Space cracked like a mirror. Gravity twisted like a rope. Time's flow distorted.

An aura tsunami struck the world. It'd have blown away Baldur Manor if not for the triple-layer defensive formations active.

The maids of the candidates floated in space, their auras locking onto the manor.

Daphne took the lead.

A green light shot out from her fingertips and the entire domain was covered in a green dome.

On the manor grounds, Sage Nevar reacted the fastest and cut off the space around them from the surroundings.

Even then, the green light tried to seep in through the void and it partially succeeded.

Since they didn't have the luxury of easily breaking the anti-space formation, Prince Xoler was given the task of pulling them away using his racial talent.

It was hard to activate in the current situation but Xoler poured his focus into it.

As such, he didn't notice when a few green twinkles touched his arm. The next moment, his arm exploded.

Xoler's eyebrows twitched but the aura in his body kept pouring in for the activation of his racial talent.

The exploded flesh and blood turned into a smaller version of him. But its eyes, skin, and hair were all light green.

With a malicious smile, the clone raised its aura. The space separation created by Nevar began to crack apart.

"Fuck!" Champion Gor cursed and swung his axe.

The clone burst into pieces and the shockwaves shook the sub-space they were in.

As a result, cracks appeared in the space, allowing more and more tendrils of green light to seep in, promising them hell.

It appeared stupid but it was a deliberate move to let those attacks fall on Xoler and kill him.

'This fucking bastard is fine dying for his mission!' Sage Nevar's eyes flashed with fury and his aura locked onto Gor.

Champion Gor growled in dissatisfaction. He didn't care if it was Sage Nevar. His existence was dedicated to Jataur. Fulfilling his missions was the highest priority.

'The primary mission this time is to kill the Black Rose assassin!' Through a special treasure, Nevar's voice sounded in his mind.

Gor pursed his lips and glanced at Xoler with an unwilling expression before yelling. "Mor!"

With a menacing growl, Hybrid Mor raised its hand and shot out a beam of red light.

Even though it didn't hit them, just the flow of red beams drove the vitality of the trio to unrest.

For a brief moment, all their energy seemed to be drained, their minds exhausted and their consciousness on the verge of ending.


The red beam nullified the power of life and formed a protective cover outside to block any life attacks.

"Daphne, you can't even deal with nobodies."

Outside the manor, the maid of Prince Merov, Reina, gave a mocking laugh.

"…Aren't you worried about Prince Baldur's condition? Why are you still not making a move?" Daphne asked with a displeased expression even as beams of green light began to shoot out from her palms.

"He isn't my prince's brother-in-law," Reina chuckled.

The maid of Princess Sonya, Romanov, shook her head. "Failing to catch the criminal who attacked a prince is grave incompetence. Incompetence enough to affect the reputation of the prince you're serving under."

Reina's brows knitted together and she glared with a disdainful expression. "You little bitch, me and Daphne were both rank 8s who regressed. Glorious warriors who fought under the Punishment Order. Someone like you don't even have the qualifications to even interfere in our affairs."

Romanov's face turned livid and she glanced at Daphne. The woman she tried to support, even if only through a gesture, didn't even spare her a glance and instead focused on her own attacks.

"Heh," With a sneer, Reina snapped her fingers. Three humanoids appeared behind Reina, looking like sculpted statues. One was low rank 7 while the other two were mid rank 7.


With her order, the three shot at the mansion, distorting the fabric of space-time through their sheer speed.

"You…" Only then did Romanov realize the terror of Reina.

'Enslaver. Normally, a rank 7 Enslaver should only have a couple rank 6 slaves at most. Or maybe one rank 7 slave.

But Reina regressed from rank 8. Even though she lost almost all her slaves, she was still able to retain a few.'

"What are you waiting for? Go, join my slaves!" Reina shooed her.

Romanov gritted her teeth and with a single jump, entered the manor. By then, Reina's slaves were already bombarding the spatial barrier, pushing it to the edge of collapse.

Pulling the strength from every fiber of her being, Reina raised a fist and her body blurred.

The next moment, the spatial separation was ripped open and the four invaders inside were exposed.

The green beams from the sky paused for a moment before coalescing into concentrated shots.

Sage Nevar's eyes showed anxiety for the first time and he yelled at Prince Xoler. "Hurry!"

Xoler didn't reply but used up the last bits of aura in his body.

Endless beams of green light shot towards the four.

With a high growl, Hybrid Mor stepped forward and a wall of red light popped up. But this time, the power of death failed.

Green spots appeared on the red wall before the beams of green light shot through the defense.

Sage Nevar put on defenses for both himself and Prince Xoler. As a result, Prince Xoler remained safe but two green lights drilled through his body.

Xoler didn't hesitate for a moment and used his space powers to rip those powers out of his body and throw them away.

Green light enveloped those pieces of flesh before they quickly grew into clones of Sage Nevar.

A green beam penetrated Champion Gor's chest, nearly bringing him to his knees. As the invasive life power tried to expand, he gave a loud growl and urged the power of his body.

Paragon Body gave a quick response and destroyed the body part before anything else could happen. But the cost of that move was heavy enough that Champion Gor paled.

The worst hit was Hybrid Gor. His body was riddled with holes of green light, all squirming, trying to consume him. The death power in him was desperately fighting back against the invasion.

"Risk assessment: Low." Reina flew above the manor.

Daphne pressed her hands together and a much more powerful beam of light began to gather.

On the ground, Maid Romanov kicked the ground and reached Xoler in the blink of an eye.

As her fist was about to blow his skull, a powerful space shock repelled her back.

Sage Nevar stood in front of the Prince and stared at the charging beam vigilantly.

Romanov also sensed the danger and returned. The slaves left a second earlier.

The next moment, the world-ending green beam shot down the intruders. The space-time shook violently and Xoler glowed with a brilliant light.

The next moment, the Zions disappeared.

The green light enveloped Baldur's mansion. Instead of exploding, the manor disappeared, as if it was erased out of existence.

A light year away, Xoler, Nevar, Gor, and Mor crashed onto an asteroid.

"That bastard knew we were after him! It's…a trap!" Xoler smashed his fist against the hard stones.

Nevar's space sense captured the turbulence in the distance and he frowned. "They're after us. Retreat."

He gave Champion Gor a look and used his powers on the exhausted Xoler. The space around them distorted and they disappeared.

Upon receiving the order, Hybrid Mor activated his own space power and enveloped them both.

But a green light reached them out of all expectations, drilling right through their hearts.

Coughing out blood, Gor took out a talisman and activated it. "Hurry!"

Hybrid Gor's space powers turned chaotic and the space fluctuated violently.

A silhouttee reached them in an instant. Maid Romanov jumped into the narrow range of fluctuating space with a predatory smile.

The next moment, the three of them disapppeared.

Maid Daphne and Maid Reina appeared right away and wanted to trace the location of teleport.

But the talisman exploded, making a mess out of everything.

"Damn it!" Maid Reina hissed at her slaves. "You good for nothings, she was faster than you!"

The slaves trembled and lowered their heads.

"Forget about her," Daphne commented, her face a bit pale. "Prince Baldur is missing. He's not with them and there's no trace of his death. Did he manage to escape?"

"I don't care," Reina snorted. "I'm going back."

Daphne wanted to stop her but knew she had no leverage. With a sigh, she took out a compass-like treasure and threw it where the four previously stood.

The needle on the compass turned violently.