Oolong’s vowed appearance made Bulma had to think more. Was it really the posture that he opened?

Carefully recall the scene at the time, thinking about it, Bulma’s expression suddenly stunned, back to look at the next Son Goku in surprise.

What did she wish for at that time? She wanted Shenron to bring her future boyfriend to her, the result of nothing happened…. at that time Son Goku seems to be present, and was the only boy at that time in addition to Oolong.

“Bulma what happened to your face, why are you looking at me like this?”

Son Goku curiously touched Bulma’s forehead. There was no fever, how could be so red.

“(〃’▽’〃), no …… nothing.”

Bulma cheeks was hot, she looked very dazed. How she did not think before, Goku this kid looked small, in fact, the age was only one year younger than her!

“Ahem, Brother Goku, you guys forget about the Dragon Balls for now, let’s go find a hotel first, we have to compete later.” Chi-Chi stood next to a dry cough, eyes drifting on Son Goku and Bulma, she shouldn’t let tehm talk about this topic anymore.

“Yes, first find a hotel!”

Master Roshi held down the black hat on his head, the suit invited Bulma to rest together in the hotel.

So the group all nodded approvingly and headed toward a nearby hotel.

Krillin followed behind, looking at Son Goku who was surrounded by Chi-Chi and Bulma, he suddenly felt that the girl named Bulma was more enthusiastic about Goku.

“What do you think is going on with them?” Krillin whispered and asked Oolong.

“Don’t you get it?” Oolong snorted, “Tsk, that boy Son Goku, he’s not too lustful.”

“……” Krillin was stunned for a moment, then followed closely.

After arranged the accommodation in the hotel, Master Roshi then take Son Goku and they go to dojo to participate in the first stage selection.

The World Martial Arts Tournament was also a test site for martial artists, so there were already big approved martial artists waiting here.

“Wow, there are so many masters here.” Son Goku looked excitedly at the black mass of people around him and couldn’t help but itch his hands.

“Goku, these people are all here for the tournament!”

Krillin, who was originally an ordinary disciple of the outer gate of the Orin Temple, had never seen such a grand scene and stuttered a little in his speech.

“Senior Brother Goku, look over there, it seems to be the disciples of the Kami Shcool.” Chi-Chi pointed to a direction where several participants dressed in white martial arts uniforms were gathered.

“Really? I know a few of them, they’re very powerful.” Son Goku’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t wait to fight them.

“Goku, Chi-Chi, and Krillin, you three should give your best, especially Krillin, you should believe in yourself and not be scared by your previous experiences.” Master Roshi finally admonished.


Son Goku, Chi-Chi, and Krillin replied in unison.

Master Roshi nodded at them, then watched them walk towards the competition martial arts hall. Each of these participants who passed the initial registration screening has a certain strength, not those who were indiscriminate. In fact, Son Goku could finally get what he could achieve. After all, in martial arts competition, the composition of luck also accounts for a large proportion.

“Goku, I’m cheering for you.”

Bulma shouted towards Son Goku with extra enthusiasm.

“Bulma, you seems to be particularly enthusiastic about Son Goku now.” Oolong tilted his head and looked at Bulma.

Bulma rightfully said “I am concerned about him.”

Oolong grunted twice with a look of disbelief.

“Hey, look at that man, it seems to be the troublemaker we met when we were looking for the Dragon Balls.” Oolong’s eyes turned away and was suddenly drawn to a figure wearing a dark green undershirt and a red bandanna wrapped around his head. The figure was none other than Yamcha, and although his hair was cut short, Oolong recognized him at once when he saw Puar beside him.

“It’s really him, he actually came to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament too.” Bulma looked in surprise at Yamcha who had changed his appearance drastically not far away.

“That person is Yamcha.” Oolong whispered.

“No worries, he’s Goku’s defeated opponent, it’s no big deal.” Bulma bit his thumb and his calf kept shaking.

Oolong thought about it and thought so. Almost a year ago Son Goku could defeat Yamcha, there was no reason this time he would not be able to defeat.

On the other hand, Yamcha tied the red turban, and was instructing Puar to look after himself, and then full of confidence went into the competition martial arts hall. In fact, he had already seen Son Goku and the others, the reason why he did not make a sound was that he planned to surprise them in the next match.

This time he would definitely defeat Son Goku.

This year’s Martial Arts Tournament gathered a lot of experts. Master Roshi carefully looked around after the discipes entered the dojo, and actually let him see the silhouette of King Chappa, this person was the powerhouse of the previous Martial Arts Tournament. His strength cpuld not be underestimated. There were also many other elite disciples of other school, both of which were expert.

Seeing such a scene, Master Roshi could not help but feel that his time had really passed. Unknowingly, there were already many experts who had surpassed him and embarked on the path of a stronger martial path.

“Huh?” Master Roshi gave a startled eek and focused his gaze on two people, one tall and one short.

One of those two was tall and had three eyes, while the other was like a child, but floating in the air. In just a moment of eye contact, sweat dripped from Master Roshi’s forehead.

These two were definitely experts.

“That guy Goku, now he’s met his match, whose disciple is it that possesses such cultivation at such a young age.” Master Roshi’s deep gaze wandered over those two and took a deep breath.

“Lusty old man, what are you looking at?” Bulma asked.

Master Roshi snapped back, “Don’t call me a lusty old man, what a lack of manners, but I’ll forgive you if you’ll let me touch your breasts, or hug me like Goku.”

“Get the hell away from me! You old man stay away from me.” Bulma yelled at Master Roshi.

“Shit.” Master Roshi bristled at himself.

Just then, a whirlwind blew, blowing up the dust on the ground, Bulma and Master Roshi did not know what happened, and Bulma had a softer thing in her arms.

“Sister Bulma, it’s really you, I miss you so much!” A four or five-year-old little guy jumped into Bulma’s arms, little head against her chest.

Bulma reacted and picked up the child in her arms, “Are you Muqiu…. or Amelia?”

The appearance of Muqiu and Amleia was exactly the same, she as a sister could not recognized.

“I’m Amelia!”

Amelia’s pink little face looked at Bulma, her eyes blinking. Bulma was immediately captured by her adorable appearance. Since Bulma’s aunt April was Muyang’s wife, so Amelia and Bulma were of the same generation.

“Little Amelia, why are you the only one here?”

“No, I came with my sister and brother.” Amelia said in a soft voice. her pink little finger pointing to a direction in the crowd, and indeed looking along there, Bulma saw the Sipriel couple and their children.

Muqiu, Lazuli, and Lapis came under the leadership of Sipriel.