Chapter 1027: Before the Cannonization

Chen Rui’s ‘trial’ at the Holy Blessing Summit was quite successful, and Raphael was obviously very satisfied with it. The materials Chen Rui usually requested were increased tenfold out of thin air.

Although this was an amazing resource, Chen Rui’s mind was uneasy because of Tiffany.

He didn’t have much contact with Tiffany. It originated from the Tetris game where ‘mistakes will accumulate and successes will disappear’. Then, he met another her in the Mountain Seckred. It wasn’t until the last time he went to the mysterious place to look for the silver box that he had a real interaction with this woman who should be considered his ‘fiancée’. That kind of persistence left a deep impression on him.

Unfortunately, now that her biggest attachment has been brutally shattered, it’s a living hell.

Tiffany must be rescued, the sooner the better.

If I continue to play ‘Arthur’ until the canonization ceremony, then the conversion ceremony will sacrifice Tiffany, which is definitely not doable. Therefore, I can only go against Raphael, but even if I get away with it, I can’t take Tiffany away.

The spirit gathering magic circle was not only profound and mysterious, but it also contained Raphael’s own Pseudo-God might. Chen Rui’s current ability alone could not break this great formation and release Tiffany. However, there was 1 person who should be able to – Python.

Before Chen Rui brought it up, Python spoke first.

“In that spirit gathering magic circle just now… there seems to be something you want? Or someone you want to take away?”

Python had always been in the 6-star imprint on Chen Rui’s arm. Although she did not hear what Chen Rui’s projection eavesdropped on, the thoughtful Python had roughly guessed it based on Chen Rui’s previous performance on the Holy Glory Platform.

“Really nothing can be hidden from Madam Python. May I ask if you have a way?”

“You’re too modest. Things I don’t know about you are even more.” The 6-star imprint shook, and the figure of Python appeared in front of him. She said calmly, “Plus, you don’t need to trigger me because I am not sure if I can crack this big formation.”

“The one who is modest is madam.” Chen Rui didn’t fight against Python, and he asked straight to the point, “As you guessed, I have to rescue the friend who is used as a sacrifice in the spirit gathering formation. Madam, please help.”

“Raphael is the best at ancient runes among the 3 archangels. I just briefly sensed the spirit gathering magic circle, and it feels unfathomable. It contains not only the mystery of the formation, but also the might of Raphael himself. It is impossible to rescue the imprisoned person without being noticed. If we forcefully crack it, we must not only understand the mystery of this formation, but we also need to have the strength to cancel Raphael’s might. Judging from the current situation, we will definitely not be able to succeed. Even if I try to forcefully crack it, it will definitely alarm Raphael. Before we can rescue that person, Raphael has already arrived. We have no chance. You are also proficient in ancient runes, so you should know that I’m not trying to excuse myself. “

“So madam means… First, find out the mystery of the spirit gathering magic circle as soon as possible, then madam can break it?” Chen Rui asked tentatively.

“You also know my current situation. Even if my soul power is at the peak stage, I’m not the opponent of 3 archangels in the Holy Light Mountain. Although I don’t have the power of the Holy Grail to nourish my soul, you should have found out, my soul is growing because of the creation origin. I need to further comprehend and strengthen the power of ‘creation’. I know you have more comprehension of creation than I. Although I don’t understand why this is so, I’m certain that with your current strength, even if you completely comprehend creation’s origin, you will not be able to resolve Raphael’s might.”

With that said, there was a deep meaning in Python’s voice, “Let’s put it bluntly. We all have reservations about the comprehension of creation power. If you really want to save your friend, you have to be honest and sincere. Truly exchange your comprehension of ‘creation’ with me, and I can swear with my soul that I will definitely help you rescue your friend after I get the complete comprehension of creation.”

Chen Rui was very clear of Python’s intent – blackmail.

In fact, a concern in Python’s mind had been around for a long time. Chen Rui easily obtained the origin creation power after going to Light Divinity Temple to comprehend the Book of Creation by scheming, which was already a great benefit. However, unexpectedly, Chen Rui’s comprehension of ‘creation’ far exceeded her speed. Python could even vaguely sense that Chen Rui’s creation origin was about to be completed. Once he fully comprehended the origin power of creation and rescued his friend, he would definitely not stay in the Holy Light Mountain. At that time, even if he just left without turning hostile or setting her up, Python herself would not be able to stay in the Holy Light Mountain in order to continue to comprehend the creation origin. Now that Chen Rui needed her help, she just took the opportunity to make a request.

“Exchanging creation comprehension completely honestly?” Chen Rui revealed a pondered expression.

“Although your comprehension is better than mine, your strength has not reached Pseudo-God after all, so you can’t really understand and integrate this comprehension so as to achieve a qualitative change. If you integrate my comprehension, you will have a high chance of breaking through to Pseudo-God directly.” Python’s voice was full of temptation, but Chen Rui knew very well that it wasn’t just nonsense. Unfortunately, his real basic strength was still kingdomized, and the next step should be Demi-God.

“We can exchange a little bit every day. You give me some of the creation power that you have comprehended, and I will fuse my might back to you according to the creation power, then you can comprehend the might of Pseudo-God from it.” Python showed an indifferent smile, “This should be a more appropriate way. If you have a better way, you might as well say it, or you can take some time to think about it, but it seems that your friend can’t wait too long…”

Chen Rui frowned, the last sentence really hit his soft spot. Python took the opportunity to say, “I can promise you, even if we don’t have time to comprehend the complete creation origin during this time, I will do my best to help you rescue your friend before the canonization ceremony… How about it? This is my bottom line.”

“Okay!” Chen Rui weighed the importance and finally agreed.

“I can guarantee that you won’t regret today’s decision.” Python said with a smile, “If you don’t mind, we can use the last soul fusion technique, which is the quickest and safest method. When comprehending at the Light Divinity Temple, we can also use this fusion method. It will have a multiplier effect – Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of trying to control you. Don’t forget, last time, my soul avatar was annihilated in your power similar to Kingdom of God. This time I won’t be stupid enough to make the same mistake again. After all, we have common interests, right?”

Chen Rui stared at Python’s smile. Although he couldn’t see her real face clearly, he could feel that there was a special charm in that smile. This was not a contrived temptation, but the attraction of the supreme power in the soul. It was related to the kind of soul fusion that happened last time.

Indeed, soul fusion cannot be faked. It can prevent the other party from cheating when exchanging insights. Chen Rui’s thoughts turned and he laughed, “Why not? I still remember that wonderful feeling…”

In the following days, Chen Rui went to the Cloud Platform of the Holy Blessing Summit every few days in the name of comprehending and familiarizing with the spirit gathering magic circle. In order to avoid Raphael and Eudora’s suspicion, after he showed the peak stage of the Demon Emperor’s strength, he deliberately experimented again and successfully converted 20 Divinity Temple Knights.

Chen Rui definitely dare not do more of this kind of experiment because every time it would consume Tiffany’s life force. Every time he was ‘familiarizing’ with the Holy Glory Platform, he was also using the [Analytical Eyes] to call Tiffany through his soul, but unfortunately, there was still no response.

Compared with the stagnant progress on Tiffany’s side, after Chen Rui and Python exchanged their experience in the form of soul fusion, the comprehension of the creation origin of both parties had grown by leaps and bounds.

Another month had passed, and Chen Rui clearly sensed that his understanding of the creation origin was approaching the real state of perfection. [Deep Analysis], the Tree of Nature, and Python’s Pseudo-God might undoubtedly had contributed to this.

After Python got a part of Chen Rui’s insights, her creation power had also been greatly improved. Her damaged soul had been healed, but she had never been able to master the complete origin power. She also was secretly anxious as she sensed Chen Rui’s progress.

In the evening, the moonlight shone on the Holy Light City, making it extraordinarily bright.

At this time, it was less than a week before the canonization ceremony. All preparations related to the canonization ceremony in the White Cliff had been basically completed, and many invited guests had arrived in the Holy Light City ahead of schedule.

There was an endless stream of people who came to see ‘His Holiness Holy Child’, but without exception, they were all rejected by Chen Rui with the excuse of ‘peaceful training in preparation of the ceremony’.

He really needed to be at peace because the preparations a while ago were finally coming to an end.

“Madam Python, the research on the spirit gathering magic circle is almost done. At this time tomorrow, we should go to the Cloud Platform to rescue that friend.”

The spirit gathering magic circle in which Tiffany was imprisoned was no trivial matter. Just in case, it was impossible to wait for the canonization ceremony, so he had to do it in advance.

“Of course, I won’t break my promise to you. Then, let’s get the last comprehension of the creation origin in front of the Light Divinity Temple.”

Chen Rui nodded. He took out the passage badge given by Raphael and opened the space passage.

This badge was limited to an hour a day, and there were only dozens of days in total. It would expire when the canonization ceremony was over.

Through the space passage, Chen Rui came to the familiar Light Divinity Temple again. The pass badge had the special power to exempt the protective magic circles in front of the Light Divinity Temple, but it was limited to the front of the Light Divinity Temple. If he tried to enter the Light Divinity Temple, he would definitely fail and also be brutally attacked. Raphael had already explained this clearly. Chen Rui once risked his life to enter the temple, so he knew the danger inside. Moreover, the magic circle and trap now must be even worse than last time, so he had not acted rashly.

Python’s voice sounded, “Recently, I seem to be on the verge of groping to the edge of complete origin. As long as I succeed, even if I leave here, I can continue to comprehend. I have a hunch that today will be successful…”

“Really?” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “It’s a coincidence that I have the same hunch. Then, let’s start.”