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Leonel had recently stepped into the Third Awakening of his Wisdom Branch. Unfortunately, it didn't give him the boost to his mind that he had hoped for. But, what it did do was give him a sharper pair of eyes, eyes that could see much further within this fog than his Internal Sight could.

From just a few meters, Leonel's line of sight extended to about 50, allowing him to see what was going on.

There had been many cabins much closer to the black log wall, and many of them were geniuses on a level beyond those still struggling to get past the wall of fire. So, they had been able to clear the walls alone without relying on the tricks that Leonel had. They were likely talents that had either earned Golden Tokens or had been very close to doing so.

Some of these individuals had formed a barrier, blocking those who made it into the forest from continuing further in. This was a barricade that Myghell had come across, but he blasted through it as though it wasn't there.

'I see. Thanks for the heads up.'

By the time Leonel had observed the situation and understood what was going on, Myghell had already vanished into the distance. It seemed that those that formed the barricade hadn't cared to chase after him either.

Obviously, Myghell had thrown the body of this person back in Leonel's direction as a warning, knowing the poor vision everyone had in this fog.

In Leonel's opinion, Myghell didn't have to do that. One might say that the latter owed Leonel because of the beast skin armor, but Leonel didn't feel that way. After all, it was his fault that everyone only had three hours to adapt, it was his responsibility to help them as a result, even if it was at a detriment to himself.

Leonel didn't have close ties with many of those he was leading right now, but he still did so because he felt responsible. The beast skin armor was what he owed Myghell. But, it seemed Myghell didn't want to leave any question and chose the path toward the cleanest separation possible.

Toward this, Leonel could only chuckle to himself before his gaze became serious once more. One after another, those of the Three Pillar Sector landed to his back, some more heavily than others. Luckily, the foggy armor was able to mostly protect those who couldn't slow their falls by a large enough measure.

'Why would they block the road ahead? Shouldn't they be focused on running now? The beasts will be here soon… No, they're already here.'

Leonel's gaze flickered, roaming about the perimeter. There was no easy way to sneak more than two dozen people through without running into one of these barricades. And, as he had thought, the beasts were already here. There were small skirmishes breaking out everywhere, it was just that these beasts were still manageable for now, most being at Tier 1.

'This is a calculated risk by them. They know that the truly powerful beasts are still closing the distance. In that case, they must want to take advantage of the commotion to stock up on more resources. This is the best opportunity they have to rob people. There's no easy way to deal with this, and with Myghell gone, our battle prowess has definitely taken a strong hit.'

"Prepare for battle. There's a blockade ahead." Leonel explained.

After saying this, Leonel rushed forward again, his palm flipping over to reveal his spear. But, surprisingly, he had brought out his Quasi Bronze Wind Domain spear instead of one of his Quasi Silver ones.

Leonel had been very fond of this spear back when he was still in the Third Dimension. It was four meters long from head to toe and had a ridiculous amount of flexibility, granted by its hollow core revealed thanks to the etchings that coated its body, allowing one to see all the way through it in some sections.

Leonel hadn't claimed a Quasi Silver spear like it just yet, so he had to settle for this one. But he felt it was perfect for this situation.

With a shake of his wrists, the flexible spear vibrated wildly. In that moment, a surging of wind began to form a cyclone around its shaft, grasping onto the dense fog in the surroundings and bending it around Leonel's spear blade.

Leonel's gaze flashed. As he rushed forward, he suddenly pierced forward a half dozen times in quick succession. Every time he did, a dense, Spear Force laced, spiraling tendril of fog would whistle forward, casting a net of volatile strikes that shot toward a barricade.

Aside from just the faintest of golden glows caused by Leonel's Spear Force, the attacks blended into the fog almost as though they weren't there at all. But, what was the most devastating about them was the fact that half way to their destination, the dense Anarchic Force within the fog began to swallow Leonel's Spear Force, increasing the concentration of Anarchic Force into the form of a blade that shot through the skies.

"Enemy attack!"

By the time a member of the barricade with sharper senses realized what was happening, Leonel's spear strikes had already arrived.

Forced to hastily block, many brought their weapons up to their chests while others couldn't bring their weapons out in time and were forced to block with their fists and arms.

Unfortunately, no matter which category they fell into, the results were devastating.

The dense Anarchic Force in Leonel's strike swallowed up the Force they used to defend themselves, ripping through their defenses as though they weren't there.

Those that used weapons ended up relatively better off as these weapons had strong resistance to Anarchic Force to begin with, but those that didn't have the chance found their bodies pierced through and a violent Anarchic Force eating them up from the inside out.

Leonel burst through the clearing, Aina and Noah following to his left and right as they all brandished their weapons.