‘What does it mean that there is no need to distinguish too much between Evolved Saiyans and Earthlings?’

‘Is it because the two look exactly the same?

Muyang raised his eyebrows and seemed to think that there was some other meaning in Noether’s words.

‘What is the difference between an Earthling and a Saiyan, apart from their appearance?

‘They couldn’t be the same race, right?’

Shaking his head, Muyang put this ridiculous idea behind him and then asked for advice on how to leave that broken space outside.

“If you want to leave, it’s actually very simple.” Pitou laughed, “Even if the general universe space is broken, at most you will encounter spatial turbulence. If you break it, you will be able to come out, with the strength of this space, your strength is certainly not weak. The reason why you can’t get out is because that area outside is the ‘singularity’ of Universe 7.”

“I can take you to shuttle out.”

“Really? Thank you guys so much.”

Once they heard that Pitou could take them out of this hellish place, Muyang and Melissa couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“No need to be polite, I can see that you guys are not any evil people, this little favor is easy as can be.”

“By the way, what is the meaning of singularity point?” Muyang asked.

“The so-called ‘singularity’ wass a place where a historical distortion had occurred. Every universe always hadd one or two places that were not so easily destroyed because they were protected by a special power.”

Noether took over Pitou’s words and explained, this little girl also seemed to know a lot of things.

The place where the history distortion event happened, the implication was that could history still be changed? According to the world view of the Dragon Ball World, shouldn’t parallel time and space be born?

For example, Future Trunks tells Son Goku about their Androids from the future shuttle to the front end of the Androids story. Although it makes the fate of Son Goku and others change, for Trunks himself, his side of the world had not changed much.

The generation of parallel time and space was considered maintenance and correction of history by the world itself to avoid paradoxical events.

Seeming to see Muyang’s doubts, Pitou explained.

“This world is not unique. In the whole universe or even outside the whole universe there exists a group of people who specialize in disrupting the course of history and breaking the rules of the world. These people belong to the Dark Demon Realm and are the minions of the Demon Supreme Kai’ Mechikabura, and are also the main targets of our Time Patrol since its establishment.”

“These people are some very evil guys by constantly traveling through the past history to achieve the purpose of destruction.”

“Of course, if it is just an unusual power to travel through time and space, the self-healing ability of the whole universe will give birth to parallel time and space on its own in order to avoid changes in world history. This way the original world is preserved, while the split parallel world is equal to bear the result of the distortion of history.”

“… But the Demon Supreme Kai’ Mechikabura, had a bizarre power that enables him to allow people to enter history while circumventing the world’s restoration ability to unleash, so these people are truly shuttling into history.”

“What if these people wreak havoc on history?” Muyang asked seriously.

“History cannot be tampered with, otherwise it will cause serious consequences. With good luck, it will just be the collapse of that tampered universe as a whole, and with bad luck it will be the collapse of the entire universe’s space-time system together.” Pitou said with a serious expression.

Muyang nodded. He was a traveller, and he was probably more compliant in his case. Before, Noether said that there were a total of three Universe-wide space-time outside, and it was possible that one of them was generated because of him.

“So, the power of the Demon Supreme Kai’ Mechikabura is really powerful.”

Melissa listened to the side fascinated. Compared to the Demon Supreme Kai’ Mechikabura, her little bit of psychic power was nothing remarkable duck.

Noether nodded and said, “The Demon Supreme Kai’ Mechikabura is very evil guy. I heard that he comes from the mysterious zero universe, and because of his reckless use of power, our space-time patrol has to constantly run around in all space-time, and is very busy.”

“You guys are great too.”

Melissa looked at Pitou and Noether, two Saiyans who didn’t look very old and were actually saving the world.

Noether smiled shyly at Melissa, “Where are we that powerful duck? It’s all the power of the Demon Supreme Kai’ Mechikabura, Lord’ Chorona’. That lord lived in the ‘Nest of Time’, monitoring countless space and time, and every time the ‘Space-Time Destroyer’ appeared, the ‘Time Nest’ would be the first to react. “

“After discovering the ‘Space-Time Destroyer’, Lord Chorona will use the sealing power to cut out that section of space-time in which the ‘Space-Time Destroyer’ appears from the original history, and then send the Time Patrol to maintain it. With that, the cut out history will eventually turn into ‘singularity’ after the Time Patrol completes his task and merge into the dimensional space, like the one outside.”

“So that’s how it is. So there was a big event that affected space-time on top of… Planet Sala.” Muyang nodded his head in a daze of realization.

The nature of the Time Patrol was the tinkerer of time and space, doing their best to maintain the original trajectory of history.

But even if the Time Patrol repaired the history of that period, the repairing results could not be exactly the same as the original history. There was always a difference in details. Those differences would be integrated into the dimensional space to form a “singularity” by the Time Patrol. The surface would still remain the power of the Supreme Kai of Time Forbidden Space-Time.

After Pitou and Noether’s narration, Muyang had a clearer perception of the structure of the entire world.

On the big level, the world had several full universes as well as small affiliated worlds and hourly spaces. The universe Muyang was now in was Universe 7 in one of the full universes.

Outside, there was also a group of Space-Time Destroyer headed by Demon Kai Mechikabura and Time Patrol headed by Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa.

One destroyed the course of history, and the other maintained it.

So thinking, Muyang suddenly felt that the universe they lived in was really not safe.

Inside the universe, God of Destruction Beerus was not a peaceful master, but the good thing was that Muyang had a relatively good relationship with him, at least not a threat to himself.

What he should worry about instead was Zeno. He might be not happy one day and would give Universe 7 a reboot.

Moreover, beyond the universe, Demon Kai Mechikabura was also a dangerous figure. His power was not necessarily powerful, but the bizarre ability to endanger the entire space-time.

Everyone was great gods that couldn’t be messed with.

Living in such a universe, how could there be any sense of security to speak of?

Just when Muyang’s thoughts were flying and floating, April came out of her lab with a cup of coffee and saw two more strange children in the courtyard. She asked, “Senior brother, who are these two children?”

When Pitou and Noether saw April, they were surprised for a few moments.

“Android 21, so you’re actually hiding here!” Noether shouted towards April, shook all over.

Noether had come to April’s side, and a blue ki wave condensed in her hand.

Seeing this, Muyang hurried to stop it, but it was too late.

Noether’s attack was about to reach April’s side, and Muyang’s heart was anxious. He hurriedly used the power of the Acceleration World to protect April and shouted, “Wait, she is not Android 21 you are talking about.”

“What do you mean?”

Noether stopped when the attack was about to hit, and her pretty face looked at April warily.

“She really isn’t Android 21. Android 21 isn’t that weak.” Pitou stared at April for a moment and took Noether’s hand.

Noether’s eyes rolled and gazed carefully, making her realize that she might have mistaken the person.

“I’m sorry, it seems we were mistaken.”

“Is Android 21 your target this time?”

“Yes, that Android 21 is a criminal who uses time machines to travel through small universes, and has already disrupted the order of several small universes. We are instructed by the Supreme Kai of Time to apprehend her.”

Pitou took a look at April and said to Muyang.

“Senior brother, what are they?” April’s mind was unsettled. She had never seen such a powerful young child before.

“They are from the Time Patrol, their target is Android 21, which should be you in some parallel time.” Muyang ambiguously said.

This parallel time and space should not be a big time and space like the whole universe, but some small universe about the size of Universe 7.

“Capturing the other me, could I still be a fugitive?” April pointed at herself and said in disbelief.