Just when the martial artists all over the world were taking action for the World Martial Arts Tournament, in Forest of Tend from the Mount Five Element of the Land of Extreme West was about 3,000 kilometers away.

The sky was cold, the grass was withered, and the fog made the vision blurred.

The Forest of Tend was in a very cold environment, usually with little sunlight, so this cold and miserable place looks creepy. There were many branches and shrubs around, but not many leaves, ” Croaking ……” crows stood on top of the treetops cawing, then puffed and flew away towards the deep.

The environment around the Forest of Tend was the same as the environment around the Five Mount E;ement, and there was a lot of miasma around the Forest of Tend. There were demons and ghosts everywhere. Because of the special magnetic field, the average person could easily lose himself after entering, and the Forest of Tend was even more terrifying because it was able to unearth the illusion of inner fear, and most people would be scared to death because of fear.

At this moment, deep in an open area of the forest, space suddenly underwent a bizarre distortion, followed by a black hole in the channel appeared abruptly.

With a crash, a cluster of black shadows darted out of the passage, and Muyang appeared in the clearing with Melissa and April in his arms.

Frowning at the surroundings, the magnetic field that can disturb the mind made Muyang and others feel uncomfortable. However, they were strong martial artists, this little discomfort would not be difficult for them. Melissa waved her hand, and a shining crystal light shield surrounded their bodies.

“Senior Brother, we are out of the space-time singularity?” April’s small hand tugged at Muyang.

“Looking at this surroundings, they must have come out.”

Melissa frowned for a moment, “But what exactly is this place?”

They fell into the space-time rift on the side of Planet Sala. Even if they came out, they should be around that star field of Planet Sala, only now it seemed like it was not.

“Let me take a look.”

Muyang took a look at the surroundings, his spiritual power was released, a smile gradually crept onto his face. When he opened his eyes, he already knew where he was.

“I know where we are.”


Melissa and April asked in unison.

A smile appeared on Muyang’s handsome face, and just as he was about to answer, a cloud of mist suddenly arose around him, followed by a cold wind, and several figures appeared around Muyang and them.

These people emitted an evil aura, and their appearance gradually became clear.

It was actually Frieza, Cooler, Bojack, Felix, and the decades-old Garlic!

Melissa looked at these people in surprise and shouted, “How can these people be here, is this the Other-World?”

The surroundings were eerie and really looked like hell.

“Hell?” April shivered and leaned even closer to Muyang.

Muyang wrapped his arm around April’s waist and laughed, “How can this be hell? This place I came here once with Mexia back in the day.”

“Have I ever been here?” Melissa squinted her turquoise eyes and racked her brain to recall.

“To give you a hint, back then, in order to make Elixir of Immortality, we made a special trip here to pick Paradise Herb.” Muyang said with a smile.

“You mean this is the Forest of Terror and we’re back on Earth?” Melissa’s eyes opened wide.

Muyang pointed to the illusionary enemies around him, “Look at those people, all of them are illusionary from the miasma of the Forest of Terror.”

The real Frieza and Cooler, perhaps were listening to a wonderful and beautiful ditty in hell.

“So that’s how it is. How they are here, how dare they come out to scare me, all of them disappear for me.”

Melissa’s eyes burst out a bright green light, at once an invisible wall of air crushed over. When Meliisa was still weak, she was able to rely on her superpowers to run over the ghosts in the undead forest, and now it was naturally not difficult for her to do so.

The miasma in the Forest of Terror was destroyed with a single blow.

This was when Melissa noticed the dark grasses growing on the ground half a foot high. These were all Paradise Herb, one of the raw materials for making Elixir of Immortality. However, but only Paradise Herb could not refine Elixir of Immortality. Other herbs that were missing were at least several hundred years.

Then again, Elixir of Immortality was something for people with Dimension, and can only be eaten once. Korin also did not dare to rectify the common sense.

“Brother, we were still over on Planet Sala before, how come we are back on top of Earth all of a sudden?”

April raised a question.

Planet Sala and Earth belonged to two different galaxies, the distance between them was more than hundreds of thousands of light years, even with a spaceship it would take years to sail, could it be that the space-time singularity was like a wormhole in a science fiction novel, bridging two distant spaces?

Just how in the world could there be such a coincidence that the other side of Planet Sala happened to be Earth?

Muyangg didn’t know how to answer April’s question.

Because there were indeed too many questions here. That was to say, tPlanet Sala and the Earth did have too many similarities, almost the same martial arts philosophy, the same understanding of ki, and the existence of the ancient buildings on Planet Sala, Korin Tower and the Lookout on Earth.

Even the Saiyans of Planet Sala and the people of Earth looked exactly the same.

Now there was an additional channel that directly communicates between Planet Sala and Earth, if there was no connection between the two, then how to explain so many coincidences?

“April, let’s forget about that for now, let’s quickly contact my brother’s side, Planet Sala is all destroyed, I don’t know how they are doing now.” Melissa interrupted April’s words.

April smiled, nodded her head and hmmed, and hurriedly let Muyang take out the ship contactor from the Acceleration World, and after a series of complicated debugging, finally made contact with Vine’s side.

“Hey, big brother, it’s Melissa.”

“Melissa, you are still alive! We’ve been searching for you in the nearby stars for the past few months, but we couldn’t find any.” Wayne’s voice rang out on the other side of the communicator, looking excited.

“We’re fine, we’re back on Earth now, how’s it going on your end?”

Wayne said, “Everything is fine, except that there are many clan members sacrificed …… Planet Sarlais also gone.”

Melissa said, “It’s okay, everything can be recovered.”

At this time, Muyang said to Wayne, “Wayne, you guys immediately evacuate the original orbit of Planet Sala now, and I will find a way to restore your home planet from my side.”

“Planet Sala can still be restored?”

“It can.”

Muyang said affirmatively, just use the Dragon Ball to make a wish.

“I’ll trouble you with everything.” Wayne did not know how Muyang intended to restore Planet Sala, but since the other party dared to say so, he also reported a certain amount of hope. After all, in his understanding, Muyang was not a joking person.


After finishing his sentence, Muyang hung up the contact with Wayne’s side.

After giving an affirmative answer, Muyang began to indeed the point in time of the Earth. According to what Wayne’s side said, it was now about a few months past the destruction of Planet Sala, which meant that it was now the day of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

His spiritual power spread out, indeed, they was a large number of gathered ki somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

This meant that the Dragon Ball on Earth was still in the adjustment stage, and there was still some time before it recovered. After thinking about it, Muyang still intended to borrow the Dragon Ball of Planet Namek, but Planet Namek cpuld only resurrect one person with one wish, and this alone was not enough, it needed to be combined with the Dragon Ball of Earth.

So next Muyang went to Planet Namek, and let Melissa and April stay on the Earth.

He made three wishes with Planet Namek Dragon Ball, the first was to restore Planet Sala, the second was to restore the flesh of those dead Planet Sala Saiyans, while the third wish was to wish for the Earth’s Dragon Balls to survive the adjustment period.

After the Earth’s Dragon Balls were restored ahead of schedule, Melissa used the Earth’s Dragon Balls to resurrect the dead again.