Everyone was shocked by Renfa Jadelight's utterance, but the one who was the most shocked was naturally Davion Jadelight.

Even she was not able to break through to the Immortal Emperor Stage?

The hellish situation they were in did not allow them any reprieve, so they had planned to enter the Immortal Emperor Stage and welcome the opposing forces in one last stand, but it was unthinkable they both failed to break through.

"So it's really like that..."

Great Ancestor Zenflame sighed.

Naturally, since Hirona and Sierra both said that they were also unable to break through, he thought this could apply to all. If it didn't, then it could only mean that their Fire Phoenix Clan was cursed for committing an atrocious deed like deceiving their own immortal inheritor.

Fortunately, it seemed like it wasn't a punishment from that existence or the heavens since every immortal inheritor was now getting stuck in the Peak Immortal King Stage.

"A limiter…" Davion Jadelight wryly smiled.

As long as any one of them tried to break through and realized that they couldn't, they should all naturally come to the same conclusion seeing that no one was able to break into the Immortal Emperor Stage.

This would also mean that for ten years, they can only choose to polish their techniques, no longer racing to increase their cultivation base.

"What about the immortal inheritors who are already in the Immortal Emperor Stage?"

The Starlight Jade Wolf King asked. There were a few who had just gained their immortal inheritances in the last hundreds of years, so they could already be in the Immortal Emperor Stage and didn't sleep in the Heavenly Stasis Ice Valley.

The immortal inheritors blinked, only imagining that they might regress in cultivation base these ten years.

The sun was high in the skies, shining its magnificent glow toward the land. However, the cloudy skies stopped the sunlight from reaching the land, making the atmosphere seem somewhat gloomy.

The fourth day passed without further invasion, but on the fifth day, the Divergent Hunt Coalition gathered again, and this time, all the Great Generals were present.

It seemed like, with Nadia massacring all their forces in the headquarters, things had gotten out of hand. Now almost all the alliances were seething with rage wanting to destroy the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan and get rid of this humiliation.

However, Great Ancestor Zenflame, Hirona, and Sierra were all still kept on the execution platform, their bodies restricted by the guillotine. Therefore, even if the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan's people failed to behead them, the guillotine's blade would naturally fall on them.

The blade was specially crafted from a special kind of ore so that an immortal's soul wouldn't survive the beheading.

Nonetheless, the Starlight Jade Wolf King raised his giant blade and kept it above the neck of Great Ancestor Zenflame.

"You really don't learn, do you, Patriarch Killian Zenflame?"


Patriarch Killian Zenflame kept glaring at them. They were before the walls of the city, breaking down the barrier with hundreds of attacks. Although their attacks were not making a dent, it was definitely consuming the energy of the barrier by a large amount and would soon cause it to collapse from lack of energy source.

"Do you want to sacrifice your clan's ultimate goal to kill us all in order to hunt down my brother, the Emperor of Death?"

The Starlight Jade Wolf King chuckled before he shook his head, "You really have lost your mind."

Renfa Jadelight and Davion Jadelight turned to look at their Patriarch. They were in their positions, ready to take the battle formations to the battlefield, but they knew that they were at their wit's end already.

All the cities in the outer region and the inner region had collapsed since the morning except the city they were in, making it the only surviving city. The troops of the Golden Crow Clan, Obsidian Crystal Turtle Clan, and the Earth Dragon Clan were still with them, ready to lay their lives after battling together while having their backs to each other.

The intent to defend was at an all-time high!

However, if they lost even this city and retreated back into the core region, then it would finally be a battle between the Immortal Emperors.

Such destruction would leave nothing in its wake, not even negotiation.

Even now, the situation was rapidly deteriorating as they could sense Immortal Emperors in the distance. They were there, but they didn't make any moves, silently sitting with their eyes closed, ready to move at a moment's notice.

In the distance, Patriarch Killian Zenflame had his eyes closed.

He couldn't help but remember the conversation that happened yesterday with his grandfather, Ancestor Reselius Zenflame.

"Grandfather, can we even do anything anymore? They have our immortal inheritors, threatening us with their heads."

There was a moment of silence before a calm voice resounded.

"Killian, they're no longer our immortal inheritors. They presented their heads to the enemy of their own volition instead of realizing their mistakes and apologizing, making them the enemies of our Fire Phoenix Clan, especially since the clan is in peril with the imminent threat that is the Emperor of Death."


"If you want to save the clan, then abandon everything else, even the ultimate goal of bringing glory to our origin. There is nothing more important than the safety of the clan, even if it means that everyone else suffers under our ambitions to reach the apex, making them dare not think about harming our clan in any way possible!"


Patriarch Killian Zenflame's eyes shot wide open. He raised his hand, flicking his fingers open into a palm, when the barrier in front of him suddenly started to collapse from the lack of energy.



The forces of the Divergent Hunt Coalition released a sky-shattering war cry as their voices reached the heavens and caused the cloudy atmosphere in the skies to be blown away, revealing the bright skies.

It was as though the heavens were shining on their victory, causing them to roar even louder as they charged with their battle formations toward the center of the city.


At the same time, the forces of the Central Primesky Alliance were also ready to meet them in battle, charging toward them. The Starlight Jade Wolf King was about to swing down the giant blade on Great Ancestor Zenflame.

However, his arms became stiff. The others also suddenly saw the silhouette of a purple-robed, blonde-haired man hovering between both armies. His figure dropped right in front of the furious charge of the Divergent Hunt Coalition, their momentum unstoppable.


Their forces had just found the anomaly when they suddenly saw a curved blade dance, creating thin lines of pitch-black energy revolving around him.


Their bodies jolted as a chill shot through their spine as they tried to come to a stop but suddenly found themselves entering his range.

*Rip!~* *Ripp!~* *Rippp!~*

The Great Generals suddenly found themselves naked, as in, they were no longer in their battle formations but floating in the skies for some reason and could not stop themselves from plunging towards the ground.

*Thud!~* *Thud!!~* *Thud!!!~*

Only after their heads fell along with a rain of blood that quickly formed a huge puddle did they realize that their battle formations were carved cleanly without a sound while their bodies were practically split into many pieces of flesh, a strand of viscous death energy entering their souls before it puffed the life out of them.

As a result, a huge vacuum appeared at the center of the Divergent Hunt Coalition's forces, occupied only by a single person whose gaze was calm yet seething with killing intent as he sat on a scythe's blade.

"Emperor of Death!"

While the entire battlefield was stunned, Patriarch Killian Zenflame ground his teeth, immortal emperor undulations quickly thrumming to life as he shot towards him!