The coordination between Leonel and Aina couldn't have been more perfect. In fact, it was so seamless that it was almost impossible to watch. Anyone who wasn't familiar with the two of them would think that any time now, Leonel's hand would slip or his calculations would be just a small measure off and he would end up causing irreparable harm to Aina who wasn't guarded against him in the slightest.

For the likes of Uvile, Silyn, and especially their Pavilion Head, this kind of sight was especially difficult to stomach. The idea of trusting a man so deeply was such a foreign concept to them that they short-circuited for a moment, trying to find a different explanation for what they were seeing. But no matter how many times they blinked, the images never stopped coming.

As time passed and awe set in, those who had thought Leonel to be a master of the spear didn't even know what to think any more. Spear? Wasn't this youth clearly a pinnacle expert with the bow? Why did he even waste his time picking up the spear in the first place?

His anticipation, the control of Bow Force, his effortless calculations, it made the elders who also used a bow freeze in their seats. Were they even as good as a youth who had yet to mature?

Even though they were used to fighting at speeds far beyond that of Leonel and Aina, even they wouldn't be so confident as to shoot their arrows so close to her body.

It was almost as though every frame of Aina's speed movements, if frozen, would look as though had been stuck onto a canvas and had her silhouette outlined by hundreds of arrows.

If she took a step forward, in the instant she widened her stances, dozens of arrows would curve between her legs and skewer the targets before her.

If raised her arms, dozens more arrows would sweep underneath, barely missing her toned arms and ample chest.

If she leaned her head back to dodge the blow of a demon that had overestimated itself, arrows would whiz by her slender exposed neck as though they could see glimpses of the future.

All of these elders were experts. Even with Leonel firing at hundreds of arrows a minute, they could track every single one. Most of the time, these arrows would already be halfway there by the time Aina decided on her next move.

Just how many battles had they fought together to reach this point? No, that wasn't even the most important question, how could one person trust another person to this level?

It might not be impossible to find several people with the skill to do this, but was it even possible to find a partner who would allow you to do so? Would said partner even be able to display their full strength without feeling hesitant and suffocated thinking that you were just one slip of the finger away from ending their life entirely?

By that point, the partner would end up holding back their true strength, looking out for the moment you screwed up so that they could safely extricate themselves. But Aina didn't look like she spared a single thought toward Leonel's actions at all. It was as though she didn't even consider the possibility of him messing up.

No matter how skilled you were, it was impossible for you to never make even a single mistake, right? Wasn't this girl a little bit too foolish? Wouldn't it be a shame if a genius died in this way?

Ophelia gripped her armrests, ready to go down right this moment. But as the arrow count increased from hundreds, to thousands, to tens of thousands, to even hundreds of thousands, the shock only grew deeper.

Leonel didn't show any signs of slowing down. In fact, he was getting faster. It was almost like he hadn't been fully used to his weapon or his Bow Force.

The first was fine since they had all seen him buy the bow just now. In fact, that only made things more shocking because he hadn't even sent out a practice shot before he started firing toward Aina, something that only made their hearts shudder all the more.

But the second? How could such a skilled archer not understand their Bow Force fully?

What they didn't know was that Leonel's Bow Force progressed with such speed that for most of the time he had had it, it had surpassed his Dimension level. Just using it had placed a great strain on his mind. It could be said that while he was familiar with True Bow Force, when it came to Enlightened Bow Force, he was nothing more than a novice.

And now that he finally had its full strength at the tip of his fingers, he was relentless. Marksmanship had always given him a feeling nothing else could match, and now that he could allow it to breathe in all its glory, it was as though one shackle around his body after another was shattering to pieces.

Leonel's eyes flashed, dancing between a pale violet to a bright one as though it couldn't make up its mind.


The sound of the heavy thud of arrows colliding with the bodies of powerful demons echoed out every second. None seemed to cause a large amount of damage, but without fail, every time an arrow-ridden demon met Aina's blade, they would fall with a single sweep.

It was as though Leonel's arrows sapped them of all their strength, forcing them into a position where they could do nothing.

Aina's point total kept jumping.

From around 11 million, to 12, to 13, in a blink, it felt like it doubled, crossing into the 20 million threshold.

With every kill she made, a large amount of blood was surge around her, increasing her area of attack and placing more pressure on Leonel's arrows to dodge her attacks and support her.

And yet, he did so as easily as breathing as though it was never a challenge to begin with.

The trio of the Sacred Light Pavilion finally seemed to notice what was happening.