The leader glanced at one of the women who swiftly opened up a map and checked the coordinates.

After she gave a nod, a man opened up a hexagonal crystal from his storage and threw it up.

All the seven Veyans raised their hands. Brillaint beams of starlight shot out of their palms and stuck the crystal.

The crystal's glow began to grow exponentially. In just a few seconds, it went from a bright bulb to rival the brightness of a city at night. Then it quickly shadowed the brightness of the capital planet's six stars.

The light fluctuated violently for a moment before shooting a ray of beam towards the captain.

The purple moon began to disintegrate as the beam approached.

The ground began to peel off layer by layer, everything began to shake violently and the people on the moon, from the lowest rank 3 to the highest rank 6 began to cough out blood and twitch like fishes out of water.

It wasn't even an attack.

Prince Xoler too felt a huge pressure on his shoulders suffocating his entire being. His knees cracked and his eyes began to bleed.

Even being a rank 7, he couldn't face that pressure. Unluckily, he was right next to where the beam was heading.

'F-Fuck, I'll die! I'll die by something like this!' Xoler felt his life flash before his eyes.

He felt proud of his actions just a while ago. Standing up for his race made him feel like the hero of his own story. But a few minutes later, he experienced his own insignificance.

It wasn't that he didn't love his homeland enough. It's just that he thought it'd be better if he was stronger.

'After this crisis passes, I'll pursue more strength. Governing the duchy can be left to a more capable politician. I just need to support them.'

And that was all if he didn't die due to this beam.

The captain raised his hand and the beam condensed into a thin line and shot straight into his palm.

All the pressure disappeared.

When he spread his palm, the hexagonal crystal resurfaced, a blinking red dot in its black structure.

It was useless to gain any information from it visually. But as the awakeners in space path, the Veyans could sense the complicated space signals coming out of the crystal.

The Orion leader gave the capital system with a fleeting glance and took a step forward. The members followed. As if turning invisible, they disappeared.

But Xoler knew, they weren't turning invisible, they teleported! But it was so smooth that he could barely find any spatial fluctuations.

'Right, Veyans have a terrific affinity to space. I-It's too much to ask them to deal with these intruders…'

Despite wishing for every help just minutes ago, Xoler felt that he was sending a hammer to kill an ant.

'Even if they get into the space portal, they can't esacpe. They can't.' The former prince slumped to the ground and let out a deep sigh.

While the Orion group made their entrance, an interesting reaction occured in the nearby star system.

Princess Sonya who was keeping tabs on the latest developments noticed the anamoly.

'This style…it's them! The mad hunters!' Sonya's pupils trembled.

Long back when Isadora reached the peak of rank 7, Orion sent a squad to assassinate her.

As the biggest genius of the kingdom so far, she got life-saving treasurs. She used up the only one effective treasure to kill the rank 8.

But she still had to face 48 rank peak rank 7s.

Isadora won. But even she had to rest for an entire month to recover from the aftermath.

As Isadora grew, that defeat had turned into arguably one of the greatest achievements of the group.

Sonya could vividly recall the day when she returned from academy and complained about the nasty space awakeners their class had to fight.

Applying the healing potion to her injuries, Isadora explained. "The ones you faced aren't as dangerous as the ones you're going to face.

Most races have paths that they naturally awaken in. But there are only a few races in the Alliance that awaken in the space path.

There used to be a lot more long ago. They were either slaughtered to extinction by the Jai or migrated to them, out of fear or greed.

We still have some. They are excellent, they work hard and yes, loyal.

They could compete with their counterparts in the Jai Empire at most ranks. But this parity almost disappears when the ranks start approaching the divine.

Even for the same population, they have 100x times more space geniuses than we do.

Jai also have races that awaken in other paths. But just like us, those races too can't reach the top. These talented races are the backbone of the kingdoms."

"Then, Sister, which race is the most dangerous?"

"…It's not that simple. But if it's fighting as a small group, it's Veyans. When you can defeat a Veyan squad, you'll become the best genius of the kingdom, okay?"

"T-Then what about you, sister? Won't you be a genius anymore?" Sonya looked up with pitiful eyes. "If so, I don't want to a genius. I'm fine being average."

Isadora pinched Sonya's cheeks and chuckled. "Stupid, by the time you can do that, I'll already be a divine ranker."

"…Divine ranker,"

Princess Sonya muttered with a bitter expression. "Neither am I the genius you hoped I would be nor are you the divine ranker as you said. Sister, why does it have to be this way? "

Packing up, Sonya quickly boarded her spaceship in stealth and rushed to the space portal.

A part of her wanted to fight against the Veyans and prove her sister's words to be true. To be the best genius.

But the larger part of her was scared.

Not because of her failing. But succeeding and being reminded of what she had become.

The best genius...just as her sister dreamed, after causing her death.