Leonel and Aina made it all the way to the center of the city without the slightest obstruction. Leonel had been lamenting the fact that they wouldn't have a teleportation method here, but surprisingly, although it was slower, it wasn't a terrible experience either. With their speed, it took maybe an hour to reach the center of the city, but not much more than that.

When they got there, though, there was, once again, nothing to see.

By this point, Leonel had noticed the leaderboard and he realized even those with the highest point totals only have Demon Points totaling in the tens of thousands. According to what he knew, these totals were what one could expect for killing one or two Human Class demons.

This meant that even the strongest here only had so few kills. No, it was more accurate to say that the luckiest here had so few, because Leonel highly doubted that such a list was representative of the strongest here.

However, that left Leonel and Aina with a huge advantage. Aina alone had over 100 million points. And Leonel, though his points were already used, had over three million. Leonel's points weren't very important, but Aina should be able to exchange for what they needed.

Like the proud gigolo he was, Leonel let Aina pay for everything and they became the first to step into the central sky rises and the only ones with access to their shops. Very quickly, they began looking for what Leonel needed.

"This is a necessity, with this there should only be one thing left."

Leonel held the Force Quill in his hand, but it felt impossibly heavy in his hand, almost like it was a spear or a greatsword instead of the quill it was meant to be.

The tip was carved out of a bronze metal that almost made it look like the embroidered helmet of a sentinel. This tip led to a dense black that seemed smooth upon first look, but needled into Leonel's metallic skin as though it was wet tissue paper.

The moment Leonel touched it, his blood dripped down and pooled at the bronze tip, ready to drip at any moment. At the same time, the pure white feather that connected to the black stem began to glow a fierce rouge light.


Just like that, the rouge light snapped close like the pieces of an armor and shield, dancing with complex Runes.

Without much of a thought, Leonel drew a pen stroke across the air, causing the rouge light to tremble and cause a surge of Force to multiply and fuse with Leonel's own.

This was exactly the effect Leonel needed. This Force Quill was a Quasi Life Grade Force Quill, a treasure on the same level as the White Lion Bow. What Leonel needed to do couldn't be done with just his power alone, he needed to borrow power from the world around him.

The good news was that mastering [Dimensional Cleanse] had actually made this Force Quill almost unnecessary. The even better news was that the combination of the two made his odds of success all the greater.

There was no doubt that this Force Quill would be with him for a long while. If not for this Zone, who knew how long it would take him to get his hands on one of this caliber?

"This Force Quill is a bit sinister, it skimming at your Life Force to work."

Leonel nodded. "It's also a bit unruly. It's taking more than it needs, probably because it's near the Life Grade so it thinks it's too good for me. If it broke into the Life Grade right now, I probably wouldn't even be able to pick it up."

Leonel chuckled. A Force Quill not acknowledging him? He would like to see how long it would remain stubborn for. In no time at all, it would be obediently taking only as much Life Forc as it needed.

As for right now, Leonel wasn't even worried about it. With Vital Star Force fueling his body, Life Force wasn't something he needed to worry about.

Vital Star Force could be considered to be to Life Force what Soul Force was to Dream Force. Of course, Life Force was of a higher grade than Vital Star Force. This was because Life Force encompassed everything while Vital Star Force was only designed for the body.

However, when it came to purely body related things like a body's strength and longevity, Vital Star Force didn't lose out to Life Force in any way. This was why Leonel's raw physical strength had finally caught up to Aina's.

"So you said there's one more thing we need?"

"Yes, one more thing. I need a material strong enough to withstand the procedure. It needs to be both very sturdy and have a spatial affinity. The trouble is that materials like that are simply too rare. Ores with high Spatial Force tend to be more volatile and unstable. I need one that's the exact opposite.

"It doesn't seem like the Human Class Sector has something strong enough."

"Then we'll need to go to the Fiend Class."

Leonel nodded slowly. He didn't say it, but he felt that without an opportunity to first complete the final leg of his plan, and with Aina not having time to meditate on her Gold Tablet, the Human Class was their limit. And, even then, they were greatly stretching themselves.

If they wanted to exchange for something in the Fiend Class Sector, they would definitely need to earn all the points they could here.

After just purchasing two things here, Aina's more than 100 million Demon Points had almost been completely wiped out, she barely had 10 million left. It wouldn't be enough to buy the material even if Leonel had found it here. This told Leonel that if they didn't go into the Fiend Class with enough points, they would never be able to gather enough there.

Getting 10% of the kills in this Sector would be hard enough, but now they couldn't stop there. Leonel felt they would need to kill at least 20% to ensure that they would have enough to trade for what would likely be a Life Grade Ore.

Leonel took a breath and closed his eyes.

"We can't do this like we did in the High Class..."

Leonel spun his new Force Quill through his fingers, his dexterity seemingly having increased to an impossible level.

"... So it seems I'm going to have to show off a bit."

Blueprints danced through Leonel's mind. He didn't realize that the commotion he was about to cause would lead to a cascade of events he would have no power to stop.