Chapter 1025: Secret News

“A person? What is actually going on?” Chen Rui suppressed his emotions while maintaining a curious expression on his face.

Eudora said indifferently as if she was talking about someone who had nothing to do with her, “She is the source of the entire ancient magic circle. Because of this, Your Holiness Arthur is able to exert several times more the power of the Crown of Thorns.”

Chen Rui’s eyes flashed. He was about to continue to ask when a guardian knight came to report, “His Holiness, Sir Parsali has already entered before we can convey the message!”

Eudora frowned and saw that ‘Glorious Swordmaster Parsali’ had already appeared at the entrance of the Cloud Platform. Before the guardian knights could get close, they were repelled by a strange force. Parsali could not be stopped at all.

Parsali’s pace had a peculiar rhythm, seemingly unhurried, but in a blink of an eye, he had come to the Holy Glory Platform.

“Is this Sir Parsali, the teacher of Zamindar, the master of the Heavenly Thunder Hall?” Chen Rui asked knowingly, “I’m under the care of Sir Zamindar at the Golden Estate. It is an honor to meet Sir Parsali, whom Zamindar has always admired, today.”

The last time the resonance of the 3 holy relics shocked Parsali, so he naturally recognized His Holiness ‘Holy Child’, the new favorite of the Holy Light Mountain. He immediately bowed slightly, “I didn’t expect Your Holiness Arthur to be here. Pardon my rudeness.”

Chen Rui hurriedly returned the bow, “Not at all. I have long heard that Sir Parsali has surpassed Saint and entered the ranks of super-level. This is really gratifying.”

Parsali was known for being generous and fair, but for some reason, he seemed a little restless today. He didn’t show much courtesy to Chen Rui, saying, “Your Holiness Arthur, I’m sorry, I have a very urgent matter to discuss with Her Holiness Eudora….”

Chen Rui glanced at the calm Eudora and bowed, “Then, I’ll take my leave, Your Holiness Eudora, Sir Parsali.”

Eudora didn’t look at Parsali and nodded, “Your Holiness Arthur, I’ll apologize to you next time for the inadequate courtesy. Your performance on the Holy Glory Platform today was impressive. I’ll report this to Sir Raphael.”

Chen Rui didn’t stay here. He left the Cloud Platform ‘sensibly’. However, at a corner away from Parsali and Eudora, he sneakily used a bead.

Holy Light Robe’s [Holy Projection] technique – Uses the power of the accumulated light element to create a projection bead, which could be used to summon projection to battle. The projection had half of the original body’s combat power and all skills.

Although the production of projection beads was not easy as it took a lot of light element power, it was nothing for Chen Rui who had ‘exploited’ the Holy Church’s massive materials and treasures.

This time, his purpose of using [Holy Projection] was not for combat, but for investigation.

Due to the huge disparity in strength, Eudora did not notice Chen Rui’s small movements even though she had carefully used her sensing power. Only when she sensed that ‘His Holiness Holy Child’ had entirely left the Holy Blessing Summit, did she ask the surrounding people to leave as she turned to Parsali.

“It seems that power can change a lot of things. Sir Parsali, who has always been a good person, will also break into my Holy Blessing Summit with such majesty; even in front of that ‘Arthur’.” Eudora sneered.

At this time, there was no one else around. Facing Parsali, Eudora seemed to have changed into a different person. The ethereal and elegant temperament disappeared, and she showed a cold and sullen aura.

Parsali ignored the sarcasm and asked, “Where’s Eliza?”

Eliza was Eudora’s vicious apprentice. She once tried to steal the soul language portrayed by Chen Rui, who went by the pseudonym ‘Richard’ at the time, but she was completely recoiled by Shura’s illusion power. This time, Chen Rui only saw Miranda, and he did not see Eliza, who should have become insane. Unexpectedly, Parsali’s first sentence was to ask Eliza’s whereabouts.

The projection of Chen Rui, who overheard via the [Sneak] technique, revealed a puzzled expression – Eliza is the daughter of Eudora’s sister, and her uncle is Roger, 1 of the 3 cardinals. What does it have to do with Parsali?

“She’s fine,” Eudora said coldly. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to!” Parsali showed a furious expression, “I’m here today to take her away!”

“After so many years, you finally want to take on the responsibility of a father? Who would have imagined that the former master of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Sir Glorious Swordmaster who has sworn to serve solely the light for the rest of his life, the role model of all Divinity Temple Knights, would have an illegitimate daughter?” Eudora’s gaze was full of mockery.

The eavesdropping Chen Rui was shocked. Eliza is actually Parsali’s daughter!

“It was just an accident with Panza back then, and I didn’t know that after she married Steven, Eliza who was born was my daughter…” Parsali showed a painful expression, “I admit that what happened back then had wronged you and your sister too.”

Eudora burst out laughter full of contempt and malice.

“You are not the only one who wronged me, but also your good sister Holy Lady Duruya. If it wasn’t for her, if it wasn’t for my trust in you, how could I fall to that place and experience that unforgettable ordeal?”

“I really don’t know what happened back then. As for Duruya… although it is unforgivable, she was already dead. Over the past 100 years, I have done so many things for you, and even violated the knight’s justice more than once which has tormented my conscience… These are enough to repay you. When I asked Paul to bring you the ‘fire source power’, we already called it even.”

Hmph! That’s just your wishful thinking! You, your sister, and your family owe me and Panza forever! Just as you promised at the beginning!” Eudora said sternly, “Besides, the fire source power and the phoenix egg were stolen by that damn cultist! That guy was introduced by your good apprentice Paul! By the way, you can also say that Paul was also dead, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“Eliza is innocent no matter what. She is Panza’s biological daughter!”

“But she’s also your daughter! If it wasn’t for Panza’s dying entrustment, I wouldn’t accept her as an apprentice at all!” Eudora said coldly, “You think that after Eliza was traumatized by that kind of accident, you can make up for her by having her by your side?”

“At least I won’t take advantage of her!” Parsali stepped forward with a fierce momentum in his eyes, “Don’t think I don’t know what you want to do! Although Eliza has lost her memory and her IQ is only equivalent to an ordinary child, her ‘steal’ talent is still there! You want to use her talent to steal an ability, and then bestow it to yourself!”

“Yes.” Eudora didn’t deny her intentions, “Eliza inherited her mother’s special talent to ‘steal’ and ‘bestow’ other people’s talents and skills; unlike my ‘devour’. I originally wanted to use her talent, but this talent is also limited…”

Eudora didn’t continue. Parsali frowned even more, “Whose power are you trying to steal with her talent? Could it be…”

Eudora was silent, but Parsali was slightly shocked. He already understood it, “How dare you?! He is the person Sir Raphael values, and he is recognized as the next pope. Has the desire for power obscure even your most basic judgment?”

Only then did Chen Rui know that Eudora’s target was actually him, the Holy Child!

“I know the will of Sir Raphael better than anyone else. The archangels are already the supreme beings close to God. In their eyes, the most important thing is not status, nor hard work, the only noun is ‘value’! ‘Arthur’ is just a lucky one to be recognized by the Crown of Thorns. As long as I can steal the power of ‘Arthur’ to take over the Crown of Thorns…”

“Then you can take his place?” Parsali shook his head, “You thought it too well!”

“It’s not me taking his place, I’m just taking my place back from him! Vantis is getting old, Sir Michael is asleep, Sir Gabriel hasn’t been there for hundreds of years, and now Sir Raphael is at the helm of the Holy Light Mountain. If it is not for this ‘Arthur’, the next pope must be me!”

Eudora’s voice was filled with strong hatred, “I fell into the Demon Realm because of Duruya’s tricks, and I lived near death. In the end, I tried my best to win the Demon Realm’s artifact and then returned. I took down Duruya and the other Holy Childs as well as Holy Ladies in one fell swoop. I painstakingly climbed to the position of the archbishop step by step. As I was about to reach the top, such a goddamn guy appeared out of the blue! My years of toilsome efforts have been in vain!”

Parsali was silent. According to Eudora’s plan and Raphael’s control of the Holy Light Mountain, there is a very high chance that this pope’s position will be hers. However, now that ‘Arthur’ appeared, Eudora’s previous efforts have been futile. Not only that, her status as an archbishop and Holy Lady is quite awkward because the structure of the 3 giant leaders is derived from the 3 archangels which is unshakable. Moreover, ‘Arthur’ is a member of the Raphael faction. Even if he takes over the pope after Vantis abdicates, it is impossible for him to stay at the Divinity Seal Summit. He will be at Raphael’s Holy Blessing Summit. The Divinity Seal Summit will promote another person to be the archbishop.

In this way, Eudora, who is also from the Raphael faction, cannot continue to be an archbishop. Therefore, when ‘Arthur’ takes over the church, the biggest victim is Eudora. With Eudora’s temperament, how could she be willing to be eliminated?

“Don’t be delusional.” Parsali shook his head firmly, “You should already know that Arthur is not only approved by the 3 holy relics, but he is also a mechanical grand master and a potion grand master, plus his strength is also recovering rapidly. Judging from the condition just now, he has stepped into a pseudo-saint, and it is only a matter of time before he becomes a real Saint. ordinary ‘stealing’ will not apply to such an amazing character with such shocking ability, and he is not someone you can replace. Unless you dare to challenge the majesty of Sir Raphael with your life at stake.”

“I just saw him activate the Crown of Thorns and successfully converted 10 knights with my own eyes… I know, the last hope is also lost.” Eudora clenched his fists, “Now, I have only one way left to go. Advance into the super-level and become a canonized angel! Therefore, I need Eliza’s power even more to steal a person’s talent for my use. As long as I can use this to remove the power of recoil that has plagued me for many years, I can break through the realm and step right into the kingdomization!”

“The person you’re talking about is the sacrifice you offered to Sir Raphael…” Parsali’s eyes were fixed on Eudora’s, “What is your relationship with that girl who looks almost exactly like you when you were young?”