Varian crashed against the wall and slid down powerlessly. His head was dizzy while he bled like a broken dam, forming a red puddle under him.

"That's enough." Isadora tried hard not to wince at her badly mangled hand and announced the end of the battle.

"N-No, I-I'm not d…" Varian tried to stand up but he ended up collapsing to the floor and losing consciousness.

Sarah activated the seal on Isadora and pushed her to rank 3. After ensuring she won't be able to ambush them, she rushed to Varian and lifted him up.

Even though he's conscious, Varian's arm habitually wrapped around her shoulder in a protective embrace.

The blood spilling from his wounds all across his body dyed Sarah's white dress a bloody red. Biting her lip, she looked at his frowning expression in distress.

"Idiot." Letting him lean against her, she slowly walked away.

Isadora stood alone, watching them in silence and spat. "Idiot indeed."

The bottleneck would loosen in two or three weeks by itself. But he's trying to bypass that limitation.

The amount of effort he put in was astounding and Isadora had to wonder if the world was ending tomorrow for him to put in such efforts.

"Master! Master, those bastards were talking about the princes arrival!" Oob's screams in the hallway unsettled Isadora.

For a brief moment, she wondered if she should help. But then quickly shook her head.

— — — —

In one of the many satellite galaxies of the milkyway:

Once home to a powerful duchy that surpassed its class and was on its way to becoming a kingdom, it was abruptly attacked by the Warring faction under Princess Eshala.

Instead of direct war, the Warring faction used a specially bred spirit creature and launched a bio-spirit war on the duchy.

One year later, the duchy was infested by spirit creatures that turned everyone into mindless killing beasts.

Pala Kingdom, as the nearest large power, sent its powerhouses to purge the entire place.

Some of these 'beasts' managed to escape and in a few decades, developed sentience while growing their powers.

A rank 7 beast, supposedly low rank 7, was spotted by an intelligence operative who informed the kingdom.




"…Where did you see the chief beast?" A young man with short, unkempt brown hair walked past a street filled with fresh humanoid corpses.

Behind him were three stiff-bodied men looking around vigilantly and walking in practiced steps. Blood was dripping down their fingers and killing intent was leaking out of their every move.

The informant, a sweet young lady in her late youth, shivered from their presence and moved with a trembling body.

"Where?" The young man's voice was colder.

"I-In the old palace!" The informant lady's blue skin grew paler at his tone and she answered in a hushed voice.

"Hm." The young man tilted his head and gazed up.

A moon, as large as Earth, greeted them from space. It had three large black sections running through, evidence of the battle that nearly blew it up.

"The palace, huh." Their five silhouettes blurred and in a blink, they were standing in front of the ruins of a yellow marble building.

"Stay here." The young man said and walked through a broken arched door.

The moment he stepped in, the dusty floor under him lit up and a resounding laughter echoed throughout the moon.

"Hahahaha! Fool! If this is the best prince of Palas, then you're in for a very, very scary future."

A ten-foot tall humanoid walked from the dust and darkness. A slime-like creature with a single large eye was infesting his head, controlling him. No, at this point, it replaced his soul. There's nothing he could do to save the original owner.

"Is this the plan?" Prince Merov asked without a change in expression and lightly tapped the shining formation with his heel. "A suppression formation imposed with soul weakening?"

"That is everything. It is enough." The humanoid monster replied.

"Heh," Prince Merov's lips curled up suddenly and he muttered to empty air. "You're right. I should use this as an opportunity to establish prestige."

"Huh? Who are you talking to, have you gone insane?" The monster was perplexed. "But I don't care. Let me relish your struggle until the last moment."

The formation flared with white light and Merov's three servants crashed to the floor as the sudden attacks rendered them helpless.

"Huh? Why are you still—"

Merov ignored it and raised his hand.

The monster was already panicking seeing him unaffected by the formation. So, when he raised his hand, it jumped out of the moon with one kick.

Instead of targetting the clear target moving away, Merov turned back and fired at the informant who was fleeing to her spaceship.

The space turned red for a moment and the young lady dropped dead abruptly, not a single wound on her body. It was as if her life was abruptly cut off.

Then, Merov casually drew out a spear and slammed it into the floor.

The formation, which could take on the attacks of any low rank 7 cracked apart in a blink and the aftermath of the attack spread to the moon.

A second later, a huge crack appeared, running across the moon, from its northern end to its southern.

Another second later, the moon exploded into pieces.

"F-Fuck!" The monster which was flying to the star of the planets to jump into the teleportation array looked back in horror.

Breaking the moon wasn't a big deal. But breaking that formation…

Before it could think any further, Prince Merov jumped out of the explosion and stood still in the space.

He casually raised his hand, pointed it toward the monster, and then clenched his fist.

The world seemed to be still for a moment before the monster started to dissolve into pieces.

"Too weak," Prince Merov shook his head and looked at his communicator. "Near Centaurus, huh."

His silhouette blurred and disappeared.

A moment later, a shockwave spread from the monster's body.

The host star and its ten planets exploded.