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Leonel walked by Rosomon and left without another word. He didn't even care to look back after he was finished saying what he wanted. However, the eyes of the Crafters turned clerks couldn't help but all focus on Little Tolly.

They had all been so lost in their rage that they hadn't even noticed that Leonel actually had a Metal Spirit by his side and he was actually letting it wrap around his body and wiggle about without even the slightest hint of protection.

That second shock wasn't enough to override the first, though. Even in the Void Palace, a Metal Spirit was impossibly rare. There were thousands, tens of thousands of high level Crafters here. But, they could all count on their hands and toes how many of them had a Metal Spirit by their side, and every single one of those Individuals was from the Morales family.

The Morales family was the only family capable of controlling such a dangerous Spirit. When left to its own devices, and allowed to grow on its own, a Metal Spirit was no less a threat to human life than some of the most fearsome beasts and rival Races in the whole of the Dimensional Verse and maybe only the Earth Variant affinity of the Morales met the requirements to tame such a beast.

To see it being used so freely by a brat and without the slightest precautions, they felt a cold chill creep up their spines.

The Crafter community of the Void Palace was an especially lofty place to be. It came with prestige and it was about the only way for you to gain Void Points without putting your life on the line constantly. Even this mission here was an extremely precious one, that was why they were so enraged that Leonel had ruined it.

But, if it had to be said who held the greatest prestige among the Crafter factions of the Void Palace, setting aside the super families that backed the Crafter Guilds, it was most definitely the Morales, and especially the Morales who wielded Metal Spirits.

They suddenly understood now why it was that Orinik had never explicitly stated Leonel's last name. Although, it could only be blamed on them. They simply hadn't cared. They were Crafters and were arrogant by trade. Just the fact Leonel's mother was a Sector Ranked disciple wasn't enough to sway them in the slightest, but this…

This was very different.

Rosomon eventually recovered from her shock, her gaze narrowing.

'The Morales family isn't the only family here.'

With that thought, she turned and returned to her store front.

Leonel worked just as fast with the logs as he had worked with the fabric. In fact, his goal with the logs were much simpler than what he had done with the fabrics so he finished even faster, even after being delayed a moment.

As expected, the prepared logs might have been softer than the trees outside the line of the village, but it also made it easier to cut and deal with. In addition, it managed to maintain some of its initial hardness as well, not losing out to many higher Tier Fifth Dimensional metals. This hardness coupled with Leonel's Force Arts would allow his companions to have some of the best weapons amongst the rookies.

Leonel finished just in time for the women to step out from their makeshift changing rooms, their elegant postures catching a lot of attention. If it wasn't for them knowing, or maybe hoping better, they would have thought that Leonel was a pervert with the ways he had designed their uniforms. However, regardless, they had to admit that the way it shaped to their bodies was very flattering and nothing was too small nor too big. They could only not think about how Leonel knew all their measurements so well too much.

In truth, Leonel had wanted to give everyone more clothing to work with, but he hadn't killed many beasts. In addition, because he didn't act with thought of preserving their pelts, much of the fur was rendered unusable by him. So, this was ultimately the only choice.

As much attention as the women got when they stepped out, even with how pale and weak they seemed at this moment, it paled in comparison to what Aina received.

The short beast skin barely reached the middle of her thighs. Her toned belly was revealed, her every breath causing the faint outline of a powerful core to flash in and out of existence. Her chest was covered by a beast skin band, covering just enough of the lower and upper halves of her ample breasts.

As scandalous as the main attractions of the uniform were, though, the accessories were even more so.

Leonel had used a fabric processing technique to form a pair of grey stockings for all of the women. The result somehow made Aina's long, slender legs even more attractive than they were initially.

But, what truly brought it all together was the beast skin choker that clung loosely to their necks, giving the design of the outfits an added touch of flare.

Leonel truly hadn't tried to make it all so scandalous. Without the choker, the armor lost its balance and was much weaker. It was the same reason he had a thin band running just beneath his chest. It wasn't for aesthetic purposes. He had gone for functionality first, though… He couldn't bear for them to not also look cool at the same time.

And cool they were.

Leonel walked to Aina, handing her a replica battle ax that looked identical to her own except for the fact this was formed of greyish-black wood. But, surprisingly, she smiled lightly and shook her head, taking out her original battle ax.

"It's fine, mine can hold up. Sorry for the trouble."

Leonel's brow raised and he shook his head. "It wasn't much trouble."

It had only taken him a few seconds to form it, how could it be trouble?

"Arnold, take this. Making your usual palm weapons is difficult with the material I have on hand right now. If they fail you, you can use this."

"Mm." Arnold nodded.

"Quickly, I'll explain to you all the function of the beast skin armor…"

Aina stood silently by Leonel's side as he explained things.

Just as Leonel finished the final word, chimes rang and they all looked upward.

It seemed the True Selection would finally begin now.