Leonel felt a level of strength coursing through his veins unlike anything before. This wasn't because he had suddenly gained a large influx of energy. If anything, it was the exact opposite of that. The energy in his body was decidedly less, or rather... the energy that he could sense and feel was.

As though greedy and finally feeling that they were being put to proper use, Leonel's cells greedily absorbed Light Force and Star Force from all directions, and then in an odd turn of events, it likewise began to swallow large amounts of Dark Force on top of that.

Leonel heard the words Wise Star Order echo in his mind, and he was surprised. He had stated himself to be a Wise Star Order even before he understood the implications. It was as though the title had been buried deep within his soul and had only been waiting for a moment to burst through.

And the instant it did, his Lineage Factors, while remaining the same, somehow also grew leagues more powerful, jumping forward in efficiency by leaps and bounds.

He had always felt that his Fire Force and Dream Force affinities were beyond all of his other talents, the latter of which was quite a measure beyond even the former. But now, he felt like his Light Force and Star Force affinities were making movements of their own, rising up until the point they actually began to match his Fire Force affinity.

Things that he hadn't been able to quite understand in the past suddenly became as open as a book, and soon afterward, his Dark Force affinity caught up as well.

Large swaths of destructive aura exuded from Leonel as he made a breakthrough in his Scarlet Star Force with a mere thought. In that instant, it stepped a half foot into the Impetus State.

His Fire Force affinity had always been nigh impossible to match by most he came across, but ultimately, Scarlet Star Force was formed of three legs, not just one. There was Fire Force, Star Force, and Light Force.

And now, with the power of all three gently bobbing in his hands, the complex runes he hadn't been able to see through took shape in his mind as clearly as if he had drawn them himself.

At the same time, a memory within himself unlocked, and he recalled.

"Ah, yes... this was a feeling he had felt before, or rather... a feeling that his enlightened self had felt. It was no wonder he was able to become a Starry Tailed Fox back then so easily, it was no wonder he had been able to draw all of those runes on his Innate Node, it was no wonder...

His enlightened self had already felt what it meant to be a Wise Star Order, what it meant to cross that final barrier and become the man the God Beasts of Creation had bestowed the right of bookkeeping to."

It was then that Leonel also came to understand something else.

"When he first began his journey, he thought that his insane Dream Force affinity came from his Ability Index. When he learned of his so-called grandmother, he believed that it came from her bloodline instead. But now, he understood the true root.

His Dream Force affinity, his greatest reliance and an affinity he couldn't properly scale even if he wanted to... an affinity that even the God Races would likely be unable to scale, wasn't a product of just one series of factors at all. Rather... it was a combination of everything.

His Ability Index. His Bloodlines. His title. And, likely the result of his future self reaching such an unprecedented level of control in the Dream Plane that he came to benefit from it.

He was an anomaly, a series of coincidences brought to a head in a single body.

A race of Sovereign Demons. The experiments of the God Beasts. And the natural inborn talent of an Ability Index that could be summarized in a single word.


The Morales territory rumbled and began to change. At that moment, in the core of the planet Leonel stood upon, large waves of Dream Force began to take shape, taking hold of the large sums of Force, bending them and then beginning to mold them into a Force Art that any expert would recognize quite clearly...

"The protective formation of the Spirituals Religion."

The planet rumbled as dust particles began to flutter wildly, dust particles that were none other than the solidified manifestation of Force.

Leonel punched out a single time and the world froze.

"A hole the size of a planet was torn through a Tier 1 starship. The strength of the fist traveled across a distance that could be measured only in light years, and yet it didn't lose its strength in the slightest.

Leonel, who had been patiently waiting for his enemies to get into range, no longer needed to. Or, rather... his range had increased to the point that everything else was superfluous.

They had already entered his domain."

He punched out again, and then again.

"Every time he did so, the hearts of the Morales below would feel as though they were being crushed, and yet the excitement in their eyes was palpable.

When Leonel said that he would fight alone, they had hesitated, they had been wary of what this would truly mean. Was their Patriarch overestimating himself a bit too much?

But their questions were answered instantaneously.

It was far too far to hear anything, and they couldn't even feel the deaths of the families that had been their competition for millennia. But that only made it all the more surreal.

Tier 1 Starships, the greatest offensive firepower of the Human Domain, couldn't even get close beneath Leonel's might.

One after another, fireworks echoed and large shockwaves resonated. It would take several days for them to even reach the planet, but by then would it matter? What could get beyond Leonel's formation?"