— Chapter 342 —

“It’s not a coincidence that we abruptly were trapped in the Desolate Ancient Battle Arena. We are fated to reach Douluo Dalu-101 because Gu Xiaona guided us here.”

Yunlong clenched the platinum ashes in his hand and recalled Gu Xiaona’s wish. “I won’t cry, Na’er.” He whispered while staring at the Divine Battlefield’s sky.

“I’ll kill Loki for you.”

“We’ll kill that bastard for Xiaona,” Kaguya coldly added while hugging Yunlong, leading the others to follow her. After hearing Gu Xiaona’s struggles and short story, eight of them embraced their future husband and wished to exterminate the Primordial Lord of Trickery and Abandonment.

After a brief hugging session, Yunlong noticed a Chest Spirit Bone on the pile of platinum ashes. He smiled weakly and picked up Gu Xioana’s remains, placing them under the Thousand World Handkerchief.

[Name: Platinum Dragon Queen’s Trunk]

[Type: Chest/Spirit Bone]

[Age: 1.000.000 years old]

[Description: The remaining Platinum Dragon Queen, Gu Xioana]

[Spirit Skills: Fate & Destiny Lines, Anti-Divine Domain, Anti-Outer Seal, Platinum Child’s Incarnation]

[It seemed that Gu Xiaona used the last bit of her strength to weaken Outer God’s Influence over the world] Neo reported after scanning the Spirit Bone.

“I see… That explains why Spirit Mimic and Tang Ming have weakened cultivation.” Yunlong nodded while covering the handkerchief. “Haa… It’s going to be awkward to meet Dragon God again. Who would have thought he was my Son in Law all along?”

“Don’t forget about granddaughters, Master.” Chu Yunxi suddenly commented, which caused Yunlong to chuckle helplessly because all the Dragon Kings were older than him. At least by 20.000 years.

Yunlong grabbed the Dragon Cleaver and used Infinite Sword Ways to destroy the Divine Battlefield. He swung the saber casually and created a thousand cuts that shredded the dimensional fabric of this secret realm.

They returned to the outside world with growing power and shock about Gu Xiaona’s existence. Kaguya and Yunlong knew about the daughters’ presence but hid it because Sea God Trials were still far ahead from getting finished.

“Does that mean we’ll have a daughter too in the future?” Zhu Zhuyun suddenly asked, leaving her fellow maids and companions speechless. “What? I’m just asking out of curiosity.”

“Yeah. When we were at the Nine Heavens Staircase, Kaguya told me she saw four ladies with clear resemblances to me. They are my daughters with Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, Gu Yuena, and Kaguya.” Yunlong answered while thinking about something.

“Can we make one after this?” Zhu Zhuyun continued with shining eyes. It caused everyone to look at Yunlong with a hopeful look because some hadn’t done the deeds with him.

“Okay, stop… Don’t use that hopeful look on me. We have so many things to do when returning to our homeworld.” Yunlong sighed, making Zhu Zhuyun pout in disappointment.

“If the situation is alright there, We can do it.” Hearing that, Zhu Zhuyun and others smiled happily at Yunlong.


Yunlong and his companions immediately went to the Dragon Clan’s Graveyard with Kaguya’s help, stepping into the land where all Dragon rested after death. And Dragon God noticed them with his wife’s presence.

Astral Realm.

Yunlong pulled into the Astral Realm and “warmly.” was greeted by Dragon God and Ten Dragon Kings. He smiled at them and uncovered the handkerchief in his hand, revealing Gu Xiaona’a ashes and Chest Spirit Bone to them.

“I’ve killed the Universal Laws and retrieved the remains of Gu Xioana.” He said calmly.

Dragon God watched over the platinum ashes and lowered his head in grief. “Thank you, Yunlong. We are indebted to you for killing the source of our misery. My wife remains. Can I get them?” He looked at the handkerchief.

“Sure.” Yunlong placed the handkerchief and watched the Dragon Kings crying. Even Taotie sobbed on the ground while looking at her mother’s ashes.

Dragon God turned into a handsome-looking man with long white hair and sharp eyebrows. He’s not bad in appearance, wearing a simple robe made of dragon scales. “Xiaona.” He whispered while brushing the ashes.

“If only I was strong enough to fight those Universal laws and win. We wouldn’t end this way.”

“Don’t blame yourself, Dragon God. Those outer gods aren’t from this universe in the first place. They are just an outsider with the ability to change the direction of fate.” Yunlong shook his head because Fate Canceller is such a powerful artifact for being in the alternative universe like Douluo Dalu-101.

“Still, I won’t deny that you’re stupid enough to tap into a higher realm while not paying attention to my daughter and granddaughters.”

“Huh??” Dragon God stared at Yunlong with a confused expression.

Yunlong chuckled and continued, “Nice to meet you again, my dense Son in law.”

After explaining the backstory of Gu Xiaona, Dragon God and Ten Dragon Kings could only stare at the black-haired man before them with disbelief expressions. This man named Yunlong is actually their grandpa and father-in-law.

“N-No wonder…” Dragon God nervously whispered while lowering his gaze from Yunlong’s eyes. “There is an odd familiarity when you’re meeting us for the first time. At first, I thought it was because of your Dragon Blood which is similar to Shui’er and Huo’er…”

“This is too bizarre to be a coincidence.”

“Uuh… What should I call you then??” Long Taotie walked around Yunlong with a bewildered look. “Grand Grand? Grandpa Yunlong? Graddy? Grand Pop?”

Yunlong shrugged and replied, “You can call me Yunlong like usual. I’m not that old to be called grandpa.”

The Wind Dragon King lifted her hand and asked, “We need a little more detail about our grandma. Since you said, Grandmother was the Silver Dragon King or precisely half of the Dragon God from your reality. Doesn’t that mean our father married his own offspring?”

“Incest is Wincest.” The Water Dragon King suddenly nodded sagely, and more than half of the sisters agreed with that statement.

The Fire Dragon King sighed and commented, “Of course, you’ll be the one who expressed such a thing.”

“ANYWAY, GIVE ME MORE FOOD~!” Long Toatie excitedly hugged Yunlong like a koala. She came closer, knowing this man was her grandfather.

“Black hair and red eyes.” Long Qise approached Yunlong closely. “He’s always somewhat bored yet filled with amusement, but no matter how hard the situation was, he is always calm and collected for mother… Your journey when fighting supreme gods of another universe. That’s what our royal mother always story-tells us.”

“I’m BATMAN~!” The Darkness Dragon King jokingly said with her deep voice, which made everyone laugh because they knew that reference.

“Grandpa, huh?” A smile appeared on Yunlong’s face.

“It’s weird because I’m barely 23 years old this year.”

[Ding! You have finished a Quest]

[Name: Dragon God’s Small Request]

[Objective: Retrieve Platinum Dragon Queen’s Corpse]

[Reward: Spirit Bone]

Dragon God coughed nervously because her wife told him just how strong Yunlong was in the past. “Father-in-law, take Xiaona’s Bone. It would help you a lot.” He said with a polite tone.

“Are you sure? I’m just as shocked as you guys are.” Yunlong responded while looking at the Chest Bone.

Dragon God watched his daughters nodding in agreement and returned, “Yes. Xiaona missed you for 20.000 years, and returning to your side was her dream.”

“Mm, she regretted her choice.” Mountain Dragon King added while remembering her time with Gu Xiaona, watching the beautiful dragon queen crying over her past decision.

“Mother…” Time Dragon King wiped her tears. Space Dragon King and Light Dragon King stared at each other, patting their youngest sister on the back.

“Very well.” Yunlong nodded and picked up the Platinum Dragon Queen’s Trunk with care. He watched the platinum-colored chest bone and caressed it dearly.

[Do you want to absorb Platinum Dragon Queen’s Trunk?] Neo questioned.


‘Protect me well, Na’er.’ Yunlong pressed the Yes option and felt Gu Xiaona’s last power invading his body. Even though he doesn’t sense any increase in power, the element of Fate and Destiny seems to be easier to perceive now. A faint platinum light covered Yunlong’s chest, shielding him from harm.

Dragon God suddenly released the last bit of his power and surrounded the Astral Realm. He condensed the raw energy into ten portions and trapped her daughter’s will inside it. “This is my last job as a father.” He clasped his hand, creating a complex barrier with a sealing technique imprint on it.

“Father-in-law, you might have noticed from the start. But I wanted my daughter to be alive again. With the last bit of my Divine Spark, I’ll seal their essence and will to become living weapons for you.” He looked at Yunlong solemnly.

“My last wish, when you’re strong enough, as Xiaona has told me, please revive them later.”

“Father, No-!” The Dragon Kings looked at Dragon God with horror, but the Supreme Dragon Ruler could only give them a reassuring look.

Yunlong stared at Dragon God with an approving look and commented, “At least you’re a responsible father.”

“Tell me your name, Dragon God.”

“My name is Long Aotian. I’ll leave the rest to you, father-in-law…” Dragon God crumbled into nine-colored lights and became one with platinum ashes, flying into the void.


The Dragon Clan’s Graveyard trembled violently, and ten ancient-looking staffs floated around Yunlong, releasing intense pressure akin to Dragon Kings at their peaks.

[Water Dragon Staff]

[Fire Dragon Staff]

[Wind Dragon Staff]

[Earth Dragon Staff]

[Mountain Dragon Staff]

[Time Dragon Staff]

[Space Dragon Staff]

[Light Dragon Staff]

[Darkness Dragon Staff]

[Royal Dragon Staff]

“Father~!!!” A sobbing escaped Earth Dragon Staff.

Yunlong patted the Earth Dragon Staff and said, “Taotie, your father is using the last bit of his strength to give all of you a chance to be alive again. I know it’s hard, but I’ll do the same for your mother/Na’er if I can.”

“I’ll try my best to create a new body for all of you later.” He added with a gentle tone. “For now, you can take a nap.”

Yunlong used his Spiritual Energy to create a connection with Dragon King’s Staff and placed them in his Spiritual Sea, nourishing them slowly.

[Dragon Clan’s Graveyard has connected to your soul]

A week passed after Yunlong gave the Platinum Dragon Queen’s remains back to the Dragon God. And he currently stood with Bibi Dong on this alternative reality while facing 169.000 living beings that wanted to survive the incoming apocalypse.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.” Yunlong glanced at Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong shook her head and replied, “I don’t have much choice because watching people suffer is hard for me. Even though 169.000 is a surprising number, “And you even saved some Spirit Beasts. Yunlong, you saved enough.”

“Is that so?” A chuckle comes from Yunlong’s mouth.

[You have finished the Quest]

[Quest: Benevolence or Evil]

[Objective: Save at least 5000 living beings from this reality or kill everyone]

[Reward: Night Forest’s Realm(Unsealed)]

Yunlong felt the connection to the Night Forest’s Realm and smiled because he could transport them out easily now. Douluo Dalu-101 is a bizarre world, but the journey and mystery are beyond his expectation.

He created a portal to the Night Forest Realm and watched the area have changed. It expanded by ten times its original size, and the vegetation has become more hectic.

“Nathicaru, Territory Manipulation.” Yunlong stepped into the Night Forest Realm and changed a portion of the land into a compound where people from Douluo Dalu-101 could live. He added several water sources and changed several trees to have fruits that were safe to eat.

“Okay, everyone, enter!” He expanded the gate, allowing the survivor to enter.

The last person to enter was Bibi Dong, who bowed to Yunlong with a thankful look. “Thank you for everything.” She said while staring into his eyes.

“You’re welcome.” Yunlong closed the gate and watched his nine companions, including the Asura Goddess.

“Ahh… We finally could go home.” Yu Ning’er groaned and stretched her body slightly.

“Do you think the time would change there?” Bai Xue asked with an unsure expression.

Kaguya shook her head and answered, “With Yunlong’s power over realities, he could transport us to the point when we just disappeared. Though, I would consume more energy.”

“Everything would be fine,” Yunlong reassured them because he tested Dimensional Warping with Nathicaru, Three Paths, and the Heavenly Ruler a few times.

“Let’s go, Nyaa~!” Zhu Zhuyun hugged Yunlong from behind.

Zhu Zhuyun slowly hugged Yunlong too and added, “Nyaa~!”

They began to hug Yunlong and waited for the man they loved to use his ability. Yunlong chuckled and activated his Rinnegan, allowing Dimensional Passage to be visible to him.

“Well, let’s go home.”