Chapter 993: Main Altar

The huge palm grabbed directly toward Chen Rui and others, setting off a monstrous lava torrent along the way with a huge pressure.

Zola’s eyes blinked, and the giant hand began to change rapidly on the way. Before it touched them, it dispersed into a liquid and fell down.

Chen Rui did not notice any special data in the [Analytical Eyes]. This should be the ‘unconscious element entity’ that Fire Elemental King said. Fire Elemental King also said that according to the environment of this underground volcanic group, element entities should be able to form fire elementals step by step, but under the influence of that kind of force, they are forever just pure energy, unable to form real life.

Since it doesn’t have consciousness, it has no sense of friends or foes. It just instinctively attacks all the outsiders who ‘invade’ under the control of the strange force.

As soon as the giant hand was defeated, it seemed as if a fuse had been ignited as the surrounding lava began to change rapidly. All kinds of strange shapes emerged. Some resembled the human body, and some resembled monsters, rushing toward them one after another.

The power of these elements was not strong. Zola made an aoe attack, and all the nearby enemies collapsed, but soon, they were reborn in the lava. Moreover, their power of attack was gradually increasing, which was very difficult to deal with.

Although Dodo was startled earlier, he soon sensed that these enemies were weaker than him. He wanted to show off in front of master, but these fire elements were not real entities. Master Slime felt like his fists were hitting cotton. Especially the transformation and immortality that he was proud of had no place to use, so he had to return to the shoulder of the master dejectedly.

Everyone was fighting while walking, trying to find an exit through this area, but the environment here seemed to have changed a lot.

“I want to use the sense of fire elements to find the position of the control source! You hold for a while. Try not to disturb me.” Zola suddenly stopped and uttered a sentence. She closed her eyes directly among the fire-like attack coming in all directions.

Neither Chen Rui nor Paglio said much, they all knew that Zola surely knew what she was doing. Chen Rui thought about it, and a translucent dome appeared to wrap the 3 of them (plus a truly handsome slime on his shoulder). After expanding the range of the defensive shield, the defense had weakened a lot. Although these attacks were not particularly strong, the frequency and coverage were quite amazing. There was almost no time to rest. Gradually, cracks began to appear on the defensive shield.

Although the defensive shield had the special attribute of absorbing attacks and auto-recovery, the speed of recovery was significantly slower than the speed of collapse. Those cracks started to spread step by step, spreading to the entire dome.

Just as it was about to collapse, Zola’s purple eyes suddenly opened.

The countless attacks from the sky suddenly stopped and collapsed. Unlike the previous collapse, those scattered fire and lava turned back under the intangible force and concentrated in 1 place. A vortex-like space entrance appeared.

“Quick! I can’t maintain this entrance for long, so rush over!”

Everyone turned into a light stream and rushed into the entrance without thinking.

After passing through the entrance, the light in front of them dimmed. The scene had changed from a dazzling red to another scene.

When they saw what was in front of them, whether it was Paglio, who had always been known to be ruthless, or Zola, who had always been calm, they couldn’t help but gasp. Dodo was so frightened that its whole body trembled. He transformed 2 hands that covered his eyes and dared not let go.

This was a very ordinary passage with special torches that burned at intervals on both sides of the passage. This torch could last for a long time. This was naturally not the reason why everyone was surprised, but because — the whole passage was covered with corpses.

The walls, the ceiling, and under their feet were all densely inlaid with corpses by some special means. The bone-like hands sticking out from the walls alone were extremely creepy. They could vaguely see the expression of fear before death in some of the mummified corpses that had not been turned into bones. The smell of rancidity and death spread in the air.

The corpse path. This was a veritable corpse path. It had spread to both ends of the tunnel, and they didn’t know how long it was, let alone how many such tunnels there were.

Chen Rui only felt the hairs all over his body stand up and his body trembled slightly. In addition to the initial fear, he was more enraged. Although he had been mentally prepared before, he still couldn’t restrain his rage when he saw this scene. So many lives! This can no longer be described as ‘inhumane’!

Zola on the side sensed his strong emotions and held Chen Rui’s hand gently.

Chen Rui’s Star Power channeled for a moment and had calmed down. He looked at Zola and Paglio and nodded. A faith in his mind became more firm: Destroy all this! Destroy the Abyss!

“The corpses are hobbits as well as humans. It seems that we are in the underground world of the Golden Bright Underground Palace… There is no doubt that there is earth element origin power here.” Zola sensed carefully for a while, “But this origin seems to be dispersed in every corner, and it is filled with strange destructive breath. The purity of destructive breath is quite high, and the interference is also very strong. It is impossible to determine the source of earth element law.”

What Paglio noticed was another abnormality, “I sense that the suppressing power here is very strong. If we fight here, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to exert the strongest power, and the consumption will be doubled.”

“This is the power of blood sacrifice.” Chen Rui took a deep breath. He knew best of this terrifying power. Compared with the ruins of Cloud City, the grievances here were more concentrated and aggressive. It was filled with a special kind of coercion, which made people involuntarily fear.


Chen Rui clenched his fist secretly. Whether it is ‘fear’ or ‘hatred’, it must be destroyed!

The 3 of them carefully walked forward for a while, and they reached a junction. They didn’t know which way to go.

“Wait, there seems to be a voice behind.” Zola pointed to the back of the passage. Now the fairy dragon was the most perceptive of the group. Of course, this was on the premise that Chen Rui had not activated the [Pole Star Transformation].

Soon, Paglio and Chen Rui also heard it. The voice was actually approaching them. There seemed to be a lot of people.

There are still living people in this dead place!

Zola drew a circle with both hands, “You guys don’t move!”

As soon as the words ended, Paglio, Chen Rui, and Dodo felt a membrane-like force covering them at the same time. Their whole body actually became slowly blurred, and they completely became as they fully integrated into the flickering dim light of the torch.


This is not a talent, but a real magic effect, plus it is an aoe invisibility! Chen Rui and Dodo were just clueless, but the poison dragon was a know-it-all, so his eyes suddenly widened.

Soon, the sound was getting closer, and the speed was very fast – When it came to this area, the pace gradually slowed down.

No doubt, there were about a dozen living people, all wearing black cloaks, silver masks on their faces, and weapons in their hands. 1 of them with a golden mask seemed to be the leader.

Chen Rui was no stranger to this outfit, the Black Death Follower!

No doubt it’s them!

When a few people were about to clash with the invisible Paglio, the poison dragon was about to move, but Zola’s voice compressed with kingdom power came to his ears, “Don’t move!”

Someone clashed with the poison dragon with the ‘stealth’ effect, but he actually passed through Paglio without any hindrance as if he had touched the air. It was as if Paglio didn’t exist at all.

Even Chen Rui, a magic dummy, was surprised at this time. This kind of invisibility is simply incredible! Even stronger than my [Sneak]!

“Strange, didn’t Sir Chi say that he sensed the spatial fluctuations in this area is different? Did someone break in? Why can’t we see anyone?”

“No. 35, your group goes to the left!”

“No. 27, your group goes to the right!”

“No. 43, your group goes to the middle with me!”

“If you find the intruder, try to capture it alive. If you can’t deal with it, detonate the seal immediately! If you don’t find anything, meet at this intersection!”

“Yes! Leader!”

Soon after, the 3 groups returned to the intersection.

“Leader, we found nothing!”

“So did we!”

The leader wearing the golden mask pondered for a moment, “Impossible, Sir Chi obviously… The passage here has no way to hide, and we didn’t find anything on the way we came. Has the intruder left? Or is it far stronger than us and even has concealment ability? In any case, report back to Sir Chi as soon as possible! This main altar is about to be fully formed. No mistake is allowed!”

Hearing the last sentence, Chen Rui’s eyes suddenly flashed – Here is actually the main altar!

Chen Rui once heard the Angel Kuhler of the Holy Church in Cloud City say that the main altar was the altar that was directly sacrificed to the Abyss ruler. It contained special rules and the strongest power. It could automatically absorb the sacrifices of the secret altar offerings in various regions.

The main altar also allowed the abyss ruler to pass his soul power and strengthen the control of will. The greater the sacrificial power, the stronger the will of the ruler to pass on to the soul variant, and the stronger the strength displayed.

In theory, each master only corresponds to 1 main altar. The underground world of the Golden Bright Underground Palace that has turned into hell is actually the main altar!

This is really a ‘big catch’! But one thing is for sure, the danger will also be greater!

According to what the leader just said, the main altar has not been fully formed yet. I can just take this opportunity to destroy it in one fell swoop!

Paglio said, “Let’s follow them! We have Zola’s invisibility magic anyway, so we shouldn’t be discovered.”

“Wait a minute,” said the fairy dragon, “This kind of group visibility cannot be moved. We will reveal ourselves once we move, and the duration is limited. Nevertheless, I myself can shift and be invisible.”

Then only Chen Rui realized that there was still such a defect, but this kind of invisibility that ignored obstacles and touch was already very powerful. He immediately smiled and pointed in the direction where the Black Death Followers were going, “Actually, we don’t need to be invisible, we can just transform.”

Transform? Fairy Dragon blinked her beautiful eyes and understood.