Prince Merov had never felt so humiliated.

A dark purple light enveloped his spaceship as he rushed through the unending expanse of space, trying to esacpe.

This was his final chance at survival. The old voice in his head had guided him to find this thing a few years ago.

Boom! Boom!

The space around the shuttle cracked and collapsed but the purple light kept repelled any damage from reaching him.

Yet, the attacks didn't stop.

Nor did the taunts from the Orion's captain.

"Call for help. You won't be able to do this alone."

"Come on, aren't you the great Palarein prince? Why are you running?"

"Pfft~ A guy like you really calls himself a genius."

"The least masculine guy in my squad would rather die than flee. Have you sold your balls for your fame?"

The insults grew increasingly hateful and demeaning. Due to his meteoric rise, he had to deal with a lot of hatred. But no one was as vulgar as this brute.

"I bet your parents aren't warriors. Was your mother spread her le—"


The purple energy of the spaceship flared and a laser beam shot at the Captain.

A hole was drilled right into his chest but the Veyan merely laughed it off. It wasn't a simple injury, of course.

The purple energy was trying to infiltrate his body and contaminate his very being. The Captain had to spent at least a third of his active aura on the injury but he didn't let any weakness show.

"Is that it? Come on! You could do better!" He taunted the Prince with a mocking smile but his eyes remained cold and indifferent.

'My guess is right. He did have a life saving treasure. It could've been dangerous if I jumped right in.'

The captain picked another approach.

Instead of trying to break the purple energy directly, he led the spaceship through chaotic spaces.

Facing the external pressure that would've ripped off even peak rank 7s to pieces, the purple light was quickly consumed.

'Soon, soon…'

As cautious as he was, the Captain was also aware he couldn't stay here forever.

They'd have to leave before actual help could arrive.


— — — — —

"Arghh!" Princess Sonya was torn into pieces by the collapse of space.

"What a tenacious woman!"

On the other side, the Orions cursed with a tinge of respect.

"But this is it, she can't recover anymore."

There were no signs of vitality from that puddle of blood and heaps of flesh. The space had gone quiet.

Even though the Orions thought they had managed to kill her, they didn't let their guard down yet.

As they prepared to verify her death, a phantom appeared in the distance and its eyes glowed green.

A light green light drilled into the bodies of the two Orions who were previously infested by Sonya's power.


"Get awa—"

This time, no one had the time to even teleport as the aura in the two Orion's bodies swelled and they both exploded.

Like a building whose pillars were hacked down, the space of this region collapsed instantly.

In the distance not too far away, Sonya slowly materialized.

Compared to earlier, her face had gone completely pale. The brimming vitality once found as a Life Spirit was nowhere to be seen.

She had been 'killed' so many times and with each death, she grew closer and closer to her actual end.

The Princess tried to send emergency signals with her artifacts but all of them were blocked by these damn bastards!

Unlike the other two, she didn't have the luxury of owning rare treasures. She couldn't even ask for help.

"Did they die…"

The Princess stared in silence as the collapsed space began to recover.

The light that was completely swallowed in the destroyed space began to emit out as the space began to sort itself.

The Princess found four silhouettes standing tall, a spatial barrier blocking the damage.

They were bleeding heavily and their auras were unsteady. So, it wasn't as if they didn't take any damage.

But it's simply not enough.

They ignored the death of their comrades and turned to her, their eyes brimming with the intention to end her without leaving her the slightest chance.

Sonya sighed. She couldn't win this.

'So this is the place I die, huh.'

Ironically, this place wasn't too far from where her sister was attacked.

'It's coming back in full circle.'

As those thoughts filled her mind, Sonya's chaotic heart settled down.

She looked at the four Orions with a calm gaze. 'I'll take down two of them. That'll be a decent death.'

A dark green light began to thread out of her fingers and dance around her.

Even though they were far away, the Orions felt a power locking onto them. It was as if even if they ran to another duchy, the power would find its way to them.

A Life Spirit's vengeance was indeed a dangerous thing.

As the Princess prepared for her suicidal attack, a loud explosion occurred out of nowhere.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three fortresses appeared in between the Orions and the Princess. Powerful laser beams charged on the walls, ready to strike.

Feeling the danger, the Orions changed their stance. They wouldn't die but the substantial injuries that'd come from facing those beams head-on could lead them to death.

"Everyone, retreat!"

"These enemies are dangerous!"

"Observe their positions before we make our next move!"

Sonya who was prepared for death felt a sense of relief as well as noticeable regret. She just never expected her life to be saved by the maids.

'The three maids are here to help me? Ah, it looks like I'm not destined to die here…'

The Princess closed her eyes and lowered her head while Orions began to slowly fade.

And then, the laser beams fired!

The concentrated laser beams shot at the Orions far faster than they could teleport.

The beams hit the Orions and exploded them into pieces…or at least, that's what was supposed to happen.

Boo—puff, puff, puff!

The beams exploded midway and scattered in all directions. A few rays reached the Orions who swatted them away.

There was an awkward silence in the space.

The Orions didn't bother to teleport anymore and returned to the space.

Along with Princess Sonya, they looked at the fortresses with a dumbfounded expression.

After that heroic entry and intimidating intro, wasn't this a bit too disappointing?

Then, an embarrassed voice sounded from one of the fortresses.

"Baldur, you're doing this in front of the interstellar community! Where should I put my face?"

"B-Big brother, just a sec! There was just a small issue. I'll do it right this time."

"Alright. Ladies and gentlemen, that one earlier was a mishap. A trial demonstration, hahaha! Trust me, this one is the real de—"

Boo—puff, puff, puff!

The beams quickly charged, but this time, they didn't even shoot halfway and dispersed right on the walls themselves.

"N-Not my fault! The forced takeover messed up the offensive formations!"

"You disappoint—"

The Orions laughed and redirected their gazes back at the woman.

On the other hand, Princess Sonya covered her face. 'I should have died already.'