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Leonel silently listened to the detailed analysis of the dictionary. When it was done, he nodded and organized his thoughts. It wasn't perfect, but he hadn't expected it to be. He was lucky enough to have a combination of treasures that could allow it to work, but he wouldn't believe himself to be infallible. With how large the Dimensional Verse was, if it was so easy to make it to the top, then Leonel would already no have a chance at becoming King, someone else would already have a combination of treasures far better than himself, not to mention an elite head start.

'The replication requires energy, a lot of it. The only reason Monkey felt so undefeatable was because all his strength was provided by the Dimensional Verse since he was a Savant. However, the tentacle womb has lost the Savant nature it had after the fusion. So, all the energy now needs to be provided by me…'

This was the most troubling part. The amount of energy required was astronomical.

It was somewhat better since Leonel had the koi fish and the Silver Tablet, not to mention the Segmented Cube. But, even then, it was heart rending. Leonel hadn't even spent any money yet, but he already felt poor.

Depending on what the tentacle womb was replicating, it would require a different collection of Force sources. However, after calculating it all, the amounts were fairly consistent.

The replication of a Third Dimensional existence would take a single Third Dimension Pure Force Crystal. The Replication of a Fourth Dimensional existence would take ten, a Fifth a hundred, a Sixth would require a thousand and a Seventh was currently impossible.

In addition to this, there was a multiplier effect added on top of this. A Tier 1 Ability was a x1 multiplier, a Tier 2 Ability was x2, a Tier 3 was a x5, a Tier 4 was a x10, and a Tier 5 was a x100, not to mention requiring an equivalent amount of Breaking Force Pure Crystals.

If that was the only multiplier, things might still be fine. But, of course, it wasn't.

Then came the scale for Lineage Factors. Fourth Dimensional Lineage Factor came with a base multiplier of x2, Fifth Dimensional Lineage Factors were x5, Sixth Dimensional were x10, and Seventh Dimensional Lineage Factors couldn't be replicated.

Then there were Innate Nodes. This made things even more complicated. There were two categories to consider. One was the rarity of the Force and the second was its Inherent ranking.

Within the first category of rarity, there were four tiers. Bottom tier Forces like normal Elements of wind, fire and like without special add ons or abilities. Middle tier Forces that could be considered a step beyond like Light Elemental and Dark Elemental Forces. There were then High tier Forces like Space Elemental and Dream Force. And, finally, there were the Pinnacle Forces. These included fusion Forces like Leonel's Scarlet Star Force and it also touched upon Forces that existed on Planes of their own like Anarchic Force, Universal Force and Breaking Force.

To form an Innate Node of the bottom tier, it would require x10 multiplier, middle would require x100, and high tie would require x1000. As for Pinnacle Tier, it was currently impossible.

These multipliers only became worse when the individual ranking of the Innate Node was taken into consideration.

This was already an overwhelming amount of information to take in. But, there was a reason the dictionary had taken so long to analyze everything… Because there was even more, and these might even be more important than the previously mentioned parameters.

These parameters were related to the sentience and overall constitution of the replicated creature. It didn't matter how much talent you stuffed into a clone if they had the intelligence of a toddler, and it definitely didn't matter if the materials they were constructed of were simply too fragile.

Toward this end, the tentacle womb had the ability to assign a level of intelligence. This ranged from Empty Vessel, to Low IQ, Middle IQ, High IQ, and Fully Sentient.

An Empty Vessel would only be useful for the likes of Wise Star Order and Heira who could ditch their bodies and pick up a new one at their leisure. Such a creation would be absolutely useless to Leonel who needed an army of actual soldiers.

Unsurprisingly, the multiplier for this was just x1.

The Low IQ variant was a measure better, but not by much. It only had the ability to sustain itself and work on instinct. It could feel hunger and its body knew how to pump its blood and move its heart. But this was all.

This came with a multiplier of x2.

The Middle IQ variant was basically the minimum requirement for a decent soldier. Though they couldn't have complex thoughts of their own, they could follow orders. They could attack when they were told and retreat when they were told.

This came with a multiplier of x5.

The High IQ variant, though, was likely the lowest Leonel felt was actually possible. Their thoughts weren't overly complex, but they could also follow orders. In addition, they could begin to display some battle prowess of their own and could display skill in the usage of their bodies. Most importantly, though, variants of this level gained the ability to learn and retain information.

This came with a x10 multiplier.

The final level spoke for itself, but it was unfortunately impossible for the tentacle womb to do this. Or, depending on the way you looked at it… It might be for the best.

Finally, there was the constitution of the construct. Clones tended to have far shorter life spans and far less durability than real living beings, just healing from a middle tier injury could shave years off their already short lives. However, the tentacle womb could actually combat this!

At the first tier, a clone would have a lifespan of six months, at the second, it would be one year, then two, then five, then ten at the highest. In addition, those with the highest constitution could be 'recycled' and produce a new unit at less than a fraction of the original cost.

Unsurprisingly, these also came with ridiculous multipliers. The first level was x1, then x2, then x10, then x100 and, finally, x1000.

With all of this laid out, if Leonel wanted to replicate just one of these Rapax foot soldiers it would take…

'It would cost 1 000 000 Fifth Dimensional Pure Force Crystals, and that's assuming it had a Tier 1 Ability Index, no Lineage Factor and no Innate Node…'

Leonel exhaled a breath.