The three candidates in the race all ended up in an unexpected state within the span of a few days.

Rudolph died an ugly death. Even as the prince was dying, Varian showed no mercy and used his soul power to inflict sever pain on the man's spirit.

His death was decided the moment his maid made those remarks. In the first place, Varian wasn't a benevolent soul.

He'd help people sometimes, would feel empathy for strangers. But if someone insulted him, he wouldn't feel the slightest guilt in making them miserable. But the maid went a step further and insulted his wives.

Merov, on the other hand, didn't offend Varian. Morally speaking, the Prince didn't have to die. But from a survival perspective, Merov surviving this and telling the tale would open a can of worms.

Rank 9s might immediately pay a visit and humanity would be prisoners in their own homeland.

Princess Sonya, on the other hand, became a 'prisoner' to speak.

He saved her from the Veyans but she just jumped from a wolf's lair to a tiger's den.

If Isadora did decide to go down the route of terror, then Sonya would've been better off dying under the Veyan.

And Veyans…

Their arrival was truly what one would call a tableflipping move.

"There are markers here. If I didn't pry deeply, I would've missed."

In front of the purple space gate that had long collapsed, Varian squinted with clenched fists.

The Veyans had a far more terrifying plan than just an assassination. They had left behind concealed but resilient space marks throughout the space passage.

Meaning, if they were to ever attempt to build a space gate to this place, it'd be done with utmost ease.

"What a dangerous race," Even though his words sounded cautionary, there was a big smile on Varian's face.

'I want to fight more…stronger, faster, experienced enemies that can push me beyond my limits…the surging strength that comes in that battle…'

Throwing his head back, Varian wanted to laugh like an evil mastermind. After noticing a piercing gaze on his back, he coughed and folded his arms with a serious expression.

"What are you doing here?"

"The Queens said that you wouldn't be here for an entire day, Your Majesty. The Hortus is moving away from the solar system as we speak. Oob noticed your presence here but the Queens weren't sure if it's really you. So, they sent me here to test out the possible imposter."

The Matriarch, in her maid uniform, pressed her hands together and bowed lightly.

"Oh?" Varian clicked his tongue as he recalled his 'plan' to move them away to save them from this dangerous battle. 'I forgot!'

"You are the real Emperor, no doubt about it." The Maid said in conviction.

"How do you know?"

"Your crazy smile…it's hard to mimic even for the professionals." Bowing her head with utmost respect, the maid gave stinging answers.

Varian rolled his eyes.

Her arrogance took a blow but her tongue was still sharp. Matriarch was Matriarch after all.

"Imperial Secretary Alison is busy in her work, please assist for a weeks." He said with a harmless expression.

The Matriarch raised her head in reflex and looked at him with a frozen expression.

Though she only looked after Hortus, even she knew the infamous sob stories and the drunken fits of the 'Real' Emperor Alison.

"I'm afraid I'm too incompetent for the job, Your Highness."

"No, no, no. You're very, very sharp. Your sharpness should be used in the right place to cut down the obstalces." Varian nodded again and again, as if he was convinced by his own words.

"Go, go work for a few weeks." With a wave of his hand, he sent off the maid to work under the busiest secretary ever.

Like a boss who found glee in his employee's misery, Varian let out a sinister chuckle.

"I'm not bad, just evil."

A few minutes later, in the Hortus' palace.

"…Stop that smile. You said it'd take a day or two, how did you return so early?" Placing her hands on her hips, Sia questioned with a pout.

Of course, this was after a thorough check up of his condition, thorough to the point she stripped him off.

"If you stop touching my triceps, I might be able to answer." Varian turned on the shower.

"Then I will touch another muscle~"

Some unspeakable but entirely predictable acts later:

"…You're shameless! He just comes after a hard battle and you jump at him!" Sarah snorted and turned to him, her gaze turning cold.

Varian lowered his head in guilt. "I…I was healed."

"Really?" Sarah crossed her arms and asked in a tone of ridicule.

"Yeah, really." Varian nodded with a stiff face.

"Okay, then come with me." She grabbed his arm and took him into the bedroom.

"Hey! Who is shameless now?!" Sia stomped her foot and tried to get in but the door was slammed shut on her face.

She tried to teleport in but the room was locked out by a formation!

After failing to break in for a while, Sia couldn't help it anymore. "Enigma! Come out! Let's fight this shameless woman!"

Enigma appeared while Sia's phantom stood right beside her with clenched fists.

Even though they could all use the three paths, each had a special affinity to one path.

Sia's mind path wouldn't help in this situation—unless she wanted to enter through just her soul.

Enigma's gravity, on the other hand, could bend space and crack the formation. With her proficiency, it's not a problem.

"I took only an hour, but it's already ten hours for them! Enigma, let's get justice!" Sia said with an awe-inspiring expression.

"…It's been only 58 minutes, 35 seconds when you uttered those words. Don't be anxious." Enigma replied in her usual calm and indifferent tone.

"I'm not the one counting seconds!" Sia rolled her eyes.

Enigma shook her head and put her hands on the door. She didn't want to destroy anything. Just break in.


"I can't do it without exploding it open. There's only one person who can."

A gentle light enveloped Enigma and Enigma's phantom appeared beside Sia. In her place stood Isadora.


Listening to the voices that a certain someone obviously didn't bother suppressing, her face turned red and blue.

Turning to the two trouble makers, she stomped her foot. "I turned myself off to get away from this and you call me in! You little…arghhh!"

Chased by the angry legendary princess, the two ran for it.