Chapter 422

World Martial Arts Tournament..

A huge crowd of spectators gathered in the large venue and surrounded the entire competition venue. These spectators came from all over the world. From martial arts enthusiasts who came here specially, to disciples of the school who came in pairs, to tourists who wanted to see the spectacle.

Under the operation of the United Government for many years, martial artists already had the same high social status as scientists on Earth. Each martial artist was able to receive a substantial monthly stipend, so it could be said that as long as they passed the test to become officially registered martial artists, they had quite an iron rice bowl and did not have to run for their lives. The only thing they had to do was to continue to improve their strength and guard the safety of the Earth in the future.

Even if they did not have the ability to become official martial artists, to become a martial artist, in terms of employment would be more competitive, they couldn’t just be a patrolman or special police.

Compared with the original martial artists obscure scenario, the current era was simply a martial artist’s paradise.

Thinking about the original, Even such super masters like Son Goku had to be busy for life. Krillin actually had to go to work as a police officer to support the family, receiving a meager salary. Compared with their merits, it was particularly worth for them.

Of course, Krillin went out to make money might also be related to his wife 18. After all, this woman especially loves money.

The open-air martial arts arena.

The competition went on feverishly, and as the tournament continued, both the participants and the spectators on the scene showed more enthusiasm than they could have imagined.

A few days down the line, the Martial Arts Tournament had concluded the preliminaries and a few matches in the early stages. The top thirty-two contestants had emerged, fortunately Son Goku, Chi-Chi, Krillin and others all squeezed into the top thirty-two because they did not meet in the preliminaries.

Disciples from ancient schools such as Kami School, Orin Temple, and Maple Leaf School occupied most of the top thirty-two seats.

That being said, the level of participants in this year’s Martial Arts Tournament was quite high, and every single one of them who made it to the top thirty-two would have had the potential to win the championship if they were placed in the original.

After stumbling and winning a few matches, Turtle School’s Krillin finally met a three-eyed named Tian Shinhan in the top sixteen match and lost to the top eight. Son Goku and Chi-Chi beat the disciples of Kami School all the way to the top eight, and also entered the top eight with amcha, King Chappa, Yajirobe and others.

After a brief break, the final eight began with the following match order

First stage :Yamcha vs. Chiaotzu

Second stage :Son Goku vs. King Chappa

Third stage :Chi-Chi vs. Yajirobe

Fourth stage :Tien Shinhan vs. Launch

Yes, the guy who didn’t know what happened was also on the Martial Arts Tournament and directly won the quota of Top 8.

These contestants, Yamcha was Super Expert Furse’s Discipe, Son Goku, Chi-Chi were Master Roshi’s Disciple, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu had received years of instruction from Korin in the Korin Tower, Yajirobe was Gillo adopted child. Needless to say, Launch was grown by Kanalita.

Any one of them was a master with great skills

It could be imagined that with these people participating, and what kind of sparks would be erased.

But there was no doubt that the audience could certainly enjoy a wonderful visual feast. Well, after the conference dvd sales could also be guaranteed, many businesses could earn a lot of money.

Without further ado, the first game Yamcha defeated Chiaotzu. After all, Yamcha’s Teacher Furse was also on the Lookout, enough to compete with Wuting, Gillo and others. Son Goku defeated King Chappa. King Chappa got Muyang’s guidance before 30 years and challenged Korin Tower’s expert. Just facing Son Goku, who was “growth” ahead of time, King Chappa was defeated by one move.

The third game, Chi-Chi’s opponent was Yajirobe. This extremely talented little fatty, under the training of Gillo completely played out the talent of genius, Chi-Chi was not his opponent.

The fourth match, Tien Shinhan battle Launch, the result was obvious, Launch won.

After the defeat, Tien Shinhan was very dreaded at Launch, remembering what Korin had said to him before. There was a very powerful opponent in the Lower Realm. This failure made Tien Shinhan take pride and start to face up to all. Opponent, this golden blond hair beauty named Launch also entered his sight.

“That pretty young lady is so powerful.” In the rest area, Krillin was stunned to see the power that Launch displayed.

“Hehehe, of course Launch is powerful.” Son Goku watched from afar, not the least bit surprised.

“Goku, you don’t even know this young lady, do you?” Krillin’s jaw dropped a little, hearing Son Goku’s words, he also seemed to know the blonde above the ring.

“Well, Launch is the big sister. Broly and I were hanging out with her when we were kids.” Son Goku explained.

“You …… are so good with women.”

With a red face, Krillin could not help but wonder how Son Goku knew so many beautiful women.

“Hahaha, little Goku, you are the worst mixed inside a few of us.” An arrogant to the extreme female voice came, Launch appeared with subtle and dashing heroic posture in front of the Son Goku and others.

Youthful, beautiful, wild, this was the first impression Launch gave.

Her curly blonde hair tied a simple red ribbon, tied in a knot at the side ear. Her upper body was only wearing wrapped around the chest of a short green halter top, the lower body was only a cool to the extreme beige hot pants. At the age of 19, Launch’s dress fully shows the charm of women.

This was the first time they had ever seen a woman in the world.

In the face of LanLaunch’sQi’s almost contemptuous words, Son Goku smiled slightly, “Launch, I will surpass you later.”

“Cut the crap, you’ve been saying this for almost ten years, and I don’t see you achieving it. “The blonde Launch laughed disdainfully and wrapped one hand around Son Goku’s neck, smashing his head rudely as if bullying his own brother.

“One day it will come true.” Son Goku said stubbornly.

“Hmph ……” Launch’s cold gaze swept over Kling’s body. With her here, the championship was hers.

“Little baldy, you’re blocking my view, get out of the way.”

Krillin was reprimanded by Launch and baffled, then a powerful aura came, suddenly made him had a kind of creepy feeling. His body could not help but move away a few steps. At this time, Launch’s eyes swept to the body of Chi-Chi, her lips curled down and walked towards her, the only female she knew in this was Chi-Chi.

“Goku, this big sister of yours is scary.” Krillin’s throat was a little dry. He thought it was a beautiful moon season, but he did not expect it to be a thorny rose.

Son Goku nodded, “Launch is so rude, but she is also sometimes very quiet.”

he corners of Krillin’s mouth twitched a few times, looking at Launch hooked up to Chi-Chi on the side. It was impossible to imagine the look of the woman.