Chapter 1022: Special Privilege

Hearing this affirmative answer, Raphael nodded with satisfaction. ‘Arthur’ is quite quick-witted and made a decision so quickly. It seems that he will be a puppet worthy of training in the future – Raphael did not think that this ant had the courage to fool him as the supreme existence.

Python, who was ready to do something, calmed down. She knew very well that this ‘human’ was by no means willing to be manipulated. His purpose of coming to the Holy Light Mountain is not to be the Holy Child or the pope. This answer must mean something else.

No doubt, Chen Rui said, “However, before that, there is one thing to report to sir. I originally wanted to find sir to report this matter, and sir just happened to arrive today…”

“Long story short.” There was an irresistible majesty in Raphael’s calm.

“Here’s the thing… Just as I entered the Holy Light Mountain today, His Holiness Vantis asked me to show the Holy Light’s Holy Relic, and the Holy Relic triggered the power of god. The power of god gave me the feeling… which is a special resonance power. It seems to be related to the holy relics. Even after the huge shocking power disappears, the power of perception left by the resonance still exists in my memory. It is a very profound power as vast as the star. I can hardly describe it in words.”

“You can actually sense that kind of power…” Raphael’s eyes snapped open, and the scorching light from his silver-white pupils contained a terrifying deterrence. Chen Rui instinctively shuddered as he hurriedly bowed his head. His body cooperatively trembled slightly like he was so scared that he could speak.

Raphael stared at Chen Rui for a moment before he put away the deterrence, “Go on.”

“Yes, sir. Inspired by this power, I felt that the absorption rate of the spiritual imprint of the ancient alchemy civilization increased by more than tenfold! And it is almost completely integrated with my soul. If we forcibly cancel it… my life may be in danger.”

Raphael frowned, only to hear Chen Rui continue, “Sir Raphael. Some people are willing to be nobody for a lifetime, some people can’t bear the loneliness of being ignored, and some even prefer to pursue the brilliance of that moment. I just failed once. I will never tolerate failure again, so I have already made up my mind to bet on this life. If I can’t soar into the sky… I will disappear.”

“Well said.” There was a hint of admiration in Raphael’s silver eyes, “I have seen your determination. Finish what you want to say all at once.”

“My thoughts are… first try to use that special resonance power to fully absorb the power of the ancient alchemy civilization’s spiritual imprint. I have only absorbed nearly half of the power, which is the imprint of mechanical skills. If I can fully absorb the imprint, then my soul power and all the external forces absorbed before will all be turned into my own strength. My power will naturally increase by leaps and bounds. Not only that, I will also master the manufacturing method of black potions. As long as I reach a certain state, even the highest black potions like resurrection potion and longevity potions can be made!”

Raphael was slightly moved. Currently, the church had a potion grand master, Chief Bishop Pavaro of the Holy Light Mountain. The ability to craft 2 kinds of Eternal series potions was already the strongest potion grand master in the human world, but it was far from being on a par with great grand masters who crafted resurrection potion and longevity potion. Once Arthur could become a duo-specialized grand master of mechanics and potion or even the highest grade great grand master, whether it was prestige or benefits, the benefits to the entire church were self-evident.

Moreover, his original request to ask ‘Arthur’ to give up the identity of the mechanical grand master and directly convert him to be his follower so as to activate the power of ‘baptism’ to forcibly increase the strength would also consume a considerable part of Raphael’s own power and faith power. It would surely be better if ‘Arthur’ could increase his strength without much effort. At that time, it was only necessary to give some faith power depending on the strength of ‘Arthur’, then ‘Arthur’ could activate the Crown of Thorns to achieve the desired effect.

“In fact, before the arrival of sir, I wanted to make this attempt. I made some changes to the magic circle outside the Holy Light Hall, and I wanted to use this to further magnify the resonance comprehension in order to accelerate the fusion of the alchemy civilization’s spiritual imprint. However, because the arrival time is too short, I still can’t completely solve the mystery of the magic circle, so the change is only partially completed. If I have done anything offensive, please forgive me. If I still cannot succeed with the help of the power of god…”

Having said this, Chen Rui gritted his teeth and showed a firm expression, “I’m willing to forcibly erase the spiritual imprint of the ancient alchemy civilization and make the most adventurous attempt.”

“I admire that kind of unreserved frankness more than your unexpected ability. I hope, in front of me… this kind of complete frankness can be maintained forever.” Who is Raphael? He had long discovered the change in the magic circle outside. Now that ‘Arthur’ had taken the initiative to confess this matter, Raphael was even more convinced.

“Sir’s will is what I will abide by for the rest of my life.” Chen Rui knew that Raphael’s mind had relaxed, so he now showed a humble expression.

“Since this is the case…” Raphael had already made a decision in his mind, “You close your eyes and I will take you to a place.”

Chen Rui felt his heart pounding, vaguely guessing where Raphael was going to take him. He tried his best to stabilize his emotions as he closed his eyes.

After a moment of dizziness, Raphael’s voice sounded, “Open your eyes.”

Chen Rui opened his eyes and saw that there was a great hall in front of him, radiating light and exuding a breath of boundless power. This breath contained the infinite mystery of the growth and transformation of all things in the universe.

Although it was not the first time he saw this Light Divinity Temple, it still gave Chen Rui a shock. He felt as small as a grain of sand in the sea. Even the origin in any silver box he had seen before did not give him this feeling, because this was the complete creation origin – The Book of Creation!

“This, this, this…” Chen Rui increased his surprise and seemed incoherent, “There… there is actually such a strong divine breath!”

“Yes, this is the Light Divinity Temple on the top of the Holy Light Mountain, where the Light God once descended. This is also the biggest forbidden place in the entire Holy Light Mountain. Even the pope and 2 archbishops need to get special permission to enter here. There are countless dangers along the way. If I hadn’t brought you here, you wouldn’t be able to step onto the first step of the ladder under the mountain – Let alone you, even the super powerhouse that surpasses Saint will not be able to forcibly break through the seal power along the way.”

Chen Rui was very clear. Raphael’s words were by no means alarmist. He actually left a star point here. After he was lucky enough to retake the Breeze Shadow Boots from the Light Divinity Temple back then, he used the [Sneak] technique to venture back once. However, it was impossible to see the Light Divinity Temple as easily as now. The surroundings were all the power of ancient runes, which not only blocked the vision, but also sealed the space. If it wasn’t for his alert and timely withdrawal, he would have been trapped here.

“Sir Raphael’s care and trust make me feel shame. I can only repay it with the purest loyalty.” Chen Rui nodded.

Raphael nodded. Chen Rui took a deep breath, and 3 holy relics appeared on him at the same time. This time, it caused the shock of the Holy Light Mountain as it did at the beginning. However, that kind of resonance in his mind was 10 times stronger than before!

Chen Rui had now completely integrated the consciousness of ‘Arthur’, so his soul power was unprecedentedly pure and powerful, plus the special effect of the 3 holy relics, if he could stay here to comprehend, then he was confident that he could have a full grasp of the creation origin. All he needed was more time.

But now that Raphael was here, he couldn’t reveal any flaws. Otherwise, the ‘welfare’ that was close at hand would become the most terrifying killer. Python understood this too, and she resisted the strong temptations while concentrating on converging her breath with all her strength.

While Chen Rui desperately used [Deep Analysis] to record a memory imprint, he pretended to fall into some kind of contemplation. The breath of his body began to change and leap continuously.

After a while, in Raphael’s sense. Chen Rui’s original Warrior strength had actually begun to change. He had advanced to Master in one fell swoop!

Raphael’s eyes flashed. Although this kind of strength was not worth mentioning in his eyes, it was of extraordinary significance to this ‘Arthur’ who had the inheritance of the ancient alchemy civilization. The last time he gave ‘Arthur’ the power of light, he couldn’t improve his strength, and now the power of the Book of Creation could actually make ‘Arthur’ break through the realm.

It seems that what ‘Arthur’ said before is correct. The creation origin can greatly speed up his fusion speed.

After Chen Rui ‘broke through’ the Demon King level, the 3 holy relics on his body were kept away again, but he did not speak to Raphael. Instead, he seemed to have entered a certain state. A potion experiment platform appeared in front of him, and he started crafting potion quickly.

Previously, his technique seemed a bit jerky as if he was adapting to something, but later, his movements were like flowing water, revealing an unfathomable momentum. One after another potion was successfully created quickly.

Red healing potion, green spirit power potion, orange detoxification potion…

With the proficiency of the action, the last potion color was white!

The white potion was the symbol of potion master. It seemed that in this short period of time, ‘Arthur’ who was originally a mechanic grand master actually became a potion master!

Even Raphael, who had a wide knowledge, was also secretly surprised. Although mechanics and pharmaceutics were the 2 major disciplines of alchemy, they were 2 completely different knowledge fields. Duo-masters were extremely rare in the history of alchemy, let alone grand masters—— Right now, ‘Arthur’ was only showing the level of potion master, but judging from the ‘facts’ just now, he had every reason to believe that ‘Arthur’ could become the duo-specialized grand master of potion and mechanics, and even an unprecedented duo-specialized great grand master. What a windfall.

Haha!” ‘Arthur’ held up the bottle of white potion he had just crafted and laughed high spiritedly. He suddenly realized something, and quickly expressed a panic expression “Sir Raphael, please forgive my rudeness. I was just too excited…”

“It’s fine.” Raphael asked quietly, “What about the spiritual imprint?”

“The spiritual imprint has been integrated for more than half. The strange thing is that although it is not completely integrated, under the action of a special power, my strength has been qualitatively improved. Even just immersing in this creative breath can greatly accelerate the speed of the comprehension – It’s an indescribable feeling. It seems that something has been ‘bred’… um, or ‘made’ no, it should be…”

“Creation.” Raphael said lightly.

“That’s right! It’s ‘creation’!” Chen Rui deliberately guided Raphael to say it himself, and he went along, “Today is actually just digesting the comprehension that was continued before. The subsequent speed will be relatively slower, but as long as I can continue to accept the ‘creation’ power, at most 2 months, no, maybe just 1 month, I will be able to fully integrate the spiritual imprint. At that time, both alchemy and strength will reach an unprecedented level.”

Raphael nodded secretly. If I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I definitely wouldn’t believe that the Book of Creation has such a role. However, the stronger the ability of ‘Arthur’, the better it will be for the Holy Church and for the 3 archangels to control the faith. Judging from the ability of this prince in the Golden Estate, it is very likely that the Holy Church will rise to a new height in the future.

Taking a step back, even if he fails, at most there is still time to use the last method 2 months later.

“If I am successful, please allow me to be baptized publicly and become the most faithful believer of sir in the presence of all people… including that Lex after the ceremony of converting Divinity Temple Knight completely in the ceremony 3 months later.” Chen Rui gave Raphael a deep bow, which was to advance by retreating, delaying the time to become a believer to 3 months later.

Raphael nodded slightly, “I agree to your request, and your loyalty will be reciprocated equally. I will now grant you a privilege, that is, to perceive before this Light Divinity Temple. There is a special badge for passing. Just follow the method I taught you, then you can come here through the exempted space passage. Each time is 2 hours. After 2 hours, you will be teleported to the place where you came. However, you have to keep 2 things in mind. First, this space passage can only be entered by you; second, you can only stay where you are. Do not approach or try to enter the Light Divinity Temple. If you violate any of these, there is only 1 unquestionable consequence – death. “

“Thank you sir for your favor.” Chen Rui suppressed the ecstasy in his mind and respectfully accepted the passing badge with both hands.

“Don’t let me down.” Raphael glanced at him, “After you complete the spiritual imprint fusion, go to the Holy Blessing Hall to find Eudora and test the power that they have prepared. In any case, there must not be any mistake in the conversion ritual of the canonization ceremony 3 months later.”

If the person in front was as remarkable as Python, Raphael wouldn’t trust him so easily, but the Holy Light Mountain had been the only way out for ‘Arthur’ since Lex the Great claimed to cut off the father-son relationship.

If it weren’t for the Crown of Thorns, Raphael, who had absolute power, would never take this lowly existence that could be obliterated at any time in his eyes. He thought he was a wyvern soaring in the sky, so why would he waste his energy thinking about the thoughts of ants on the ground?

So, Raphael had no more doubts.

“I understand, sir.”

Watching Raphael’s figure gradually disappearing in the air, Chen Rui immediately turned his gaze to the Light Divinity Temple in front of him. The gaze was like a wretched and strange uncle who saw the loli who just wanted to look at the goldfish.