Chapter 1019: Resonance

When the whole human world was rocked by a series of news related to the ‘Holy Child’, the ‘Holy Child’ himself did not enter the Holy Light Mountain as everyone imagined. Instead, he was in a small empire, the Merlot Empire. He was doing secret ‘recuperation’ in the Hall of Light.

There were several purposes of ‘recuperation’. The first was the ‘Holy Light Robe’.

In this trip to the Holy Light Mountain, although he had the title of the ‘Holy Child’, the ultimate goal was to take away the Tiffany and comprehend the creation origin, so he was likely to face the powerful force of the 3 light archangels again. No amount of ingenious tactics could resist the enemy’s absolute strength, so Chen Rui must seize the time to master and enhance every point of his own combat power, which meant more chances of survival.

It took Chen Rui less than 10 minutes to ‘subdue’ the Crown of Thorns. The main reason at that time was that Gralin had overdrawn his life to activate the Crown of Thorns. However, due to Gralin’s physical inability to carry the power of the Crown of Thorns, it automatically chose him who owned the [Body of Light Glory]. To be precise, he stole Gralin’s ‘fruits of labor’.

In the Blue Glory Empire, after the Holy Grail was in his hands, it took him 3 days to analyze it successfully, and this Holy Light Robe took 7 days.

The Crown of Thorns’ abilities were [Divine Healing] and [Divine Blessing] while the Holy Grail’s abilities were [Holy Protection] and [Holy Soul].

Holy Light Robe also had 2 abilities.

1. [Absolute Barrier] – Create a protective force field with a diameter of 5 meters, which could protect against attacks of any form or intensity in an immobile state. It would last for 10 seconds and could be used every 24 hours.

2. [Light Splitting Holy Projection] —1. [Light Splitting]: Transfigured 2 avatars, which last for 5 seconds and could be used once every 24 hours. 2: [Holy Projection]: Accumulate enough light element power to create a projection bead, which could be used to summon combat projection with half the combat power of the original body. The maximum duration is 1 hour. After the projection is ineffective or disappears, the light element must be re-concentrated before it could be created again.

‘Crown of Thorns’ was equivalent to a logistical skill, healing, dispelling, and changing the physique; ‘Holy Grail’ was more of a combat support; and ‘Holy Light Robe’ had a purefighting attribute.

[Absolute Barrier] could protect against attacks of any strength, which meant that even Pseudo-God could not defeat this barrier. It could be called the strongest defense. Although 10 seconds seemed short, many changes could occur within 1 second for a battle at the level of Chen Rui; even the whole situation might be turned around.

[Light Splitting] was a powerful attack skill, which was equal to 1 divided into 3. Although the avatar had only half the combat power of the original body, the power of stacking some killing moves was more than triple damage. For example, Shura’s [Supernova Explosion]. Chen Rui tried the [Light Splitting] technique on the training ground of the Super System, and he found that he could activate various moves at the same time, including the big killing moves such as [Scorching Dragon Roar] and [True Red Extinction], and the power was extremely terrifying. It was worth mentioning that the power of this kind of [Light Splitting] was not infinite. It was equivalent to exhausting his own power in advance. Consequently, he would fall into a period of weakness after activation. The stronger the move, the weaker he would be.

But in any case, the advantages of this move outweigh the disadvantages. Especially Chen Rui’s attack power had reached a bottleneck now, this skill gave a rather terrifying buff to his attack ability. As long as the timing was right, this [Light Splitting] was enough to kill a strong enemy with 1 blow.

As for the role of [Holy Projection], Chen Rui wanted to try it out. Therefore, he immediately lied that he had already comprehended half of the power of the holy relic, and he needed a lot of light energy to get the true acknowledgment of the Holy Light Robe.

Accompanying Chen Rui in the Hall of Light training were Cardinal Gralin and the current the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Zamindar, who temporarily resided in the Merlot Empire because of Chen Rui’s special request to ‘comprehend the Holy Light Robe’. As soon as they heard that Chen Rui was about to be recognized by the holy relic, they couldn’t help but be overjoyed. They immediately transferred a large number of light-type consumable treasures from various places.

The Holy Church’s power was quite powerful. In a short while, Chen Rui had obtained a large amount of materials, but the Holy Light Robe’s ‘food intake’ was not small. It took half of the material to fill the energy required for [Holy Projection].

After trying, Chen Rui’s experiment revealed that this [Holy Projection] had all his own skills, including the [Pole Star Transformation], but its strength was only half. It was equivalent to the effect of a ‘battery’. The stronger the move or the stronger the damage suffered, the faster the ‘power’ was consumed, hence the shorter the avatar lasting time.

A very wonderful function of avatar was also found in the experiment, that was, the ‘connection’ of the storage warehouse. The things obtained by the avatar could be stored in the storage warehouse of the original body, which meant that the avatar could go to dangerous places to complete some special tasks.

The second reason why Chen Rui did not immediately go to the Holy Light Mountain was that Zola and Isabella must go to the Holy Light Mountain together as ‘guardians’. If there was any danger, Chen Rui could keep them into the Super System in time or directly send them back to the Demon Realm.

However, these 2 ‘guardians’ had problems. Zola was the guardian who should have ‘died’. This was when Chen Rui officially ‘settled the accounts’ in front of Raphael. Although Isabella had the secret treasure of ‘Evil Blue Tear’ and the ‘Holy Scale’ bestowed by the Dragon Emperor Pagris, she was a demon after all. Pagris’ ‘Holy Scale’ might be able to deceive ordinary super powerhouses, but it might not be able to deceive the 3 archangels.

During his stay in the Merlot Empire, Python generously shared hers soul power and taught the secret techniques of camouflage as well as [Breath Lock] to the 2 girls. With the soul of peak stage Pseudo-God, coupled with this secret technique, the temperament of Isabella and Zola had undergone considerable changes. Zola was full of emerald dragon breath, and her strength was displayed at the early stage of the Kingdom level, whereas Isabella looked like a real human.

This time Python entered the 6-star imprint of Chen Rui’s arm again in order to go to the Holy Light Mountain together. Chen Rui and her were old rivals, especially after showing that Isabella and Zola were kept in the ‘space’, Python had a new estimation for Chen Rui’s strength and means. Both sides were well aware that they were using each other, so at least they wouldn’t turn their faces until they see the creation origin. Hence, it didn’t make much sense to threaten Isabella and Zola now.

After completing all the preparations, the ‘Holy Child’ finally set off. Accompanied by Gralin and Zamindar, they entered the White Cliff through a teleportation array dedicated to high-level church personnel in a nearby kingdom.

Just as they entered the White Cliff, they saw the Glorious Knights who were neatly lined up on both sides of the passage all drew out their long swords and put it in front of their chests as they knelt down on one knee. Zamindar introduced to Chen Rui that this was the highest courtesy of Glorious Knight.

Chen Rui nodded, pulled his neckline calmly, and glanced at the ring with the Bloody Ring hanging there. No doubt, it gives off a rich color. It seems that Tiffany is still in the Holy Light Mountain.

Everyone rode a horse all the way to the Holy Light City. Outside the city gate, Chen Rui was warmly welcomed. Behind the Glorious Knight on both sides, a large number of believers gathered, chanting the name of ‘Arthur’.

At the gate of the city, were the guards of honor led by Pope Vantis himself.

The Holy Light Mountain’s 3 giant leaders, Vantis, Pusmeer, Eudora, plus Glorious Swordmaster Parsali, the 2 cardinals, Chief Judge Seus, all chief bishops… All the high-ranking people of the church were here.

Chen Rui had a strange feeling in his mind. It is my third time coming to the base camp of the Holy Church. The first time I came here to participate in the Divinity Temple Knight audition as Paul’s subordinate, and that time I stole the Snow Dallet Tree; the second time I sneaked into the Holy Light Mountain with Python to get the source of creation. As soon as I entered, my whereabouts were noticed, and I met Michael, the most terrifying enemy. As a result, I took the risk of taking the Breeze Shadow Boots while the 2 Pseudo-Gods were fighting. This time, I obviously have malicious intention too, yet I openly come in. Even the pope came to greet me in person – Inviting the thief?

Just as everyone dismounted and walked forward, Chen Rui sensed a sudden shock from Isabella beside him. There were strong fluctuations in her spirit, and he couldn’t help but glance at her. Her eyes were glaring at the person in front of her.

Chen Rui followed her gaze and saw that it was an acquaintance: 1 of the 3 giant leaders, Holy Lady Eudora!

Isabella quickly realized her gaffe, and she immediately suppressed the mental abnormality and regained her composure. Chen Rui didn’t ask because Pope Vantis had already greeted him.

“Welcome, Your Holiness Arthur.”

Strictly speaking, the identity of the ‘Holy Child’ was only equal to the cardinal, inferior to the archbishop. The pope, who was the highest spiritual leader, was even more incomparable. Unless he was specially canonized as an archbishop like Eudora, it was impossible to obtain such a courtesy and address from the pope.

But the ‘Holy Child’ of Arthur was extraordinary. In addition to the special identity of the mechanical grand master, the most important thing was that he had been recognized by the Crown of Thorns. Since the Snow Dallet Tree was stolen and there was no way to convert the light-element physique, the future of the church was in his hand. Coupled with the approval of the supreme Angel Raphael, becoming the next pope was a certainty. Even if Vantis wanted to object. As far as the actual status was concerned, the ‘Holy Child’ was no longer under the archbishop. Although he had not gone through a formal canonization ceremony, the phrase ‘Your Holiness’ by Vantis had already shown his attitude.

“I really don’t deserve it!” Chen Rui hurriedly bowed, “Greetings Your Holiness Vantis, I’m honored to be able to embark on a bright road under the guidance of Your Holiness.”

“I heard that you have been recognized by the 3 holy relics of the Crown of Thorns, Holy Grail and Holy Light Robe?” Vantis asked, intending to spread his voice far away.

“Yes, please forgive my rudeness.” Chen Rui understood what Vantis meant. A white light flashed on his body, and a snow-white robe appeared faintly with silver light. A jake-like crown appeared on his head. A silver-white cup filled with milky white brilliance was in his hand.

When these 3 holy relics appeared at the same time, Chen Rui suddenly felt a strange force surge into his heart, which seemed to cause some kind of resonance. The resonance was not just from 3 holy relics, because Chen Rui activated 3 holy relics at the same time before coming to the White Cliff, and there was no such phenomenon.

That kind of resonance became stronger and stronger. It was an unstoppable powerful force. Even with Chen Rui’s current strength, he was trembling.

Holy Light Mountain!

The whole of the Holy Light Mountain exuded a strong and pure power, echoing the three holy relics possessed by Chen Rui.

Not only Chen Rui himself, but the 3 giant leaders, the 3 cardinals and even the ordinary believers felt that the light on the Crown of Thorns, Holy Grail, Holy Light Robe converged and merged into a dazzling light.

In the light, a strong ‘sacred’ breath spread out.

Wherever this breath went, some believers who were weak or had hidden illnesses felt a burst of relief in their bodies. They seemed to have recovered from their hidden illnesses, and they could help but be overjoyed.


“This is the will of Light God!”

“The Holy Child has received the divine grace!”


Someone called out, and the believers fell to the ground one after another. Even the Glorious Knights were on their knees.

Vantis originally only wanted Arthur to show the 3 holy relics to further consolidate the prestige of the ‘Holy Child’, which was also showing goodwill to Raphael, the controller of the holy mountain, but he never expected to cause such a phenomenon

The 3 giant leaders quickly exchanged glances and bowed to Chen Rui in unison, while the rest of the church members knelt down and worshiped.

No, this is not the power of god – Chen Rui said silently in his mind. He had already sensed the true attribute of this power, creation!

This is creation origin power!

TL: Seems like the 3 holy relics are also key to comprehending the creation origin… Is Eudora’s Isabella’s ‘old lover’? Hmm, strange…