"…Why the fuck are three outsiders like us let into that important place then?" Varian couldn't help it.

"Fortune Anvil is important, not fragile. Even if they do their best, a rank 7 or even rank 8 can't leave a scratch mark on it. It's like a…um…a safe or a block made of indestructible blocks." Sonya tried to explain.

"If you're someone like Miss Calamity, well, you wouldn't be allowed in."

Even though the information was insufficient to get a complete understanding, Varian nodded.

Sonya wasn't even the crown princess. It's surprising that she knew at least this much.

Only a few hours were left for the 'Ritual'.

Meanwhile, in one of the simple mansions in the corner of the royal district, Duchess Serenthia leafed one page after another of a photo album.

It showed a cute young girl with silver hair and red eyes with a beautiful middle-aged woman.

The joy in the little girl's eyes was infectious and the woman's smile was overflowing with maternal love.

As the pages advanced and photos moved forward, the bond between them only grew stronger.

The cute girl turned into a stunning young woman.

There were no physical similarities between the two but the way they stood together, laughed and talked, it showed that they didn't need a blood link to be a daughter and mother.

Duchess Serenthia's eyes turned moist as the pages started to inevitably approach the end.

10 years before that day…

5 years before that day…

1 year, 1 month, 1 day…

Pit! Pat! Pit!

Like a gentle drizzle, tears washed down her face.

The strong image of a duchess who gained her position despite being only a rank 8 was gone, replaced by the weak silhouttee of a broken woman.

"Why must it be like this?" She wiped her face and clutched her temples. "Why does it have to be this way?"

As if there was a silent witness who'd answer her question, she asked again and again.

There was no answer.

"It can't be helped, after all. What should be done…must be done." Serenthia exhaled deeply and walked to the door.

Her eyes were cold and determined. Her gait was confident.

"Everything will be over today."

Waiting outside the mansion was a white-haired, white-skinned young woman in white dress, Princess Samantha Snow.

Serenthia closed her eyes for a brief moment.

The image of Isadora and Sonya flashed in her eyes.

But the image of a man…on his knees, in a pool of blood with his arms torn and chest cleaved open flashed in her mind.

The two scenes clashed against each other and the Duchess opened her eyes with a cold gaze.

"Show no mercy."

"I wasn't planning to." Princess Samantha said in a murderous tone in sharp contrast to the gentle caress she gave to a bracelet on her left hand.

It was't her bracelet. It's her brother's. Her dead brother.

"Duchess, I will fulfill the dream. But as a sister, I too have a debt to settle."

Serenthia nodded in understanding. They were in a similar situation after all. But no matter the personal circumstances, the dream should take precedence above all.

"For Equality."

"For Equality."

Chanting the infamous slogan of the most terrific terrorist organization that shook the Pala Kingdom in the past few centuries, the two set off.

The entrance to the Synthetic World 'Cradle' was in a highly secured area even within the Prime World.

There was still some time before the event would begin, but a few important members had already reached the site.

The entrance was a purple and pink vortex, spinning thousands of revolutions per second, spewing and drawing aura at quantities that would drain even a full entire star system.

The floor was a continous pure white surface, as if it's cut from a single mountain.

There were no trees but there were some marvellous hybrid plants, that were essentially sentient plant forms.

Though these plants had no leaves to speak of. They were just beings that took in 'aura' and used it to fuel their growth.

So, they came in many shapes and sizes.

To survive in mana-rich places which were typically occuped by sentient beings, these plants had evolved into aesthetically pleasing, cute creatures.

They floated in the wind, dancing and glowing, creating a calming sight. It's as if nature itself was dancing.

If children were here, they would be mesmerized by the sight and would join the little creatures in the dance.

But the ones here one of the oldest beings of the kingdom.

They only appreciated the sight before turning their attention to the matter at hand.

A bronze-skinned middle-aged man stood tall and strong. The playful plants didn't dare to approach him. Like a child avoiding a stern teacher, they walked away from him.

King Ferdinand's mere presence caused even the aura in his surroundings to flow in a strict order.

"Your Majesty, I will personally conduct an investigation into the kidnapping and find the mastermind." A red-haired, red-skinned old man said with clenched fists. "Kidnapping a guest of our court and doing so blatantly, it's an unforgivable provocation."

At Archduke Micheal's declaration, the King glanced at him with a faint gaze before humming. "Do as you wish."

"I am grateful! I am not saying this because I want to smear their name but I absolutely cannot think this happening without an insider's help!

Like the terrorist group that just can't die no matter how much I keep destroying their strongholds. Their level can't be low. I suspect that it's—"


The King's cold and sharp voice cut off the old man's passionate and loud voice.

"Yes…" Duke Micheal paused for a moment before sighing and lowering his head.

"I apologize. But Your Majesty, you know how dangerous the idea they propogate is.

Equality, hmph! Sounds good on paper, sure.

If I could turn all the worthless Spiritless into the Spirited, I would do so without a thought. It'd be great for our kingdom and our race.

But in reality, it'd only lead to…extinction."