A young man with brown hair in casual clothes appeared in front of Edison. Behind him was a woman in erotic maid clothing.

Looking at his servant's reverence, a smile broke on the young man's haughty face and he ruffled the latter's hair like one would to a dog.

Edison showed a satisfied smile and stood up, rubbing his hands. "Your Highness, would you like a tour of these backward, please? These uncivilized savages would be blessed for generations to be seen by you."

Merov paused for a moment and expanded his senses. They enveloped the solar system and studied human civilization in a few breaths.

They're humanoid—like most sentient civilizations—but didn't seem any special. They were too weak, too primitive.

Merov subconsciously rubbed the ring on his finger with a forced smile. He was reminded of his own past by this civilization.

Weak. Pitiful. Forgotten.

Just like these people. If not for his fortunes altering that day, perhaps he would have been living like them in the Pala kingdom.

Sensing the change in his mood, the silent maid took his hand and pressed it onto her bosom.

Merov relaxed and patted the maid in appreciation.

"No. These people disgust me."

"Then should we end them? It can be framed as an accident due to those jai minions…" Edison said without any hesitation. "A couple billion lives won't make any difference. Centaurus won't stand up for them and call for an investigation anyway."

"Priorities, little guy, priorities." Merov clicked his tongue and shook his head.

"My deepest apologies!" Edison slammed his head to the fortress floor so hard that the entire structure shook violently and said. "Everything after your successful expedition, Your Highness!"

Far away in the manor, Varian looked at Baldur with a weird gaze. It was as if he watching an animal in a zoo.

Baldur had goosebumps and glared.


"…I'm dying watching them speak like that. What the hell is their deal? That guy acts like a dog and this prince acts like a dog owner. And that maid, what the hell?" Varian gave an exaggerated shrug.

"You bastard!" Baldur's face paled. "He can hear us, it's ov—"

"Nah. I made my preparations." Varian waved his hand. The formations in the manor surfaced lightly.

Baldur's heart which nearly stopped beating kicked back into action and the poor man sighed in relief.

"Phew, I almost fucking died."

A moment later, a man with blonde hair and dark skin in formal clothes appeared in front of Finar. Behind him was also a maid. In a very classy outfit, she stood with her hands in front and gave off a calm but elegant demeanor.

With a bright smile, Finar greeted his superior.

"What region do the coordinates end up at?" Prince Rudolph went straight to the point.

"Codenamed: A2C4, a satellite galaxy under the rule of Jai Empire," Finar said.

"Then there's room for play," Rudolph showed a small smile while still retaining his dignified demeanor.

"Sir, do you want to tour this civilization?"

"After the mission, Finar."

"Yes, Sir."

The envoy took some materials and treasures given by his prince and started working on the deep purple vortex.

They were now solidifying and strengthening the space portal to hold even when peak rank 7s travel through it.

It's a difficult task but thanks to the generous treasures, it'd be accomplished in a few hours.

"…Why is that arrogant and always loud guy acting so nicely while the always aloof guy behaving like a dog? Do they have dual personalities or what?" Baldur had no answer to Varian's question.

People wore different masks for different occasions, after all. He had to appear dignified and strong to those from Centaurus.

But here?

Baldur laid down on a couch, head resting on the palms behind and humming a small tone as he watched the candidates.

The final candidate to appear was a woman with long pink hair and alluring pale pink skin. Behind her was also a maid, less dignified than Rudolph's but definitely dressed well for the occasion.

Ashley nearly jumped at her appearance and greeted her with a bright smile. "Princess!"

Sonya nodded lightly and handed over a few treasures.

All the words that Ashley wanted to say were sealed off and the female envoy went to work with a sullen face.

The three candidates looked out from their fortresses and their gazes clashed.

Merov snickered and walked into the fortress with a sneer.

Rudolph looked at both of them with a solemn gaze.

Sonya, however, ignored the two of them and looked at the solar system in confusion.

There was something familiar in this place. Something nostalgic.

'This is where she died. My mind is playing tricks on me.' Sonya told herself, but expanded her senses to check the solar system anyway.

Inside Hortus:

Isadora's eyelids snapped open and she looked at the space with a cold gaze. Flames of darkness began to ooze out of her and a heavy pressure started to fill the air.

Oob manifested in front of her with a hesitant expression but displayed the screens.

Isadora stared at the maid behind Prince Merov and one behind Prince Rudolph for exactly one minute each.

Then, she turned to Princess Sonya.

A powerful aura fluctuation pusled through her and the bottleneck to rank 7 was broken.

If not for the seal pushing down her surging power, the aura would've enveloped the entire space of Hortus.

"Mother," Isadora looked up at the screens with a mad, cold and vengeful gaze.

A woman's face surfaced in her mind. A pretty, elegant and loving face that kept her going through her hard times.

But the same face, same person…

Because of one difference.

One damn difference!

Isadora's breathing grew ragged and she desperately wanted to go out and slaughter.

The killing intent had no seal and it covered Hortus, turning the sky crimson red.

With blood dripping down her lips, Isadora vowed. "I'll send my sister's head to you first, dear mother."