However, the Starlight Jade Wolf King couldn't bring himself to do it, turning to look towards the vile expression of the Fire Phoenix Clan Patriarch.

"I will… I will not die until I bite his neck off and suffer a damned death…!"

He growled, rapidly turning into a beast as jade light encased him.


Ancestor Riyard was furious. If the Starlight Jade Wolf King shot through his bottleneck, there was nothing he could do other than retreat with the others! Otherwise, the King's sacrifice would've been for nothing.

A giant jade wolf appeared. Its wings spread as though encompassing the city. It was as big as a battle formation but had an even more presence, causing the opposing gazes to frown.

"Don't be so hasty, brother Fenren. It's not like I'm dead yet."


Abruptly, everyone froze as they saw a purple-robed man still sitting on a scythe's rod appear beside the Starlight Jade Wolf King's big wolf face.

The latter was also stunned as he looked at Davis's blonde hair waving ever so lightly in the air. His pupils were dilated as he watched the smirk of confidence remaining on Davis's face, somehow causing him to feel that it was going to be alright, yet he shook himself out of his reverie and sent him a soul transmission.

"Quick! Run!"

"I'm really sorry about the lives your clan has lost..."

Davis uttered, his expression turning solemn.

"You… this isn't the time for that…"

The Starlight Jade Wolf King reeled in disbelief, unable to believe his audacity to remain calm at this moment.


On the other side, Patriarch Killian Zenflame didn't seem that shocked. Instead, his calm gaze tried to deduce the situation as he felt that there was no way a Mid Stage Immortal King could've survived that attack and would even kill a Level Three Immortal Emperor if they were just standing there like a fool.

'Did he heal himself back? No, did he revive…?'

There were rumors going around that the Emperor of Death was practically unkillable because of his past, which was said that he had died one or two times already. As a phoenix, he was inclined to think this was a possibility because their King-Tier and Emperor-Tier ranks could revive multiple times.

It wasn't something that was unconceivable as their regal phoenix ancestors have done this time and time again, leaving their enemies shuddering with fear.

'Well… if I can't kill him, I'll just seal him with one of my Fire Phoenix Clan's Legacy Treasure...'

Patriarch Killian Zenflame smirked, side-eying his clan's Great General to make a move.

Great General Eiren Zenflame nodded ever so lightly before he opened his mouth, his voice blasting out.

"Idiot! If you had just been silent and escaped, your life could've been at least-"

Suddenly, he stopped speaking while he still smiled, looking at the Emperor of Death remained in a posture that said that he released something as he had one of his hands raised towards him while having his finger flicked.

"Shut your mouth. Can't you see we're talking here?"

Davis coldly uttered before he brought down his hand and turned to look at the Starlight Jade Wolf King, a somber light gleaming in his eyes as he didn't know how to face this brother who endangered his own clan for him.

But contrary to him, the Starlight Jade Wolf King's eyes were wide as he looked at Great General Eiren Zenflame's head fall from his neck. The latter was still within his battle formation, and it appeared like it wasn't harmed in any way, yet the Great General's head fell.

Great General Eiren Zenflame was someone whom he had a hard time against, never to defeat, die in an instant as the battle formation was now collapsing with the main node gone.


"Great General!"

The Vice Generals, Captains, and Vice Captains in that battle formation had just noticed their Great General's death upon the collapse of the formation, causing their expressions to be horrified.

Patriarch Killian Zenflame also had his eyes wide.

What had just happened!? He had seen nothing!


Tumultuous waves of Immortal Emperor undulations surged from a distance, tens of Ancestors making their move as they rushed towards the city.



However, one of them rammed straight into something invisible, causing that Ancestor to be rebound as he spat a mouthful of blood while releasing a painful and ear-shuddering cry.

It instantly made the other Ancestors come to a stop, their eyes gleaming with suspicion as they used eye arts.

"This is…"

They suddenly saw an invisible barrier solidify all the way to the top at the center, creating a dome as it encased the city completely, even the Divergent Hunt Coalition's forces. Their first thought was that the Emperor of Death messed up badly on constructing a defensive formation as it didn't keep their forces out, but the next moment, their expressions changed as they realized something.

The hundreds of battle formations covering the northern part of the city also shuddered, especially when they heard the Emperor of Death's cold voice resound again.

"Don't worry. You'll all get your chance to die. After all, none of you are leaving this place alive."

Davis's gaze fell from the Ancestors who tried to kill him to Patriarch Killian Zenflame, his sapphire eyes gleaming with an incredible killing intent that caused the latter's expression finally change as he understood what went on.

What was the Emperor of Death doing waiting all this time before revealing himself again?

Was he measuring what the Starlight Jade Wolf King would do upon his death? Was he waiting for them to let their guard down?

No, he had been waiting for the area-wide sealing formation he set up sneakily to appear so that they could be all trapped together with him!

Indeed, with space sealed and a defensive barrier at the Mid Immortal Emperor Grade created, Davis really wanted to see who could escape his wrath, even wanting to take things slow, slowly grinding their brazen wills into one of despair, the kind of despair that would satiate the fallen brethren of his brother, Fenren Jadelight.