even the Holy Church could not intervene.

Shortly after Lex the Great announced this decision, the Light Church officially announced that 3 months later, the canonization ceremony of the ‘Holy Child’ would be officially held at the Holy Light Mountain. The leaders of empires would be invited to attend the ceremony.

1 of the specially invited guests was Lex the Great. Although it was understandable from the perspective of etiquette, it was obviously a slap in the face.

This undoubtedly gave the people in the streets and alleys another topic to rave on. Many people were full of expectations for the good show that would be staged in 3 months.