Void Terror trembled.

Getting caught by the Zyrus Family and sold to the Azure Radiance Slave Traders was the most humiliating thing he had ever experienced in his young life.

He would rather die than submit. However, for better or worse, he was bought out of slavery by Netherblade and given a second chance at being an assassin again. There was no choice for him other than to submit and become a subordinate.

Otherwise, he could've been killed as a disgrace to the Ghost Tear Hall.

"Shut up...!"

Void Terror growled, his heart seething with hatred. If it weren't for Dead End and Mo Tian, he felt like he wouldn't have fallen so low.

Davis couldn't help but chuckle in response, "Do you realize who you're talking to?"

"I could ask you the same thing. Who do you think you are? Don't you know that being an Anarchic Divergent is just as good as saying to other people you are a blatant threat to them? Do you think the seniors and elders will let you live even if you have death energy that is worshiped here?"

Netherblade coldly echoed, causing Davis to narrow his brows behind his masked appearance. It seemed like the other party knew more than Void Terror knew about him.

"Besides, Wolfhowl's brother and ancestor is already out to get you since True Disciple- no, Elder Deathseeker broke the unspoken rule of killing a family member of another Elder. Therefore, you are in muddled waters even now and could be killed in an instant. Don't push your luck, little Divergent. I don't even want to deal with you since you are misfortune itself."

He laughed coldly before turning to look at Moonshade, submitting a mission as he brought out a beheaded head.

It was the head of a Level Five Immortal King. However, there was the aura of decay emerging from the head, making it known that this Immortal King was truly dead.

Moonshade hesitated a bit. However, as the receptionist who was bound to her own rules enforced by a Blood Soul Contract, she reluctantly accepted Netherblade's hunt and assessed him for it, bringing them back into another room to ensure the authenticity of the assassination.

"Want me to take care of them?"

Ghost King Death Dragon asked in a calm tone, causing Davis to smile lightly.

"No need. If anyone wants to mess with me, I'll have them know that they would be stepping into a dead end that stops their breathing. At the same time, I won't needlessly target people, but if they want to deliver the price tag that would allow me to become a core disciple, then let them feel free to step forward."

"Ahaha~" Ghost King Death Dragon couldn't help but laugh, nodding his head in approval.

"In that case, I'll leave this small matter to you, junior master. Would you like to take some rest? I'll have your quarters prepared in this palace in a few minutes."


Davis gave a slight nod, gathering his people to enter the techniques hall that was further inside the palace. However, they went onto the upper floor as the current floor was meant for mortals.

Here, he had Mingzhi and Schleya pick a few manuals and techniques they wanted.

Although they couldn't learn many powerful manuals as they weren't a member of the Ghost Tear Hall, they could browse through manuals and techniques that were taken as spoils from assassination missions.

These kinds of manuals sold for a lesser price than the Ghost Tear Hall's manuals and techniques, allowing them to buy whatever they needed in bulk.

As learning materials, these manuals would become particularly useful to them in comprehending many aspects of Darkness Laws and Blood Laws that they aren't aware of but could comprehend and understand better as they had already absorbed Darkness Essence Orb and Blood Essence Orb, respectively.

"These darkness-attributed cultivation manuals are not more useful than the ones I obtained back there... you know..."

Mingzhi complained, causing Davis to shrug.

He would not allow them to join the Ghost Tear Hall no matter what, as that would make them vulnerable to Shadow Battles. At this point, they were just his subordinates or simply his women, so they would be considered his family members who couldn't be touched.

If they went outside, utmost they could be illegally killed, but if they joined the Ghost Tear Hall, they could be legally killed in a Shadow Battle.

Although a Shadow Battle required a valid reason to be invoked, like grievances, it could be initiated for no reason either, after which the one who invoked it would be vulnerable to getting killed without getting protected by the Ghost Tear Hall. It was even more the case when he was an Anarchic Divergent, and the rules could be bent for him.

Davis had no intention to even consider even if they requested to join. After all, this place was not the Aurora Cloud Gate that protected its disciples to the fullest as long as they were in the just.

Here, it was better to consider everyone was out for each other's throats.

On the other hand, he saw that Schleya was diligent and didn't complain even though she didn't obtain high-quality manuals and could even be said to have obtained worse than Mingzhi's as blood-attributed manuals were hard to come by because most of them were adulterated content containing impure cultivation methods which would invite numerous complications in one's cultivation.

"You are Dead End?

Abruptly, a voice echoed from the section beside them as a pair of eyes glared at them from the other side.


Davis was starting to become annoyed, wondering if it was another core disciple intending to mock him and tell him to be careful. However, the words that came out of that person slightly intrigued him.

"I have a personal assassination requested to be handed to you."

"Go on."

Davis said, causing that man to disappear like the wind.

'Hmm...? A soul body that dispersed...?'

Davis blinked at this scene. However, he didn't stay still but walked towards the other section, only to see a jade slip left behind.

With a flick of his hand, he brought the jade slip into his grasp and read the information recorded inside, causing his brows to frown.

'The fuck... They want me to assassinate the Zyrus Family's Patriarch, a Peak Immortal King...?'