Leonel retracted his palm and sent a strong kick at Stophiar's chest.

The sound of bone cracking and shattering resounded like a crack of thunder before the air blasted apart in violent concentric circles. In one moment, foot and chest were connected, and in the next, Stophiar had already crashed through an adjacent building.

Leonel didn't even focus on the result. From the beginning, his priority had been Aina. He didn't seem to feel like what he had done was special at all.

However, all the elders who had been paying attention to that screen rose to their feet, their eyes wide with shock and their hearts threatening to beat out of their chests.

Shattering an enemy's Star wasn't impossible, but it required one of two things. The first was to have overwhelming power over them. Sometimes, even an entire Dimension of separation wasn't enough, especially if the target was a talent that had formed a Star Runes.

At best, if you were much stronger, you could crack it and force the target to retract it. But, even a cracked Star, while it couldn't be manifested for fear of worsening the damage, could still function normally in the body as it absorbed Force to heal itself.

Usually, one would have to have almost two Dimensions of separation to do this with the ease Leonel had. However, it was very clear and obvious that Leonel was not in the Eighth Star. If he was, they would have definitely sensed it. Plus, the city wouldn't allow anyone about the Sixth in.

So that left only one explanation.

The second possibility was that someone had to both have exceptionally high affinity aligned with the target Star and... They had to have exceptional Star Force affinity!

There were very rarely people born with two separate affinities like this, but most often, these affinities were born into one and fused into a single state. Any Force with such a high fusion of Star Force into it, enough to give their owner such a high affinity with Star Force, was called...

A True State Star Force!

The odds that Leonel had a True State Star Force were greater than 70%. And, even if he didn't, he had already displayed such a high Water Force, Bow Force, and Spear Force. But now he had such high Light Force and the incredibly rare Star Force affinity?!

Even if it wasn't a True State Star Force, his individual affinities were so far beyond a Human Class genius that he could crush them with a single palm and a single kick...

Just where did this child come from?!

Of course, Leonel had a True State Star Force, the only difference was that he called it a True State Force.

Top 10 in Star Forces. Top 3 in Light Forces. Top 1 in Fire Forces.

Not only did he have it, but if he displayed the number of Star Runes he had also formed for it, he could raze this entire to the ground.

After truly comprehending [Dimensional Cleanse], Leonel found that his Mage Core's ability to control atmospheric Force, especially ones he had affinity for, had increased hundreds of folds. If he wanted, he could have simply sapped Stophiar of all his Light Force just not and rendered his attack useless. But he didn't like the look of the latter's face.

With Stophiar down, especially the way he had gone down, his two juniors didn't dare to step forward and could only rush to save their senior.

No matter what, they refused to join in losing their Stars. If their Star was shattered, it would take months to even years to reform. Then they would have to re-do the Sixth Dimension all over again.

It was safe to say that at least for now, Stophiar's time as a genius was finished.

With no other obstacles, Leonel and Aina tore through the city of demons without the slightest rest. Not even half an hour later, it clicked and they crossed the 10% mark.

Aina returned to Leonel's side with a sweet smile. She wasn't very surprised by the result, but it filled her with satisfaction knowing that others had been proven wrong about her man.

"There was something different about your Bow Force."


Aina stayed still and let Leonel dab away the slight sheen of sweat on her face, her smile only growing brighter.

"... It does feel different. I feel like I could make it enter the Seventh Dimension whenever I want. But after experiencing that once, I don't really want to do it again."

"Oh," Aina nodded as though this was only a matter of course.

The duo were speaking in a language no one could understand. If it wasn't for this, who knew how others would react?

"Okay," Leonel stepped back after he was satisfied, "quickly go trade for it. We still have to go to Human Class. It will be dangerous if there are many as powerful as the annoying guy."

Aina nodded and flashed toward the top of the sky rise. As for Leonel, he used some of his points to exchange for quite a few items. But ultimately, he was still missing three things he needed.

The good news was these were quite high class items, so it was likely that the High Class Sector simply wouldn't have them but others world.

Just buying what he needed, Leonel had gone from over three million Demon Points to just over a million, the rest entering his "spent" category.

The observers had no idea what he was doing, but they simply concluded that he wanted these items for his own personal use. But a lot of them seemed to be spatial items, did Leonel also have a spatial affinity?

They shuddered at the thought.

Aina came back out quickly, her aura having already changed considerably. It seemed that Golden Tablets were actually special and fused with you, allowing her to learn many of its lower level techniques without even trying.

Leonel nodded. "When we have time, I have another technique I want you to learn. I didn't think it was important before but... I'll explain later. We should hurry."

Aina didn't even have a thought to spare for Uvile and Silyn as she and Leonel charged into the Human Class Sector.