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Leonel actually wasn't sure if the golden scaled koi fish would be able to do this. While it had shown a great amount of talent in siphoning and parsing Force, not only was this world far stronger than any it had experienced before, but it was also filled with a Force that Leonel wasn't sure the koi fish would be able to deal with.

It was because of these reasons that Leonel had hesitated to take this risk before, but now he felt like he had little choice. While he, himself, was doing fine and could continue without pause for at least a few more days, those that followed him weren't doing nearly as well.

They had already used the last sliver of their Force to power the beast skin armor. And, while the function of the fog armor allowed them to slowly replenish themselves over time, the issue was that the process was slow, especially when they had to immediately use whatever headway they made to fight the beasts that were surrounding them from all sides.

Once again, this was ultimately Leonel's fault for not allowing them all enough time to acclimate. While the likes of Aina seemed to be taking this as a great training opportunity, relying on her overwhelming bodily strength to support herself, the others weren't so masochistic, nor did their bodily compositions allow them to be.

'Alright you mass murdering little fish, it's time to be useful.'

Leonel's gaze flashed.

Worse come to worst, the koi fish was swimming around in a lake's worth of Sixth Dimensional Cleansing Waters. Even if it didn't have the skill necessary to peace apart the Force properly just yet, its life shouldn't be on the line immediately.

Leonel didn't need anything crazy, he just wanted to shift the concentration of Anarchic Force in the general surroundings just enough that the burden on the others was lessened to the point that they could recover.

The golden scaled koi fish, still very much afraid of Leonel, didn't dare to delay, quickly doing as it was told. Unfortunately, things weren't as rosy as Leonel hoped them to be.

The moment the fish began to act, Leonel could feel that Anarchic Force was being pulled along. Though Leonel used his connection with the koi fish to try and command it to separate it out, he soon realized that this was beyond the little fish's abilities.


Leonel's jaw clenched, his spear jetting outward and leaving streaks of gold in the air as he pressed forward, shredding apart every beast that got within even a two meter radius of him. Without a choice, he was forced to make the koi fish stop.

If he had allowed it to continue, let alone increasing the concentration of usable Force, Leonel would end up doing the exact opposite. In the end, he would be killing his team faster.

'If only I could use a Domain…'

If Leonel could blanket the surroundings, it wouldn't be a problem, he would be able to cover for everyone at the same time. His Chain Domain would be absolutely perfect in this situation.

The issue was that even if Leonel brought out all the stops, even fusing his King's Might into his Domain to expand its size, it would still barely stretch out a few inches from him. Let alone covering for more than two dozen people, he wouldn't even be able to cover for himself. In this world, the range of his Domains was simply far too small.

There were only a few ways to change this. The first was to break into the Sixth Dimension. The second was to raise his mind to the Sixth Dimension and thus increase the pressure his King's Might could exude. The third was to comprehend the Heavenly Body Realm to Completion, the Universal Force it would provide would make his Domains more than large enough. The fourth option was to enter Spear Domain and pull out a Quasi Gold Spear, not to mention hope that it would acknowledge him and help him to use its Domain instantly.

Leonel thought of many solutions, but each one was more impossible to use than the last.

'Then that only leaves one choice…'

It was a nice sentiment to want to pool the efforts of everyone together, but it was simply not possible. There always comes a time when others reached their limits and Leonel would just have to put in more effort to cover for them.

The crimson orbs that hovered within the dark fog that was Leonel's helmet vibrated. In that moment, a miniature humanoid figure of violet appeared above it, its purple hues fusing into Leonel's dark armor and giving it an added sinister air.

The moment Leonel fused the influence of his King's Might with his Internal Sight, its range amplified. From just a handful of meters, Leonel could finally see the surrounding 20 with extraordinary clarity.

Tendrils of darkness erupted from Leonel's back even as Little Tolly appeared once more. In its draconic form, Little Tolly snaked toward the corpses that littered the surroundings of Leonel's feet, shredding them apart and leaving nothing more than the bones behind.

Leonel shifted his spear into one hand, using his left to strike at the air with his fingers. The precision with which Tolliver was being controlled skyrocketed, the little Metal Spirit's actions becoming more refined and deft.

Soon, the sturdy bones of the fallen beasts were refined into sharp daggers without a hint of specialness to them. They seemed unassuming and weak… Until, that is, Little Tolly threw them into the air, allowing the tendrils that had erupted from Leonel's back to snatch them.

Level Two Bow Force bloomed, coating the blades of these daggers with a subtle hint of lethality that chilled the bones.

Leonel's left hand danced through the air, his right controlling the killing spree of his spear, eruptions of golden Level Two Spear Force slicing apart everything in its path, and finally…

The whipping sounds of dark tendrils snapping through the wind followed by harsh whistling filled the battlefield.

With a single flick, dozens of bone daggers jetted outward in all directions, each one reaping the life of a Cursed Beast.

A heated breath left Leonel's lips as the pressure on everyone around him dropped to nearly zero.