Chapter 996: Final Summon

“Great madam…” At the critical moment, the slime lost his courage, “I’m afraid…”

“Hurry!” Zola couldn’t help but feel annoyed. Even though she took the opportunity to grasp the context of the protection of the entire elements when the power of the bone towers was weakened, there was no ‘hardware’ that could directly compete with the earth origin fragment like the wind origin fragment after all. She could only use the wind origin of the [6 Elements Kingdom] to imitate and generate the corresponding power. It was quite difficult to maintain this passage, so the time was tight.

“Dodo’s legs are weak… I can’t move…” The onion, who obviously had no ‘legs’, just didn’t dare to move.

Seeing that the situation was not ideal, Thomas began to wave his hands quickly, and blood oozed out from him. He actually used his own blood as a sacrifice. The passage began to narrow, and the bloody fire ring that surrounded Zola burst into flame at the same time as it began to shrink rapidly inward.

“Go quickly if you want to live, or we will all die!” Zola suddenly sensed the pressure increase. The Element Goddess Crown above her head had already emitted a dazzling light, trying her best to maintain the protection around them as well as the passage of the wind origin. This consumption was also quite huge, and the effective time of the soul weapon was only half an hour. Once it failed, not only would all previous efforts be lost, but she and Dodo would both be in danger.

Dodo shuddered. Although it was a virtue to be lazy and dislike work, greed for life and fear of death was the most important foundation. How could he enjoy food without life?

The slime finally mustered the courage, turned into a long snake-like body, and rushed toward the passage.

The resistance in the passage was very strong, especially the terrifying destruction power emanating from the vicinity, causing the slime’s body to be constantly split and disintegrated. If it weren’t for the super regeneration ability, he would have been shattered.

Dodo forced himself to rush for a while, constantly regenerating. He felt that this channel seemed to be endless, and the pressure around was increasing, so he couldn’t help shouting, “No way, it hurts to death! Madam, master, help!”

The slime’s coward was one of the reason. That passage was activated by Thomas with the special blood sacrifice power, which contained the breath of the Fear Lord. Hence, it would constantly magnify the fear in one’s mind. The stronger the fear, the stronger the killing power.

Boom!” The slime’s body exploded, and countless ’fragments’ screamed and cried at the same time, “Sir Dodo can’t take it anymore!”

Zola’s voice sounded from behind, “1 free gold card for the Princess Villa.”

The screams of countless ‘fragments’ came to an abrupt end and transformed into the shape of many ears in an attempt to hear more clearly.

“Within 1 month, this card can be used for unlimited free orders.” A ray of wisdom flashed behind the fairy dragon’s glasses, “Plus 10 gift gold cards from the Princess Retail Store, each of which can receive a high value gift of 888 black crystal coins.”

That ‘ears’ had fully confirmed what it heard: Within a month, eat and drink freely at the Princess Villa! There are also 10 gifts worth 888 black crystal coins from the Princess Retail Store! Most importantly, they are all free!

The countless ‘ears’ were shocked. At this moment, mountains of delicacies and golden treasures flooded the whole mind. The consciousness was so strong that fear and other emotions had no place to stay. They were all dispelled.

The ‘ears’ instantly turned into countless huge mouths, dashing forward with an unprecedented momentum. Everything along the way was eaten up. Even the already extremely narrow passage was dug into a wide avenue by these ‘mouths’.

This process was actually quite dangerous. Under Thomas’ secret technique that he activated desperately, the ‘mouths’ were constantly being blasted into pieces, but the special attribute of the slime’s undead body was brought into full play. They soon reborn again.

In the eyes of Master Truly Handsome, these attacks had long been hypnotized into delicacies and treasures. With the indomitable foodie momentum, he rushed straight to the main altar, flew to the pillar, and formed a huge mouth.

“No!” In Thomas’ desperate scream, the giant mouth swallowed the earth origin fragment at the top of the pillar.

Good chance! Zola felt that the defense of the main altar instantly plummeted to the lowest point, and the surrounding bloody fire ring also quickly dimmed. Her purple eyes lit up, and the Element Goddess Crown echoed the brilliant light. She raised the Secret Shadow in soul weapon mode high and tapped it to the ground!

A rainbow appeared above the main altar, then the entire underground palace trembled. Astonishing cracks appeared on the solid mountain walls, and huge rocks kept falling from the top.

This blow condensed all the power of the fairy dragon. Coupled with the strongest power of the Element Goddess Crown, Secret Shadow, star position buff, [Star-level Enhancement] buff and Demi-God level kingdom, the main altar that lost the protection of the earth origin fragment fell apart. Thomas’ body was also torn apart.

As soon as the main altar shattered, the bone towers that had not been destroyed by Paglio collapsed automatically. The bloody mist disappeared without a trace, and the corpses in the passage were also destroyed. The 2 abyss soul variants that fought fiercely with Chen Rui exploded in an instant, turning into particles and scattered in the air.

“Good job! Zola!” Chen Rui was overjoyed. He shifted to Paglio’s side in an instant and grabbed the staggering poison dragon. Paglio, who had unleashed in full force, had already turned into a bloody man. That tragic appearance made Chen Rui startled when he saw it. He quickly poured him a bottle of potion.

“Is it solved? As expected of the madwoman…” The poison dragon was relying on a desperate faith and determination to fight just now, but after successfully destroying the main altar, his supporting strength also suddenly disappeared along with the disappearance of the pressure. His feet immediately softened. If it wasn’t for Chen Rui’s support, he would have fallen to the ground.

At this time, Dodo had recovered from the state of being an invincible foodie. Master Slime was covered in wounds and could not even jump. It was squirming hard on the ground like a caterpillar before it finally came to madam.

Those rich expressions and vivid body language successfully portrayed a wounded ‘thing’ who was dying and wanted to fulfill its last wish before the end of its life.

The blow just now exhausted Zola’s strength, and the fairy dragon was panting violently. Seeing the miserable appearance of the slime, her purple eyes blinked, and several golden cards appeared in her hand. Dodo’s ‘dying’ eyes lit up as he immediately took out a dark yellow crystal from his mouth and offered it with both hands; it was the earth origin fragment.

The origin fragment covered in the slime’s saliva made the fairy dragon frown. Meanwhile, Chen Rui, who came over with the poison dragon, didn’t care. With a wave, the earth origin fragment flew over and entered the storage warehouse of the Super System.

Dodo got those cards as he wished. He counted them one by one. He transformed a few palms at the same time. After confirming that it was 11, he showed an exaggerated smiley face and held up the gold cards, “Princess Villa’s free gold card. 10 gift cards worth 888 black crystal coins from the Princess Retail Store! Rich! Master Dodo truly-handsome!”

The slime looked elated, full of energy, invincible youthful, truly handsome, and so on without the pitiful appearance that was on the verge of dying just now.

The Princess Villa free gold card? The Princess Retail Store gift cards? Chen Rui was stunned. Thinking of the slime’s performance and consistent cowardice when he fought against the Holy Dragon Rodriguez at the bottom of the Dead Sea, he suddenly had a realization in his mind — Wait, that’s not right!

The so-called ‘Free Gold Card’ was issued to the highest grade VIPs in limited quantities when the Princess Villa first opened. It can be used for 30 days, but it will expire within 2 years, and it has expired by now.

‘The Princess Retail Store Gift Card’ can be used, but the premise of obtaining the gift is that the accumulated consumption reaches 8888 black crystal coins, and it is limited to 1 at a time.

Well, obviously, the slime was duped.

Chen Rui glanced at Zola, just in time to meet Ms. Fairy Dragon’s gaze.

Ms. Fairy Dragon’s beautiful purple eyes blinked narrowly, and the word ‘blackhearted’ appeared in someone’s mind. He glanced at the slime sympathetically, and he shrugged at his madam wife without exposing it.

At this moment, a thick blood mist rose from the center of the shattered altar. The slime, who was shouting euphorically, shuddered, and his teeth began to chatter. Not only Dodo but also Chen Rui and the rest also felt a burst of uncontrollable fear as if something extremely terrifying was about to appear.

Now Paglio had basically lost his combat power, and Zola had almost exhausted all her power due to the previous blow. Under normal circumstances, Dodo could basically be ignored. The only 1 who still had the power to fight was Chen Rui.

Chen Rui shouted loudly and blocked in front of the fairy dragon as well as the poison dragon. Among the countless stars, hundreds of berserk Scorching Dragons roared out and rushed toward the blood mist.

The blood mist was still rising. The huge impact brought by [Scorching Dragon Roar] could not stir the floating blood mist even a little.

The berserk red dragon wave had rushed into the blood mist in the blink of an eye, but the moment it entered the blood mist, the terrifying momentum and light suddenly extinguished.

Disappear with no hope of returning. The words suddenly appeared in Chen Rui’s mind.

A pair of eyes seemed to have opened in the strange red mist. At the moment of opening, a dazzling red light suddenly erupted, and the countless terrifying huge beasts rolled back and rushed toward them.

Chen Rui was startled- [Scorching Dragon Roar] is reflected back!

Zola’s reaction was the fastest. With a wave of the Secret Shadow, a circle of rainbow appeared, blocking the front of the Scorching Dragons. However, the rainbow only resisted for a few seconds before being shattered by the Scorching Dragons.

But these few seconds gave Chen Rui valuable reaction time as he immediately activated the fusion power of the Star Conferring Platform and kept Zola, Paglio and Dodo into the Star Conferring Platform.

At this time, the Scorching Dragons that reflected back had already swarmed Chen Rui. The underground palace, which had lost its main altar defense power, kept shaking while many places had collapsed.

The red berserk flame finally extinguished. Most of the torches and magic lamps in the underground palace had been extinguished under this powerful impact. The magic lamp in the human world was different from the Demon Realm. It was the power of a pure light element which was easily disturbed and shattered.

Under the dim light, one could see the extremely damaged ground. A figure still stood still, but the broken armor had disappeared without a trace, and his momentum had also dropped significantly.

If it weren’t for the power of time law and [Demonic Flies Transformation], Chen Rui would have been annihilated by his own killing move just now.

In the blood mist were a pair of dark green eyes with an intimidating gaze. These eyes and gaze were familiar. No doubt it was the ‘acquaintance’ whom he had seen in the underground mine of the Thick Soil Castle.

“We meet again, Fear Lord Sosbach.” Chen Rui suddenly dissipated all his strength. He seemed to have only Warrior (Higher Demon) strength. He sat on the ground weakly, “Despite being a projection, you are much weaker than Quilliana. Is it because this main altar was destroyed?”

The faint green eyes flashed and locked on Chen Rui.

Chen Rui felt like a frog being stared at by a viper. Countless fears poured out of his mind, but he smiled, “Actually, I still have a lot of secrets I want to tell, but before that, you should catch up with someone who might be your… old friend.”

There was a badge in his hand, the Holy Ring Badge. When dodging the Scorching Dragons, he had activated the badge.

As soon as the words ended, a light beam descended inconceivably in the closed sky. The light beam was full of sacred and strong power. In the light, a figure gradually became clear with 12 white wings behind it.

1 of the 3 archangels, Raphael!

TL: He summoned Raphael? How can he explain himself for being here?