The mood in Eldoria was far from peaceful. Usually, the capital had a relaxed vibe, but not now. The Empress Amelia had called for a full investigation to figure out what was really going on. Still, the tension between elves and other races like humans and Beast-folk was getting worse because of recent events.

But Amelia didn't just stop at calling for an investigation. She also put out a new rule that said no one could protest in the streets of the capital city. If anyone was caught doing it, they'd be arrested right away, no questions asked. It didn't matter if the person was an elf, a human, a Beast-folk, a dragon, or even a demon. The rule applies to everyone, no matter their race, gender, family background, or social standing.

And the punishment for breaking this rule was pretty harsh. People would have to pay a big fine of up to 100,000 royal gold coins. Plus, they'd be sent to work in the mines for as long as 20 years. Some people might think Amelia was being too tough with these punishments, but she felt it was the only way to keep order and make sure everyone followed the rules.

At the same time, the number of soldiers who were guarding around the capital drastically increased. More than 20,000 soldiers, were patrolling around the whole city to make sure that there was no protest or any killing or any violence going around the whole city.

In the history of the Celestial Terrain Empire, something like this has never happened before so the Empress wants to make sure that nothing like this ever is repeated. She wants to make sure that peace is maintained at all costs.

Amelia also knew that if something like this happened again then the pressure that she was going to face both from the public and the elders would be too much. This is why other than calling for the investigation, she took the following steps. She made sure that security around the whole of Eldoria was tight and no street of Eldoria was left without the watch of the guards.

To some extent, the steps that Empress Amelia took worked. As her steps instantly decreased any possibility of another big protest from the elves rising within the Capital. If another protest from the elves arose then not only this would make the whole situation even worse by increasing the friction between the elves and the other races but also it would increase the pressure on Amelia.

The peace that Amelia holds dear so much cannot be maintained and as a result the whole City, perhaps even the whole empire will be caught in the flames of this new conflict.

Scene change

Late at night, when most of the city was asleep, a man was walking through the streets. He had a sword at his side. This man was famous in the Celestial Terrain Empire. He used to lead the Empire's army. His name is Cassian.

"Commander, it's great to see you! Are you walking around to keep an eye on things too?" A female soldier who knew Cassian from before asked him.

"Hey!!! Yeah, sort of like that."

"You guys have been doing a lot of hard work. Well done. Keep it up." The soldiers felt really happy and more eager to do their best when they heard their former commander praising them.

It was about 1 a.m. Every so often, small groups of soldiers on their night watch would spot Cassian. They knew who he was. Each group of soldiers that crossed paths with Cassian would stand straight, salute him, and say hello before they went back to their night watch.

"If the Empress isn't willing to take action, then I will take this whole matter into my own hands." Saying these words, Cassian drew his sword and stepped inside the home of one of the protestors who was a human male.

Scene change_____

Next morning,

Very Early in the morning, Aditya opened his eyes feeling the weight of another person sitting on him. As he opened his eyes, he found Riya sitting on his waist and staring at his face.

"Good morning!!!" Aditya found that Riya looked very serious today which was really unusual. Aditya had a gut thing that something bad had happened.

"Get up! Something big has happened." Saying that Riya moved away. She didn't give him any explanation as to why she was sitting on his waist and staring at his face. As she was moving away, she intentionally rubbed her ass with his crotch.

This instantly made him excited. But before there could be any hope for his excitement to continue, he found her walking out of his room. He couldn't tell or guess what kind of expression she was making as she was walking out of the room.

But to him, it felt that she had intentionally teased him.

"Let's think about this matter later." Aditya decided to get up first and check what happened.

Around 20 minutes later, after a quick shower, Aditya came to the living room to find Amelia and Riya waiting for him while sitting on the couches. Both mother and daughter had very serious faces.

"What happened?" Aditya asked looking confused.

Amelia remained silent. Aditya could tell that Amelia was in a very bad mood.

"Uncle Cassian has been arrested for killing more than 4,000 protestors last night."

"I am sorry...what?....!!!" Aditya simply could not believe the words that came out of Riya's mouth.

"It's just as Riya said. Cassian has killed more than 4,000 protestors last night. Furthermore, when the soldiers tried to stop him, he even attacked them as well. More than 5000 troops were injured while trying to stop him." In fact last night, Amelia herself personally had to go and stop Cassian as none of their troops were strong enough to even stand in front of Cassian. Fortunately, Cassian did not kill any troops. He just injured them but allowed them to survive.

It would be an understatement if Aditya said that he was just shocked. He was beyond shocked hearing this. For a second his ears couldn't believe the words that they were hearing. For a second, he even doubted the words that he heard from the woman whom he loved so much.

It took Aditya more than 5 minutes to digest everything. In those 5 minutes, the whole room fell into deep silence. Everyone appeared to be troubled by what Cassian had done.

"So what's going to happen now?" Aditya finally broke the ice and asked the obvious question. Riya also wanted to know what was going to happen to Uncle Cassian now.

Cassian was the Hero of The Celestial Terrain Empire. Cassian has fought alongside the First Elven Empress. He has been loyal to The Celestial Terrain Empire since its founding years. However, what he has done was a very serious crime. He had slaughtered over 4,000 protestors at night while they were sleeping. Not only that also he resisted when the soldiers tried to stop him and even went as far as to injure another 5000 soldiers. The whole situation has gotten so serious that the Empress herself had to get involved.

By now, this entire matter had become a national sensation. Aditya doubted that there would be any tribes or clans within the lands of Elves out there that still hadn't heard of this news. If there were such clans then these clans or tribes must be living under a rock or living at the bottom of a well to not hear the news.

Now the obvious question was what was going to be the future of Cassian.

"A few hours later, there is going to be a trial. All the elders are going to be present at the trial. I want you two to be there in this trial as well." Aditya and Riya nodded their heads together.

Around that time, someone knocked on the door. Riya looked at Aditya before going to open the door.

"I never expected or thought in my wildest dreams that I would see a day where the people of the Celestial Terrain would support a killer." Many people around the whole empire were coming out to show their support for Cassian. These people said that the foreigners that Cassian had killed deserved to die. In their eyes, Cassian was their Hero. And these people demanded the release of Cassian.

"Aunty, I have a feeling that there are some people who have been wanting this whole thing to happen. These people have been spreading their propaganda and we are currently seeing the effect of this propaganda on the people." This was nothing but Aditya's guess.

Amelia nodded her head hearing his words. "At today's trial, I am also going to make important announcements." Amelia was tired of everything. She was tired of the elders, she was tired of her sister who was with the elders instead of standing with her, she was tired of Cassian who did not follow her orders, she was tired of the protestors, and she was tired of the pressure that everyone around her has been putting on her.

Aditya was about to ask what important announcements she was going to make but then Riya came to the living room. Behind her, there were a few maids who were carrying freshly made steaming foods in their hands.

"Aunt Seraphine has sent these for us to eat." Hearing this Amelia felt a little bit touched. At least, her sister was still considerate towards her.

"Alright, let's eat."

As soon as Aditya put the food in his mouth and ate it, he got a notification from the system.

『Ding! You have been poisoned....』

Hearing this Aditya stopped eating for a second before he continued eating. This didn't go unnoticed by Riya.

"What happened, Aditya?" She asked while chewing on her food. She felt nothing wrong with the food.

"Nothing. This food has brought back memories." Aditya shook his head and lied with a smile.

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