At this moment, every disciple in the Mercurial Blitz Ice Valley followed Myria and the others back to the surface. As soon as they were outside, they distanced themselves from Myria and watched the proceedings with curiosity and interest on their faces, wanting to know more.

However, seeing that the elders were going to bring Myria back for questioning, they were reluctant. Now they could only wait to hear the results.

"Innocent?" Myria lightly chuckled, "There's no need for that. I was the one who killed Nyx Godwin."

"Oh?" A brown-robed elder raised his brows, "Do you plead guilty then?"

"If that's the case, you can choose one of two things." A white-robed elder genially explained, "Going by the sect rules, you will be executed for murdering a fellow disciple. This rule is true even if you have wrongfully killed an outer disciple as a true disciple. As for the other choice, the Godwin Family demanded that you be extradited to their power as they'll deal with you with their own laws for murdering their Young Master. Which one do you prefer?"

"Young lady, I suggest you stay here and abide by our rules if you don't want to be sullied. The sect will grant you a peaceful death."

Thirdly, a blue-robed dashing man enunciated his words.

"Ridiculous." Ellia's voice became frosty as it resounded around the icy atmosphere, "You three elders are going to take such an attitude toward the woman who saved this region from turning into an icy wasteland? Do you know what would've happened without her? Not only would Nyx Godwin have died, everyone would've died as well. At that time, perhaps, you can lament why she didn't kill Nyx Godwin in order to save this region and hundreds of disciples."

Ellia clenched her teeth as she looked at them coldly. It could be seen that she was enraged about this matter.

"That's right! Fairy Myria should have some reason that she couldn't talk about."

"You elders are too much! Don't you know it's wrong to ask a woman the details of harassment as it would cause us to be mortified?"

Two women couldn't help but make a few points on Myria's behalf. They were saved by her actions. Not only them but all of them were saved by her. Realizing this, a few more began to echo their voices out for her.


Looking at a bunch of young people accusing them of shaming a woman, their eyes went frosty. However, they were elders. They appeared to calm themselves even without taking a deep breath.

"What? Is it that you can't talk? Should we transfer this case to a female Law Enforcement Elder then?"

The brown-robed elder raised his brows at Myria, causing her to reply.

"No need." Her voice still sounded indifferent, "I did indeed kill Nyx Godwin, but that was a response to him trying to violate my sovereignty over my body. Not only him but everyone who harasses me will meet the same fate."


With Myria claiming this, everyone's expression couldn't help but change. So it was a case of a man trying to force a woman. If that was the case, they could understand why Fairy Myria would have gone out of her way to offend both the Aurora Cloud Gate and the Godwin Family together.

Before it was right or wrong, it was not a smart thing to do. However, if things went drastically ruining for Fairy Myria, then they could understand why she had taken that decision.

"If a disciple tries to violate a female disciple, then the female disciple has full rights to retaliate and even kill her aggressor."

The white-robed elder spoke softly, "However, with just your words, it is highly difficult to prove that you were being harassed."

"Indeed." Myria nodded, "Since both parties don't have concrete evidence other than their eyes and ears, you would have to drop the matter and still protect me from the Godwin Family, no?"


"I thank the elders for being reasonable."

Myria perfunctorily cupped their hands towards them before she gestured for her group to leave. But before they could take a step, the brown-robed elder extended his hand out, stopping them.

"No, this conversation hasn't ended yet. We can determine the truth by simply soul-scouring you."

Myria had just taken her foot above but was forced to put it back before her bosoms heaved. She turned to look at the brown-robed elder, her eyes becoming frosty.

"Don't force my hand, as it could be detrimental to the Aurora Cloud Gate."

The three elders didn't show any reaction to her gaze full of warning. Instead, the brown-robed elder simply continued.

"Young lady, although you claim Nyx Godwin tried to violate you, there's not a single bruise on your body other than ice which he doesn't practice from what we could understand and perceive. Furthermore, he's also a disciple of our sect and the first-ranked immortal disciple at that. We cannot ignore certain law enforcement procedures just so you claim that he tried to do anything against you. This is a matter that will cause two powers of equal strength to go to war if handled improperly."

"Indeed." The blue-robed elder nodded his head, "Although we aren't afraid, we aren't fools to blindingly believe one side either. Although it's rare, there were cases of false accusations that we have cleared in our thousands of years serving as Law Enforcement Elders. Therefore, it would be great if you stopped making things difficult for us and just let us do our job. Moreover, we would be happy to transfer this case to a female Law Enforcement Elder if that's what you want."


Myria still looked at them with piercing eyes. Since things had come to this point, she thought of no longer restricting herself. Her senses seized her status plate with the special insignia belonging to the person who had the most authority in the Aurora Cloud Gate. However, just before she could take it out, a voice echoed.

"Wait! I can restore the scene of death as long as I have an intact corpse."


Everyone couldn't help but become stunned again but seeing who it was, their minds understood who would want to court death from either party.

It was none other than Mystic Diviner Hailac.