April’s reaction was expected to Muyang. After all, the current world’s April was a gentle and competent image, not only others think so. He was afraid that even she was so positioned, unexpectedly, her other self in another time and space would be a fugitive!

However, the actual situation was that the April in the other time was not only a fugitive but also a “felon” whose crime was so serious that the Time Patrol had arrested her.

Such treatment, not to mention it, made April dumbfounded. Any person who knew April would feel incredible.

Of course, this did not include Muyang because he already knew.

Regarding the confusion of April, Pitou and Noether glanced at each other.

“In another time and space, you are indeed a fugitive pursued by the Time Patrol.” Pitou stepped forward and stood in front of April to tell the story.

“The ‘you’ in the alternate time and space is named ‘Android 21′, the ultimate Android created by Dr. Gero and his computer. Because of the fusion of Majin Buu’s Cell, the other ‘you’ derived from the evil consciousness, specializing in turning strong people into sand for devouring….”

“That’s right, because you want to only use the Time Machine Shuttling Time to travel through time and space, making a lot of small universes are in chaos.”

At the side, Noether said with a serious face, “…… disrupting space-time is a serious crime, the Lord Supreme Kai of Time personally ordered for you to be arrested.”

“Of course, it is the ‘you’ of another time and space!” Pitou added.

“Hehehe, it seems that the root of evil lurks within April as well!” Melissa said jokingly after hearing what happened.

Usually, they always say dirty things. Maybe April’s nature is not much better than hers.

“Sister, I am not such a person.” April aggrieved to defend herself, “This little brother has said that it’s me on the other time and space, so do not make it look as if I have made a mistake.”

Oh my, she didn’t make any mistake. She was obviously the developer of Android technology, in another time, she actually became an Android created by Gero, and what was “Majin Buu” cell, she had never heard of.

Although she liked to eat dessert, not so much to turn people into the dessert to eat it!

Well…. thinking about it made her feel disgusting.

“This sister is right. The crime of parallel time and space can not be mixed up, so the person we want to arrest is not you.” Pitou said.

At this point, April thought of something. She asked, “By the way, since the ‘I’ of the other time and space is a criminal, then what about senior brother and senior sister Melissa.. no, what about Melissa, what are they like? “

“Melissa and this senior brother?”

Pitou looked puzzled at April, and Noether looked at each other, do not know where to pull out a golden scroll, and then like a dictionary to look up.

After a while, Pitou said, “I consulted several time and space, you said Melissa is just a relatively ordinary martial artist on Earth, and did not leave any fame in history.”

The implication was that Melissa was a dispensable dragon.

As for Muyang, Pitou and Noether also inquired, and there was nothing written on the golden scrolls.

In fact, if not Muyang crossed over, the history of Muyang and Melissa would be nothing, insignificant characters on Earth. When the Dragon Ball plot began, they had no meaning to appear on the scene.

However, hearing that their past lives were actually so obscure, Melissa immediately expressed defiance, “Then how about you look at me in parallel time and space, my name is Melissa.”

“There is not a person named Melissa in other time and space.” Pitou said after the query.

“Oh, Melissa is my fused name, you can look up Melia or Melis if you can’t find it.”


“What do you mean?” Melissa opened her blue-lake-clear eyes.

“They mean that Melia or Melis did not exist in other time and space, or that you in other time and space were aborted before you were born.” Muyang added that if he hadn’t made a wish for Mexia to be reincarnated, Melissa wouldn’t have become a Saiyan at all.


Melissa now did not know what words to use to describe her current mood.

At this time, April looked at Muyang. Parallel time history development had a lot of similarities, and all their changes seemed to be because of Muyang. —If he didn’t save her when she was a child, perhaps they really would go on another path.

Thinking of this, she said with relief, “Since it is a parallel space-time, it is quite possible that different things happen. Every space-time is a complex system, the further the source of the space-time split, the greater the variables inside, and the greater the possibility of differences.”

This was the butterfly effect.

Muyang nodded at the words. It was easy to understand these.

For example, Android 21 in the plot was actually made by using April as the body, combined with the cells of Majin Buu. In fact, like Cell, they were re-train clones, the real April in another time and space, perhaps had long been died.

“Well, there is little need to dwell on these, and you can’t control yourselves in other time and space, so you might as well enjoy your life now.” Muyang’s two hands wrapped around Melissa and April.

“This senior brother is right, each time and space should be viewed independently.” Pitou agreed more with Muyang’s view.

Next, after staying in the Acceleration World for a while longer. When Muyang had regained his spirit, Pitou and Noether offered to send Muyang and the others away from the outside space-time singularity.

The singularity was not something that ordinary people should set foot in.

Pitou stood up and patted his body, “Noether and I have to continue to chase after Android 21, later we will open the channel of the singularity point, you guys take the opportunity to pass through the channel.”

“Thank you.” Muyang sincerely expressed his gratitude.

Noether said with a smile, “No need to say thank you, it’s just a hand up. In fact, cases like yours are rare in all time and space.”

At this time, Pitou took out a small golden card, “This is for you, if you have the whereabouts of Android 21, break this card, we will naturally know.”

“No problem, if Android 21 is found, I will inform you.”

Muyang nodded and put away this golden card, which was wrapped with an inexplicable layer of energy.

After that, several people together out of the Acceleration World into that foggy subzone. Pitou just appeared to stand with Noether in front of Muyang and them.

Turning back to Muyang, he shouted to them, “Get ready, we’re going to open the channel in a moment.”

“Already ready.” Muyang nodded in response while using his energy to protect the girls.

In fact, Melissa and April could have stayed in the Acceleration World, waiting for Muyang alone to leave the space-time singularity, then released them. However, Melissa was excited to see the situation outside, plus Pitou said there was no danger, so Muyang agreed to take them out together.

Seeing Pitou and Noether about to open the space-time singularity, the girls opened their eyes wide with a look of expectation to watch.

At this time, Pitou and Noether’s young bodies suddenly burned with golden flames. The colour of the hair also became golden, while the surface of the body crackled with silver-white lightning.

Super Saiyan 2!

“It’s Super Saiyan Transformation!” Melissa blinked and shouted after seeing the state of Pitou and Noether.

“Exactly, it’s Super Saiyan 2!”

Muyang seriously gazed at the two children in front of him. He could be sure that this was not their full power.

As expected, the next second, the ki on Pitou and Noether continued to get stronger. The golden glow turned into a brilliant red, and the aura on their bodies disappeared.

‘Could it be the Super Saiyan God?’

Muyang watched with amazement, but Pitou changed to this stage and then did not continue to transform, so Muyang could not judge their state.

“Get ready, it’s about to start.”

Pitou and Noether stared into the void and joined forces to release energy towards the grey void. The bright red energy stirred up, and then the whole space tumbled violently, as if it was a broken mirror, cracking a sinuous crack.

“It is now, hurry up and get out, this channel will soon disappear.” Pitou maintained the opening of the passage and shouted.


Muyang thanked Pitou and Noether, then together with Melissa and April, they flew quickly in the direction of the passage.

As if an arrow shot through the void, a white light flashed, and the figures of Muyang and the others disappeared in the illusory space that was like a dream.


After Muyang and the others left, the void re-filled with chaotic air currents, Pitou lifted his current state and said to the side of Noether, “Let’s continue to search for the whereabouts of Android 21, and finish Lord Chorona’s mission early, so we can also go home early.”

“Well, if we go late, many more people will be devoured by her.” Noether responded with a sweet smile.

Don’t look at the two look very young. In fact, they had become Time Patrol for so many years.

The two looked at each other, then at the same time burst out even more terrifying power.

The whole strange point suddenly rolled up raging waves, clattering… Sea of energy up and down as if the powerful gods above the sky fell into the mortal dust. The space had distorted away, then a ray of lightning flashed a few times. The two also left the current space.

The chaotic energy took a long time to stumble before it gradually calmed down.

If Muyang were here, he would have been surprised, ‘So this was the real power of Pitou and Noether. The power shown before was simply not to hurt Muyang and the others…


In another time and space, an ellipsoidal-shaped spaceship sailed in the vastness of space and time.

The spaceship was about fifty meters long, and its entire body was made of special materials.

Inside the ship, a beautiful woman wearing a white research coat sat wearily in the cockpit, one hand resting lightly against her forehead as if she was worried about something.

This woman had a stunning face that did not look like a mortal, and her fair skin was somewhat pale, seemingly lacking blood due to exertion.

The brown hair was sticking upwards and tangled messily.


The electronic gate opened, and a stout man came in from outside the cab. Seeing the woman in the seat, the man handed over a cup of coffee.

“Android 21, don’t be annoyed, we’ll find her soon.”

The man who spoke was called Android 16, an Android that Android 21 brought out of a small space-time.

In fact, Android 16 was a cyborg created by Dr Gero using his son as a prototype.

“No hurry!”

Android 21 took a gentle sip of coffee, “The other evil me took away most of my power, and now must she be traveling through time and space to devour the power of the strong, I fear that if it continues, there will be no one who can stop her.”

Android 21 was originally developed by Dr Gero based on his wife’s cells. Later, the computer added the division of Majin Buu into it, making Android 21 had the same ability as Majin Buu.

With the passage of time, the power of Majin Buu gradually created an evil personality in the body of Android 21. This evil personality grew up and began to struggle for control of the body of Android 21.

Just like the original Majin Buu, Android 21 also split into two individuals, good and evil. The evil Android 21 was far more powerful than the original Android 21.

At that moment, the space-time detector in the spaceship beeped, the spaceship’s channel also flashed with red warning lights.

“Not good, the Time Patrol found us, we must hurry to leave.”

Android 21 hurriedly put down her coffee and prepared to turn on the ship’s time jump function.

Android 16 also immediately manipulated the ship and injected enough energy into the time engine.

“There is a large cosmic space in front of us, it should be the legendary whole universe. Let’s hurry in and hide.”

Three huge and incomparable bubble spaces appeared in the ship’s scouter, and Android 21 immediately chose one of them and then pressed the time jump button.


The time and space where Muyang was, Earth.

The early morning light shone out through the coastline, and the sky was reflected by the morning sun in yellow, as beautiful as a dream.

Little Lazuli and Lapis siblings were dressed under the care of their mother, Sipriel. After a brief wash, the two siblings sat obediently at the dining table to enjoy their breakfast.

Next to them, Sipriel smilingly watching them, Nick was leisurely reading the newspaper.

Today was a day of rest, and the family could happily go out together.

Suddenly, the wind whistled, the window kept shaking. With a swish, two young figures flew in from the window.

“Lazuli, Lapis, let’s go out and play!” The two children just flew in and jumped and ran to Lazuli’s siblings.

These two children were none other than Muyang and Melissa’s children, Muqiu and Amelia.

In this year, the two children were only a few months younger than Lazuli and Lapis, which already more than four years old.

Lapis shrank his hand, “You go, I do not play with the girls.”

Muqiu was not happy, “I’m not a girl.”

Lapis barred his mouth, “You and Amelia have a beautiful face, you go ask people outside, they all say you are a girl. Anyway, I do not want to go.”

“Forget it if you don’t go.”

Muqiu grunted angrily, “Lazuli, you come with us, sister Kanalita said the World Martial Arts Tournament is about to start, it must be very interesting there. Let’s go there together and see.”

“The Martial Arts Tournament, yes!” Lazuli fluttered her pretty eyes and said in a milky voice.

She did not know what the World First Martial Arts Tournament was, but children like lively places, and as soon as they heard there was something fun to do, they quickly agreed.

The young Lazuli had the same blonde hair and blue eyes as her mother, Sipriel, and her little face was white. She was sure to be a great beauty when she grew up. After all, she was the future Android 18!

It must be said that the genes of April’s family were too good, and together with their somewhat blood-related Thigh, Bulma and their mother, Sipriel was specialized in producing beautiful women.

“Lapis, talk peacefully with your younger siblings.” Sipriel huffed.

It was best for the children to have a few people their own age. Muqiu and Amelia flew over from the Great Azure Mountain so far, and this little son of their was fooling around again.

She then looked at Muqiu. This child was indeed a little more beautiful. If he changed into female clothes, he would be exactly the same as Amelia. It should be fun to have such a cute son!

“Well…. sorry.” Lapis opened his mouth and apologized to Muqiu.

“It’s okay.” Muqiu shook his head.

Sipriel laughed, “That’s right, by the way about the World First Martial Arts Tournament, you guys said before is held in a nearby city, we can go watch it together.”

“Auntie also want to go?” Amelia asked with a crooked head.

Sipriel picked up Amelia, “Yes, the World First Martial Arts Tournament is so lively, auntie also want to go to see ….”

“Then let’s go together.” Amelia nodded happily.