— Chapter 343 —

Yunlong and his companions floated in the void using Susanoo to navigate over several alternative realities. After his innate skill evolved to Beelzebub, he could feel Hunger and Gluttony from every corner of these worlds, making him stronger conceptually.

It’s not a restful sensation because Yunlong feels his soul pressured by these concepts. He had become one of the Primordial Lords “prematurely.” according to Neo’s Scan, which was a good and bad thing for him. The good thing was his power was growing faster than before.

Well, the bad things are “rather.” complicated.

[Primordial Lady of Desire and Lust have noticed your presence…]

[Primordial Lord of Pride and Inner Ego have noticed your presence…]

“Old fool, these guys, and Loki.” An annoyed sigh escaped Yunlong’s mouth because he couldn’t have a relaxing time.

Even though cold anger is still brimming inside Yunlong’s chest because of Gu Xiaona’s death, he had to keep himself together and realize his level wasn’t on par with these individuals.

He was starving for revenge but remembered every action he made created an unstable future for his companions. Good or not, they are still affected by his step.

“What are you thinking?” Xue Nu suddenly asked while looking at Yunlong, who mindlessly stared at the void.

Yunlong smiled and replied, “A plan. A plan for our family to get a happy ending.”

“After witnessing Gu Xiaona’s end, my future self made a horrible decision. Even though my eyes aren’t invincible, I can save everyone with a forbidden technique to reverse everything as if nothing happened. However, my supposedly future daughter still died.”

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” He added while tilting his head.

Xue Nu pondered and returned, “Is that the Heavenly Ruler she mentioned before?”

Yunlong nodded a little to confirm her because Heavenly Ruler isn’t just Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan’s ability. It’s an insanely powerful innate skill that manifested inside his eyes. Like the Primordial Sword Goddess and Angel God said in the past, his eyes are the key.

He smiled and said, “Since Kaguya met our daughters at the Nine Heavens Stair nine years ago, one of them warned her to tell me never to let Outer God grasp my eyes. It’s unclear but still a warning nonetheless.”

Like always, Yunlong preferred to be cautious about everything and ended everything as nicely as possible. After all, he can’t let himself bite the dust when everything goes wrong. He wanted to add 10 or 20 protective layers to protect his companions from harm. And with Nathicaru, that was possible and within the range of his ability.

[You have created a Multitasking Skill with Nathicaru]

[You have created Anti-Corruption Skill with Nathicaru]

[You have created [reincarnation with memories] Skill with Nathicaru]

[You have created Divine Soul Protection Skill with Nathicaru]

[You have produced Anti-Fate Skill with Nathicaru]

[You have tried to construct Leveling System Skill with Nathicaru…]

[Leveling System Skill failed to generate]

[You have created Ultimate Super Growth Skill with Nathicaru]

[You have produced an Anti-Control Skill with Nathicaru]

[Food Chain activated]

[Target: Chu Yunxi, Chu Xiaoyu, Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuyun, Bai Xue, Yu Ning’er, Xue Nu, Kaguya, Ah Yin, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, Liu Erlong, Melissa Shield…]

[You have shared 7 Skills with your subordinate]

[Failed to share 7 Skills with Bibi Dong]

[Failed to share 7 Skills with Qian Renxue]

[Failed to share 7 Skills with Liu Erlong]

[Failed to share 7 Skills with Melissa Shield]

[Failed to share 7 Skills with Chiyo Shuzenji]

[Failed to share 7 Skills with Yaoyorozu Momo]

[Failed to share…]

[Failed to share…]

[Failed to share…]





“That sucks,” Yunlong commented with a wry smile because the gap between dimensions prevented him from sharing these skills with his subordinates in the homeworld. In the end, Yunlong told Neo to save and launch this command upon arriving in the home world.

[Host’s command saved and would get implemented upon arriving on the Douluo Dalu-6969] Neo’s monotonous voice echoed in his head.

Yunlong couldn’t help but chuckle when hearing Neo’s response about the homeworld’s tag. When receiving a pathway to teleport between the gap of dimension, a few minutes before meeting the Primordial Sword Goddess, Yunlong was speechless because his homeworld had such NICE numbers.

Of course, he was skeptical because this was too good to be a coincidence. However, Douluo Dalu-6969 is indeed a different breed compared to other realities because the path changes before he is even born. And it started when Bibi Dong stole Yu Xiaogang’s seed, which was quite ironic to remember. Yunlong hated to admit it, but he wouldn’t exist without Yu Xiaogang’s unconscious donor. This series of eventful coincidences “indirectly.” was directed to stop him from getting reincarnated.

Three lives.

Yunlong died three times in the past, but there was a loophole because his second reincarnation Uchiha Ryoma was Kaguya’s Husband/Tenji’s reincarnation. The day he discovered this odd matter, Yunlong always thought about the probability of him being the reincarnation of someone else in the Omniversal Order.

Funnily, Yunlong assumed he was the reincarnation of Batman at some point. However, he scratched that assumption because he likes to kill too much. He doesn’t bat an eye when killing lives for the first time. Get it? Doesn’t bat?

“Life is more interesting when you think about it,” Yunlong commented while using the Susanoo to pass through several dimensional barriers. They are traveling at great speed, but to reach Douluo-6969, he needs to maintain Infinite Sword Ways, Spear Force, Heavenly God Target, and Susanoo “continuously.” without rest.

Fortunately, he has become the God of Miracles and converted his Spirit Energy to Divine Energy, so he lasted longer and more efficiently than his first attempt to dive into the Dimensional Gap.

“Dimensional Gap, huh?” He watched over the gloomy red domain around him. It reminds Yunlong of a “certain.” place in the DxD universe where an enormous dragon lived and roamed for years. And the dragon’s power makes him realize something.



“Miracles couldn’t exist without a dream.”

“And one has to dream for a miracle.” Yunlong unknowingly entered a half-conscious state and comprehended a branch of his Divinity.

[Dream Law and Concept added to your Divinity]

Yunlong faintly felt his 1st Divine Ring merged with the Dream Law and Concept, making his soul tremble because Dream Manipulation is such a broken ability. As long as he dreamed and others did, he could increase his power indirectly. And unlike Hunger and Gluttony concepts, Yunlong doesn’t feel uncomfortable with Dream.

“You become stronger again.” Chu Xiaoyu slowly floated toward Yunlong because Susanoo is a mass of energy, so she couldn’t walk or move normally.

Yunlong chuckled and replied, “Yeah. Not by much, but I did become stronger than before.”

“How was it, Xiaoyu? My gifts to all of you?”

Chu Xiaoyu, who devoted for years to Yunlong, nodded with a thankful look. After receiving seven skills from him, she could discern his worry for their safety. “Mm, These skills are impeccable.” She said with a poker face.

“Is that so?” He patted her gently on the head, “Do you want to know about my Infinite Sword Ways? It would help your sword mastery and probably open a new path.”

Chu Xiaoyu’s yellow eyes shone dazzlingly, and she excitedly responded like a puppy seeing treats, “I’m listening, master!”

Throughout the journey, Yunlong explained the Infinite Sword Ways to Chu Xiaoyu. She listened cautiously and even asked a few things regarding the Dao, causing him to wryly smile because he doesn’t like to use the Dao term.

Still, Yunlong explained everything slowly and even told Chu Xiaoyu to believe in herself more. She was a genius with Ice God’s blood flowing inside her body. And She was bound to be a God in their homeworld sooner or later.

“Xiaoyu.” Yunlong caressed her now icy bluish hair. After becoming an adult and absorbing Cold Essence in the Douluo Dalu-101, Chu Xiaoyu’s appearance has transformed significantly, but she is still clueless about the world.

Chu Xiaoyu tilted her head and returned, “Yes, Master?”

Yunlong kissed her forehead and added, “Don’t overthink a way to become stronger. You’re strong enough to face Wild Gods now.”

“When I increased the Douluo Planet’s planar realm level. We would reach another stage, and I wanted you to become my Divine Commander. You’ll do it, right?”

“I’ll try my best to live up to your wishes.” She replied, which made Yunlong sigh.

“I said, don’t overthink it.” He teased while flicking Chu Xiaoyu’s forehead gently, making her pout at him.

“How cute.”

The black Susanoo moved through a dimensional barrier, and Yunlong saw reality with bright-colored energy. Unlike other dimensions, he could feel a sense of familiarity with this place and smiled because of it.

“Everyone looks ahead, that star,” Yunlong said while pointing his finger at the Douluo Dalu-6969. “That’s our homeworld, so prepare yourself. We’re going to land with quite an impact.”

Everyone was excited when hearing Yunlong’s statement, approaching the head of the Susanoo. They looked at the bright-colored dimension and longed for it.

Kaguya smiled and whispered, “It is our home.”

“Let’s fucking GOOO~!” Yu Ning’er pumped her fist because she wanted to see her teacher again. It’s been nine years, and she misses Yu Long.

Bai Xue giggled and commented, “You’re so excited, Ning’er.”

“Hehe, of course.” The ginger-haired woman returned proudly.

Their fellows’ maids couldn’t help but shake their heads when seeing Yu Ning’er and Bai Xue because these two looked like sisters. And It’s like heaven and earth because both women seem like water and oil every time, but losing Yu Ning’er in the Spirit Mimic’s ambush makes Bai Xue realize something.

Chu Yunxi shook her head and said, “At least they are adorable sisters now.”

“I won’t call them adorable, though.” Zhu Zhuyun crossed her arms haughtily.

“Then, what do you want to call them?” A frown appeared on Zhu Zhuqing’s face when hearing her sister’s response to Chu Yunxi’s line.

Zhu Zhuyun grinned and replied, “Mwwhehe, They are Fucking Adorable.”

Yunlong smiled when watching their interactions and sensed a protective layer on the Douluo Dalu-6969’s world. He tilted his head and prepared the Spear Force to break through it.

“Hold on, everyone. I’ll break through into our homeworld.” He said while concentrating everything on one point. Greed came out and manifested herself in Susanoo’s hand.

“Imperial Strike.”


Like a mirror, something cracked and caused a small hole to appear in the Douluo Dalu-6969. Yunlong clenched his hand and increased the speed of Susanoo, accelerating themselves beyond the speed of light.

A black flash seeped through and entered the crack, causing a change in the Douluo Dalu-6969. Every living being felt a disturbance in the force. At the ocean, A black silhouette crashed into the water, and a shockwave swept everything apart.


Yunlong doesn’t care about the impact and uses Beelzebub to feel a connection with someone. Someone he cared for from the very beginning of his journey.

[You have arrived at Douluo Dalu-6969]

“Y-Yunlong?” A familiar voice via Beelzebub’s connection.

“I-Is that you?”

“Ah…” Yunlong released tears because it’s been so long since he heard this familiar warm and loving voice.

“I’m back, Mom.” He replied with a smile.