Stophiar and the others had already deployed their own formation and were killing off a large number of demons. They were confident that they'd be able to out-speed anyone, so their main goal was to travel to a location in the city where they wouldn't be interfered with.

They formed a huge formation of light. All they needed to do was pump their Light Force into it and it would burn most low High Class demons to ash. As for the middle and high ones that entered, they would find themselves greatly weakened and they would be directly killed by Stophiar.

They couldn't move very fast due to the formation, but they didn't need to with so many demons swarming them in the first place. Stophiar himself had already jumped from around nine million to over 12 million in just a small while.

He felt that no one else could match this pace and that their stamina was performing well, so they wouldn't have to worry about lasting until the end. Once all of this was finished, only then would he think about dealing with Leonel. There were more important things than his own ego right now.

However, he would have never expected that when he looked at the point totals rather than finding that he had closed the gap and surpassed Aina, to find that he had actually been thrown so much further behind.

At first Stophiar thought it was a fluke. If the Endless Twilight Pavilion just happened to have a large one time use item they used right at the beginning to expand the gap, then that was still acceptable. He was confident in his ability to catch up.

But just after a few more seconds, he realized that he couldn't have been more wrong. The increase was steady, predictable, and coming in a strong, unrelenting stream. Although there were some small jumps, they happened again and again, making it clear that this was definitely not a one time use item.

Stophiar realized immediately that this wasn't working. If they didn't first obstruct the Endless Twilight Pavilion and only worry about meeting the 10% mark later, they would definitely suffer.


Stophiar's hair flared out, several rays of light coming out from him as he crushed the demons in the surroundings.

"Return, now!"

Stophiar suddenly regretted having gone so far out to hide their methods from others. By the time they made it, Aina and the Endless Twilight Pavilion would probably have already crossed the 2 or 3% mark. The gap would only widen from there.


Stophiar frowned and made a tough decision.


His roar thundered, his Star slowly manifesting itself. He only brought out one, but the difference was that minor Runes could be seen dancing within.

Stophiar stomped his feet. His two juniors looked toward one another, but their trust in Stophiar was deep. Without hesitation they followed suit and followed in hot pursuit.

They were supposed to save their Stars for the final stretch, but if this were already like this, there wasn't any time to mind anything else. They had seen the leaderboard too and they knew why their senior had acted like this. They could only go all out to make it back. There was no point in conserving their strength because if they had energy left in the end they couldn't use, then it truly wouldn't be worth it.

It took several minuts for them to return, and by then, Aina was already approaching 30 million. What they saw, though, shook them.

Blood whirled about Aina like a bloody rose. It was somehow both beautiful and fearsome, the rose becoming an inescapable grinder.

However, while the rose alone was definitely powerful enough to make them shudder, it should have been an attack that could easily be grinded down. With his insights, Stophiar could tell that while it was beautiful, it had no structure or core principle. This meant that there was no technique powering it and was rather no less complex than a simple, ordinary punch.

And yet, this simple Blood Force attack was tearing through High Class demons as though they were nothing... and that was when they saw the arrows.

Stophiar's eyes widened. He hadn't thought of Leonel the whole way here, simply assuming that everything was related to the Endless Twilight.

After shock, Stophiar's expression darkened and his gaze sharpened. The moment Leonel fell, Aina's killing speed would plummet.

His trajectory changed. With a strong step, he became like a speed bullet.

Uvile and Silyn hesitated. They should probably step in now. But Aina had said that they didn't need any help. While she had been protecting Leonel, it had still left them with quite some dissatisfaction.

Plus, wouldn't the Pavilion Head kill them in a fit of rage if they stopped what could be Leonel's death? They valued their own lives far more than that and they knew how irrational the Pavilion Head could be when she was enraged.

Aina frowned, thinking of retreating to get closer to Leonel and intercept them. But she only received a shake of the head and the rain of Leonel's arrows only seemed to become greater.

Leonel's eyes were still focused on Aina as though he hadn't sensed Stophiar's charge at all.

But he knew everything he needed to.

Stophiar was definitely exceptionally powerful. It seemed that he was already in Tier 7 of the Sixth Dimension and would more than crush the usual Sector Ranked disciples of the Void Palace. He definitely deserved his place as the head disciple of a Human Class power.

Stophiar seemed to know this about himself as well as he confidently charged forward.

He closed the distance, leaping when he was just ten meters from the base of the sky rise Leonel stood upon.

He shot up like a streaking star, dancing lights of white gold following his wake.


He actually dared to use Light Force in Leonel's presence.

Stophiar's head appeared, shooting past the ledge of the building and ready to shred Leonel to pieces.

But at that moment, Leonel's hand had appeared above his Star. For some reason, an overwhelming amount of fear gripped him in that instant.

"Didn't I tell you to piss off?"

Leonel's hand squeezed.

Under the astonished gazes of those watching, the Star of a Human Class genius shattered like glass and his aura plummeted out of the Sixth Star.