Leonel moved faster and faster, gorgeous semi and quarter circular arcs beginning to layer atop of one another to become more and more complex. Even before it became functional, it was beautiful. And even before it was beautiful, it was perfect. Every line, every edge and every overlap was precise to the millimeter, not a single piece out of place.

Leonel shattered a window and began to weave in and out of the building, his Force Arts swallowing more and more of it all without a care for what function it had produced before.


At that moment, Aina had been entirely focused on Leonel, her own eyes in somewhat of a trance. But she still knew that her role was to protect Leonel as best she could during this period. So, she had already noticed when others were approaching and she frowned when she heard them call her name.

Aina turned to find three familiar faces, all of whom were from the Endless Twilight Pavilion.

Compared to the other powers, the Endless Twilight Pavilion had been the most brazen. Some others might only participate in two separate Sectors if they had the means to do so secretly. The Endless Twilight Pavilion, though, sent in nine disciples to cover three different Sectors: the High Class Sector, the Human Class Sector and the Fiend Class Sector.

In fact, if it wasn't because she disdained to do so, Ophelia would have sent people into the Middle and Low Classes as well, all so that she could maximize her chances at laying claim to as many tablets as possible.

The three women had auras far more dense and powerful than that of Uvile and Silyn. As three of the top six disciples of a Fiend Class power, this was all to be expected. As for ranked fourth through sixth of a Fiend Class power, they should be able to easily bury the likes of Stophiar.

Aina felt quite a bit of pressure facing them, there was nothing much she could do about that. These three were already very close to entering the Seventh Dimension, if they didn't make her feel so much pressure, their decades of practice would have all gone to waste.


Aina's reply left the three not quite knowing what to say.

The one who had initially spoken was the fourth ranked and the leader amongst the three. She had a fiery head of red hair and bright violet eyes. However the aura she gave off was quite electric, the air sparking around her before fading back to normal.

If her Lightning Force was compared to the trio of the Lightning Lance Pavilion, it could only be said to be akin to night and day. The gap was far too large, so much so that Lightning Force itself seemed to react to the fluctuations in her emotions.

"Did Pavilion Head not make herself clear? In the case that any one of us finishes early and promotes to the next Sector, we're to gather together as quickly as possible. I would be able to make concessions for you if you were delayed, but it doesn't look like you were delayed at all. What do you think you're doing?"

Aina's eyes narrowed. "I have something to do, I won't be joining you."

"Excuse me?"

Sparks flew around Lovira, dancing between golden, red and violet. The sizzling of the air seemed to raise the temperature, an oppressive might descending.

"I said that I won't be joining you." Aina's voice grew colder. "Good luck."

"Are you betraying the Endless Twilight Pavilion? Are you breaking the trust of the sisterhood?"

The one who spoke was the fifth ranked Marcy, while her temper was much gentler in comparison to Lovira's hot bloodedness, she didn't seem very happy with what was happening either. They were Aina's seniors, just by virtue of that alone, they deserved her respect, this was how the world worked. To actually dare to try and blow them off, and for what, exactly?

Their gazes shifted from Aina to a shadow that continuously appeared and vanished in the windows of the adjacent shop. They had no idea what he was doing, but when they laid eyes on the elaborate patterns surrounding the building, their hearts couldn't help but tremble for some reason.

"Betraying? I was taken into the Endless Twilight Pavilion to be a maidservant. If it wasn't for my own personal talent, I would have already been flogged to death. Even after I survived that ordeal, I was forced to choose between dying and becoming a student of your Pavilion, what sisterhood, exactly?"

The coercion in Aina's voice only seemed to increase with every word she spoke.

She was already tall for a woman to begin with, standing after over six feet. Her hair might not be the same crimson of the Brazinger's, but her aura was no less potent if not more so. Facing the likes of Lovira, if it was in terms of raw power, she might lose, but if it was a battle of momentum and aura, she would lose to no one.

Lovira felt her heart quake. Looking into Aina's bright golden eyes, it felt as though she was staring into the soul of a War Goddess.

"Your sisterhood is worth nothing to me, and certainly not as much as a single hair on his head. I advise that you leave us alone and preserve your strength for the coming final phase. If not, I'll make certain that you suffer here even if I lose."

Lovira's gaze flickered. If anyone else so weak had said such nonsense to her, she might spit in their face long before she took it seriously. But a Blood Sovereign... A Blood Sovereign was too unpredictable. It was precisely this Blood Sovereign ability that caught the eye of the forever unimpressed Ophelia.

At that moment, the sound of clapping echoed.

"Ohoho, front row seats to a cat fight, lucky us. Do you think we'll get any nipple action this time?"

A teasing voice came from the top of a sky rise. A foot appeared on the ledge before a handsome face peered over to catch a glimpse of what was happening below.