[R-18 Chapter: Sexual Content (1/2)]

The world faded out of existence as the lovers' senses focused on one person.

The seconds ticked by as Varian and Enigma stared into each other's eyes.

His pitch black eyes and her glittering purple eyes search for something in each other.

A whisper of longing, a flicker of affection and the flood of desire. As the world, their sounds the void.

Varian's ragged breathing and hot breath tickled Enigma's supple skin and her disordered breathing reached his face, lighting up a fire that burned him with lust.

As she was gently placed on the soft, fragrant flower mattress, Enigma's chest heaved up, highlighting her curves and inviting him for a tantalizing meal.

Varian bent down, his lips hovering over Enigma as he stared into her eyes.

He didn't kiss.

Neither did she.

They stared into each other, as if frozen in time.

Their hearts throbbed, louder and loader, shouting their love and passion.



And then, they beat as one.


Varian slowly pressed down his lips on hers. Her lips were soft like petals of a rose and responded meekly.

The warmth of her lips was like a gentle fire, it spread from his lips and slowly engulfed his entire body. It gently burned away his rationality, pulling him slowly into the abyss of desire.

His hands gently brushed past her sensitive ears and neck, caressing her skin with love.

Enigma felt tingles of electricity coursing her skin wherever his warm fingers touched.

It was tiny, gentle bursts of pleasure that started from her ears, neck and then spread to her chest before reaching her entire body.

If her unexpected intrusion into Varian's intimacy with Sia was like an abrupt lightning, this was a gentle breeze.

Drop by drop, pleasure continued to fall on her. It was still early but they promised to drown her. And Enigma closed her eyes to drown.

Her lips parted as a moan escaped her throat as his fingers gently reached her black top and brushed her sensitive tips.

Varian's tongue darted into her mouth and danced against her little tongue. Like the dance of two snakes, their tongues moved. With every passing moment, their movements grew wilder.

Enigma was vaguely aware that her tips had gone erect and were exploding with jolts of pleasure as Varian caressed them.

Moans were leaking out of her were already beyond her control and she was rubbing her thighs in desperation, waiting for his burning hands to reach there.

Varian broke the kiss and removed her top. Bending over, he kissed her breasts gently before sucking on one of the tips.

"Eh~" Enigma felt a mix of tickling as well as pleasure. "N-Nothing…hngh..will come out~"

Varian halted for a moment, seemingly surprised at her words before he burst into a chuckle and sucked harder.

Enigma's toes curled up at the sudden, violent, and numbing pleasure.

While he massaged her breast with one hand, Varian's other hand moved over her belly in circles. Enigma didn't know why, but her waist arched up as his teasing hand grew closer and closer to her softness.

But Varian didn't go down her belly, using his thumb, he kept drawing circles around her navel.


His movements were gentle, teasing, and started to burn a fire between her legs.



Before she knew it, Enigma felt a dampness between her legs. The itch had grown unbearable and was gnawing away her rationality.

All that was left was a void. A void to be filled. With his lust and passion.

Biting her lower lip, she grabbed Varian's hand teasing her naval and pulled it down, between her legs.

With a brush of his fingers, her shorts vanished and left her in black lace panties.

Varian shifted on the bed and moved his two hands between her thighs.

Gently caressing them and teasing them in circles, his warm hands went higher and higher. As they did, his fingers were covered by the wetness leaking out.

Enigma moaned louder and louder, the fire of lust burning her soul as she waited for his hands to finally reach her intimate area.

And she waited.

"H-Huuuh?" Opening her moist eyes, she glanced at Varian between her legs with a sultry look.

She realized that she had parted her thighs at some point, inviting him to explore the secrets.

And he stopped his hands just at the edges, his thumbs right at the borders of her flower.

With a flushed face, teary eyes, and a confused gaze, she moaned. "W-Why?"

A small smile etched on Varian's lips and he gently caressed the edges of her flower, causing her petals to open and close while her thighs trembled from the pleasure. "Ask."

"Hngh~?" Enigma moaned with a confused expression.

Her once cold and indifferent expression was long gone. Now, it was filled with sensuality, lust, and hunger.

Varian was raging hard, ready to bed her for seven days and nights. He wanted to devour her and desperately make love.

But before all that, he wanted to hear it from her. He wanted to see that beautiful face and ask for it.

"Tell me what you want."

He expertly massaged at the edges of her flower, pushing her pleasure higher and higher but just stopping at the most critical stage.

Enigma raised her waist, trying to pull his fingers in but he deftly pulled back and kept massaging the edges.

"Tell me Enigma, what do you want me to do."

"T-Th…hngh~" Enigma bit her lip and glared at him with a pitiful gaze that couldn't hide her lust. "P-Put it in."

Varian's clothes vanished away. His lean but muscular body towered over her and a scorching hardness suddenly placed itself over her flower.

Enigma shivered as she felt a burning sensation over there and then began to moan as she felt him rub it against her lower lips.


He slid it up and down her lips, giving her mind-numbing pleasure in agonizingly slow strokes.

It pushed her higher and higher and Enigma clutched the flowers that somehow acted as the bedsheets.

Her body ached for it.


Varian stabbed in.