Daphne didn't die.

Even though Sarah's attack was powerful, her head, limbs were all still intact.

Just her torso exploding was not enough to kill her.

"But how?! You clearly aren't hybrids"

Her screams didn't reach the prince. Nor did the emergency message she sent through all the channels available.

'The barrier!'

Daphne's heart sank as she realized she's facing something completely beyond common sense.

The exploded torso was regenerated in a blink but her body was shaking, as if it just experienced something terrible. It wasn't the sword of light that dealt the damage.

No, it was the…

Daphne raised her head and widened her eyes at the plain-looking woman. She didn't look anything like that majestic figure. The aura itself was too weak.

Yet, that sword…

The sword of darkness that burned space itself…

"P-Princess Isadora?" Daphne's voice cracked and her knees trembled.

It's a taboo to let your personal emotions get the better of you in a battle, much less a life and death battle between real enemies.

Yet, even knowing the danger she's putting herself into, Daphne couldn't help it.

Like a bunny standing in front of a prehistoric beast, her instincts screamed the moment they recognized that darkness.

This woman really…

"H-How are you—" Daphne knew how pathetic she sounded but the question consumed her soul.

500 years ago, that fateful day near Centaurus, it happened. So, how was she still here?

"I will judge you." Isadora's voice was cold and calm, as if she was telling a casual thing to an acquintance.

Daphne trembled but didn't speak back. The fear in her heart was engraved deep.

As someone who lived through that time, she had witnessed the legend of this princess. She's one of the few the Princess considered close. So, she was privy to more information than the public.

That's why, she was aware of how dangerous this woman really was. If she insisted on killing her, no one, not even the king of Palarians could stop her.

He might delay her today, tomorrow. But soon…not too long from now, even he would be helpless.

Princess Isdaora wasn't someone to be measured with common sense. Anyone who tried to do so were left with a bitter lesson they wouldn't forget till death.

So Daphne's instinct after confirming it was really Isadora wasn't to run but to listen. To hope. To pray.

"You have two choices." Isadora's transformation was partially undone and those ruby-like eyes shone with rightful arrogance.

"One. Accept the torture for a year and then become my war slave. You can survive.

Two. You will die.

Make your choice, traitor."

Daphne withdrew all defense and knelt in submission. "Honored princess, I pick the first choice."

She didn't even use her super senses to show her sincerity.

In the first place, when Isadora proposed something like that and gave her two choices, the thought that the legendary princess might break her word didn't even surface in her mind.

Even if it's Prince Rudolph, she'd maintain some skepticism over his promises. The Prince had lied on numerous ocassions. Mostly to enemies, but also to allies.

He even lied to her, when the matter was very, very important.

But Princess Isadora? She disdained to lie. It was beneath her noble and royal self to do commit a lowly act as lying.

Breaking word was a far cry.

So, Daphne surrendered, in body and soul.

And a chain of darkness wrapped her body.


A potent soul fire coursed through her soul, burning her consciousness to the point she wished to die right away.

Even though Life Force Controllers had significant defense in soul department, this attack was when her defenses were all down.

As a result, Daphne twitched like fish out of water, her eyes rolled up and she fainted.

But even until the last moment, she stared at Princess Isadora with a dumbfounded expression.

It was as if she witnessed something that shattered her world view. Despite possibly her last moment before death, all she could think of was one thing.

'How? How could she lie?'

"Ugh," Sarah groaned in frustration at the unexpected outcome.

She thought the first option was useless when Isadora voiced out the plan.

But who would've thought?

The Queen of Radiants put away the five glowing golden swords.

Even though Life Force Controller wouldn't die so easily, if she kept tearing Daphne apart to the point she couldn't regenerate and destroy every part of her, then even if she had a hundred lives, Daphne would die.

Sarah downed a potion for some recovery and wiped the corner of her mouth, while giving Isadora a sidelong glance. "Looking at her reaction, you are someone who never lie."

Isadora pursed her lips. "I learned from a shameless man who happened to be your husband."

"Heh," Sarah smirked with a teasing smile.

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

"Whatever helps you sleep!" Sarah covered her mouth and chuckled.

Even though she's usually calm and friendly, sometimes, she really, really reminded her of Varian!

"You annoying littl—"

"Don't waste time here, we have to go beat the Prince."

Sarah swiped the space in front of her.

The entrance to Hortus appeared over her, before quickly sucking her in.

A pair of wings peeked out of the entrance and saluted her. "I'll engrave the seals in her soul. It won't be perfect like master though. She will become a peak rank 6, only for a few days."

"That's more than enough. Thanks for your help, Oob."

"Of course! I'm not like a lazy ghost who does nothing but stay hidden! Oob works hard!"

Boo which was trying its best to maintain its full stealth so that a powerful rank 7 warrior from a literal kingdom couldn't find it suddenly sneezed.

"Damn you chicken wings! Always cursing Boo behind Boo's back!"

Varian wanted to slap the little bastard for making trouble now. But what could he do?

He's a poor rank 5 who had to depend on an unreliable ghost to stay alive.

"My dear cute boo, focus! Focus!"